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  1. Wow! No coaching experience. Here we go again.
  2. With all the player defections to Europe, the new coach will have to build from scratch. Still think some of the players left because of all the changes in the organization.
  3. Coach not returning for up coming season. http://marksmenhockey.com/news/bes-not-returning-for-2017-18-season/ Sorry, just got back in town and didn't, see the other post. I'm a little behind fhe power curb.
  4. I like it also. It's better for the families with kids.
  5. Coach has his work cut out for him to recruit quality replacements. There's always a chance that they could change their mines before the season starts. Wonder if it has anything to do with the rebranding of the MarKsman and ownership?
  6. I just checked RC's protected list and Horn is on that list.
  7. He's a leader on the ice. He was 3rd in points in the league and 1st in goals. Glad we have him!
  8. Horn is not on the list for a reason. He could have had other plans noted in the Coaches end of season interviews. Maybe Europe?
  9. We all know how long it takes to get something passed when dealing with politics. As long as it gets replaced before the season starts I'm ok.
  10. Just a thought but, Former antz coach Mark Desantis is looking for work after being fired from RC Rush. I would like to see him back with the Antz/Marksmen but, we are sticking with Bes. Hopefully he can get us deeper into the playoffs this season.
  11. Wow! I didn't see this coming.
  12. They will all get use to it just like the force fans did with the Fireantz. They needed to change the name. I like it! We could have been called the Fayetteville Puck Norris after the owner Chuck Norris.
  13. The SPHL Forum has done the same. Not sure if someone will step up and track it this off season?
  14. It's not Hockey without Beer! Ask Fred.
  15. The same could go for anyone trying out for the ECHL. The only difference they will return if not picked up. Hare would be worth protecting. He's playing in a higher league in Europe. That's a chance you take I guess.