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  1. 2 hours ago, SouthernHockeyGirl said:

    If he was so bad (and I'm not arguing that point), then why say you're "disappointed we couldn't re-sign him"? Maybe it was just spun to show an amicable separation instead of airing dirty laundry. It was all water under the bridge until recent tweets that stirred the pot. 😏

    You probably answered the question. I'm only going by what Chuck said when I ask the question. I never knew the issues until then. Bes doesn't have a good track record with team tenure for some reason. Our owner believes in this league and only wants the best. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Make Marky GM said:

    Article is from 6/10/17 but I knew what you meant.

    The recent quotes from Norris puts an interesting twist on what he said 2 years later.  His comments went from "He's a pro...did his job and did it well" to he's a "liar, cheater and scumbag."  

    It's interesting when you put all of the comments from 2017 and 2019 together it comes out as I know he was cheating but I was disappointed we couldn't re-sign him.

    “They made me an offer — and it was a decent offer — but ultimately, I needed to look for something closer to home and be with my family,” Jeff Bes said. “That’s how it’s supposed to work. I’ve been away from them and I need to be home.”

    Said Norris, who bought the FireAntz in mid-March and renamed them, said he understood Bes’ decision.

    “I have three young children and I respect that,” Norris said, adding that a search for a replacement will begin Monday. He said the Marksmen have not been “kicking the tires on anybody” as a possible replacement in the hopes that Bes would return.

    “I like Bes a lot and I’m disappointed we couldn’t re-sign him, but life goes on,” Norris said. “He was a pro. He got us through the end of the season, did his job and did it well.”

    As like any other professional sport, Gm's/coaches always part ways in a professional manner no matter the cause. I knew Chuch despised Bes from the conversation we had in the office. He said the players hated him and could not trust Bes. He was the reason we had players jump to the European league. All I have to say is, good luck Evansville. 👍

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  3. 4 hours ago, Upper Deck Larry said:

    Bes is a garbage coach, but does Fayetteville really have room to comment coming out of their recent dysfunction?

    I would say yes since Bes coached under the owner who had 1st hand knowledge of Bes's dishonesty. The team did improve over the last couple seasons under Jesse. 

  4. 7 hours ago, Make Marky GM said:

    There was a bombshell tweet from an owner in the SPHL about his views on Bes and his hiring.  I guess the tweet has been deleted but a screenshot is circulating on facebook.  I hope it's all a fabrication because if real the SPHL has stumbled into FHL territory. IMHO, of course.

    What I saw on FB was a tweet bashing Bes from our owner Chuck. 

  5. 34 minutes ago, pitch01 said:

    Marksmen Owner  always says "ask him".  Maybe he would be willing to give us some info. 

    I don't believe he would comment on this nor should he. As a team, you never discuss why a player or coach leaves a team. It's unprofessional in my opinion.

  6. 1 hour ago, Theoriginalalex said:

    1. This is a good idea. I thought teams would leave Macon alone if Ruby is up in the air. Of course, the ECHL also has several games Sunday to further complicate things. 11 of their clubs are done, the other 16 will be playing their finale while the SPHL clubs are setting rosters.

    2. I still maintain it's Roanoke. I hope not, but that's what I would do if I was Peoria for the best chance to advance.

    Or Fayetteville the way they're playing. Plus, Fayetteville is closer than Roanoke.

  7. We had a record crowd watching the team also.This was a time we needed to win to bring back that crowd to support the team. Some will return just for the entertainment but those diehard sport fans want to see a winning team. I've heard from some fans, why spend the $$ to watch the team loose. Die hard hockey fans will always return. 

  8. 12 hours ago, Hawkeye34 said:

    I do believe if you are a STH the 1st playoff game is included in your season ticket package.  I believe that is what they told me last year when I renewed mine for this season. 

    Unless they changed it, STH had 1st choice of playoff tickets before offering to general public and will we (STH) had to pay for the tickets.

  9. 55 minutes ago, SouthernHockeyGirl said:

    Now that they have secured a spot in the playoffs, any word on first round playoff tickets?  The FirrAntz used to have first round tickets available ASAP after clinching, they just didn't have actual dates on them. 

    Not until the regular season ends. It depends where we end up in the standings. Home games verses away.


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  10. 1 hour ago, SASRACE said:

    In Huntsville we have the problem of people buying lower seats and moving up to GA, last week five in front of us all had reserved seats they told us, I asked them why they were in GA and she said that she felt safer up top from getting hit by a puck than in the lower sections

    There will be more seats available next season for you.:thumbsup2:

  11. The agent used the wrong terminology. Go into a restaurant with open seating and you see a sign on a table stating reserved means someone owns that table. Ask the agent what seats are available in the lower section and you should get a better reply. We don't have this issue in Fayetteville. A lot of people purchases nose bleed seats and move down if no one is sitting in those seats. Good luck!:thumbsup2:

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  12. 4 minutes ago, Make Marky GM said:

    If he clears waivers it'll be interesting to see who Kallechy cuts to make room for him.  He is a center and out of these 4 we all know who would have to go if a center goes-- Hauswirth, Keilich, Mazurek, Tatrn 


    Put one on IR to hold him.

  13. 1 hour ago, Greg81102 said:

    They put him on team suspension so i'm guessing he isn't counting as a roster spot.  Might be a rule where they might have to play a couple games short because of his suspension.  But i'm not totally sure how this works.  Maybe a Knoxville fan would know when Jason Price was suspended the rest of the season.

    Not a Knoxville fan but, I believe they had to skate short for 3 games.

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