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  1. The same could go for anyone trying out for the ECHL. The only difference they will return if not picked up. Hare would be worth protecting. He's playing in a higher league in Europe. That's a chance you take I guess.
  2. Another name we might want to protect, Andrew Hare. If he decides not to play in Europe next season the Antz owns his rights. Sean Bonar may get picked up by the ECHL next season. He's as good if not a little better than Sean.
  3. I didn't say EBUG but good numbers for a BUG.
  4. Don't sweat it PeeDee! You'll figure out who's post is meaningful info compared to some who threw out junk/rumors that are never true like PC's comments.
  5. It's a good list and I'm one that would not take up a slot for a BUG. Keep in mind that players that did not get put on the protected list may still end up on the roster by turning down other teams that want to return. Just like what Hoss said, It all depends on the exit interviews. I'll bet that some will jump to the European league next season. Of course a handful will try out for the ECHL. Not sure if Bobby Chaumont was planning on retiring but that may change also.
  6. Can we say Tony Romo for Coach Bes? Gets us to the playoffs and CHOKES!!!!
  7. Most teams only protect one goalie.
  8. I'm Hoping!
  9. We didn't look like a playoff team on the ice last night. I was shocked how they played. Puck handling was bad. Turnovers was even worse. If they don't wake up, we are done Thursday night.
  10. Go Icebears! Take it in 2!
  11. The cut-off date was for those who were called up after that date could not return. Fayetteville just got Alex Brooks back from the ECHL that didn't make the playoffs.
  12. Will the jinx continue with Macon loosing the 1st round?
  13. Now that the season is over in the ECHL for Alex Brooks and Christen Horn, can they return to the ANTZ for the playoffs? The playoff rosters are due today.
  14. A lot of players to include Fayetteville had players jump to the European leagues and some had retired. This up coming season they may or may not return to the SPHL. Coach will have a end of season one on one meeting with each player to see what their intentions are for the next season and the coaches will build their protected list from the results of those meetings.
  15. There will be a lot of discussion on the forum after the play offs when the teams have to submit their protected list for next season. Might not be able to watch hockey but we'll have plenty to talk about. Wonder who will get protected? Only 13 can be protected.
  16. I'm liking what I've been seeing and hearing about Antz advertisement. The Antz are doing more radio interviews and public appearances. They were on FT Bragg the other day at the sports center. I'm hoping for a big crowd this weekend. If only they could get the radio and TV stations to announce the game scores.
  17. I like the constant camera action shots during the game for those who can't see what's going on in the corners.
  18. I'll be at the crown to support! Go ANTZ!!!!
  19. Although Drobot is listed playing 131 games, he doesn't play all the shifts. What I go agree about is having their presences on ice does stop some of the aggression from the opposing team. They are there to help the team and keep the peace.
  20. I don't see where any Fireantz fan stated that he was a goon. I don't know of any goons that are in our league. There is a big difference in GP and PIM's.
  21. I'm just happy we are in the playoffs starting off with home ice. Let's see how they play @ home this weekend in front of a supporting crowd.
  22. Maybe Trump should build his border wall after Sean Bonar. Nothing will get through!
  23. If you would like, I'll fill a report with the local police department charging Jake for stealing 2 games? You already have several of our former players. What more do you want?
  24. I agree and disagree. The player needs to be dealt with but not from this forum. No calling out anyone! If HL wants to pursue this, He/She needs to contact the coach via email.