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  1. I sure hope not!!
  2. Back to 7:30 Puck Drops I see.
  3. Did I say Lucas Martin
  4. Like I said yesterday "Think positive there's 2 more games Lets go FireAntz" now there's one big game to go let's be positive and kick butt again Sunday evening. We got this.
  5. Think positive 2 more games baby "Let's go FireAntz"
  6. No Lucas Martin..J/S
  7. Kinda ironic that the Icegators goalie and the Ref have the same last name maybe kin? Just sayin
  8. 2-0 and no Quader (19) on the ice.
  9. I was trying to see which player pushed Berkley Scott into the boards and no penalty any help?
  10. I thought P-Cola brought the officials with them as much fraternizing the did with the P-Cola players and wouldnt call a penalty our way at all in the last period when there was all kinds to be called. It seems to me they wanted P-Cola to win but with determination our boyz pullled it out. I hate cheating refs.
  11. Look at that win percent we are .857 and the RiverKings are .778 actually we are in 1st place. Lets go Antz!!
  12. Somebody's eating crow.
  13. Welcome to the SPHL Forums mtvrwe2003 :)