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  1. He might be coming back on the wing obviously a few years off doesn't mean anything
  2. It looks like we have a sweet midget wrestling team emerging in Knox Vega
  3. Can them all and bring in Segal to take over everything
  4. McNeil has done nothing Price is gone get Segal on the hotline and let's get a jolt of energy on this team
  5. Guys I was on a job and lived close to Elmira for 2 yrs recently and I can assure you it is not an AHL stadium.
  6. thanks I will look into it
  7. I made my first 3 hr journey to the game last night and tried to purchase this deal but no one at the ticket windows knew any thing about it so I gave up
  8. Thompson needs to put glue in his gloves to make sure they never come off again he came close to getting seriously clobbered
  9. Evansville Ironmen
  10. I seen we only had 4 d men last night I hope he didn't trade a couple of them for a cook
  11. I hope Chip Kelly gets his type of players soon
  12. Well its my 2 girls birthdays today and for their birthday they want to make the 3 hr trip to see the icebears,so here we come
  13. Thanks for the update
  14. Well that was an uninspired effort in the first
  15. Yep and I would too. Your missing the first shift in Knoxville , when he rammed Neil head first into the boards for a 3 game suspension. He serves a purpose Im in agreement with that and so does Pawlowski. In my opinion the Knoxville problems are they have not got a 2nd line. They have 2 third lines and they aren't producing anything,and it's causing the Dmen to try to produce offense, which isn't happening and they are getting caught deep. I enjoy watching them play Columbus more than any other team. I drive 3 hrs one way to the games and didn't miss any games against the snakes. It just feels like a rivalry in all their games