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  1. This might be a great time to repost my arena transposal pics!
  2. I never got that at all at the cattle chutes, it was the same thing every time: hold the doodie from your pockets, arms out, get wanded with a detector that may or may not work or even have batteries, carry on. As for the ushers, it's mind boggling that people will actually stand there while they hold up the STOP signs until there is a whistle...you can just go in the concourse under the stands on either side to get around them. Once you get past the old ladies you can move anywhere you want at any time. I'm not condoning it because they're trying to keep people from walking in front of you during play, but I was on the end of an aisle just as you come out of one of the concourse tunnels...no way I was going to stand there and wait. So the whole SMG thing was transparent to me, didn't affect me in the least. Actually, it did affect me for the best since they banned noisemakers there for a while...hate those things.
  3. I really don't understand the SMG hate/issues, that was the most peripheral of my concerns this last season. Other than the cattle chutes and security theatre, neither of which delayed me more than 20-30sec, the game-day experience didn't seem to change once they took over. Was there something I missed or didn't encounter?
  4. It makes sense if the front office wanted to smokescreen the STHs that might bail if they found out he'd been canned.
  5. That says a lot about the fan base that the team figured more people would not renew if he were let go...it was the opposite with me. People get too attached to these guys, what with the access they have to them and personal bonds they form, and let that get in the way of the fact that 'Oh, this team has been a dumpster fire for years now, but lets keep the coach because I kinda know him a little and he's a good guy.'
  6. Likewise, and, likely. There are also some family medical issues coming up in the next 6mo that would have prevented me from straying too far from my parents should they need me, that played into it as well. I'll probably come back when/if a new arena gets built...my seats were horrible and the issues I had with them would be taken care of with a new venue. I tried to relocate every year but all of the seats I wanted were always renewed by whoever had them
  7. It was also luck that MRK lost the use of their home ice for the final round and both games had to be played here. Yah, Bell is the national telco in .ca...not sure what he did up there, but I'm pretty sure his dad retired from there as well. My seats were behind the bench so I can't see who's there and who isn't...this is the first I've heard of him taking off. Hopefully the go outside the org for a coach, this experiment didn't work out that well.
  8. I didn't renew...Craigen and their steadfast loyalty to him was part of the reason, pricing and my god-awful seat location was another part of it. I didn't think they'd have the balls to do it, either, what with him being 'family'. But, too late now...that's four seats and and close to $3k gone for them. I get that it's Single A hockey and every year you put a bunch of guys on the guys on the ice whom ~50% of them have never played together before...I expect Oct, Nov, and even Dec to be rough as the guys learn to play each with each other and learn the system. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a 'system' as these guys have played like garbage into March the last several years (the Championship season...they lucked into that one). They never seem to come together as a cohesive bunch, it's a dumpster fire into the playoffs every year. That said, Craigen seems like a nice guy (and maybe that was his undoing) and I wish him the best. He's not a great coach, though. I get the feeling he's more a 'friend/one of the guys' than a coach, that's not what they needed. He'll probably wind up with the org in some other capacity seeing as how he has roots here now. Didn't he work for Bell in .ca before coming back here? As for Bechard...ugh. Another guy that proved to be inflexible and kept the same system and people year in and year out. Darryl Sutter, however, is still looking for work.
  9. I'm in late on this. The page is Knoxville Ice Bears Fan Page. That was me that got booted. The guy that runs that page is a jerkoff...he likes to think he's some official conduit to the team, he's just a dipshit superfan. He messaged me stating that the team and Craigen had asked him to have me delete the post. I said nope, public record. He responded calling me an ass and then blocked me so I couldn't respond to him...teenage girl-type stuff. Oh well, I hope he enjoys his echo chamber over there, where any dissenting opinion is treated as 'disrespect'.
  10. I know...I was hoping they'd have notifications turned on.
  11. Can you post pics, sizes, and prices for those two, please?
  12. Do you have pics of those?
  13. I don't think 'being too far away from Pittsburgh' is possible (Caps fan)
  14. I'm disappointed that articled failed to mention the very valid point the one guy brought up about there not being a sight line problem if they can throw a tshirt from the ice and hit the last row. /s