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  1. RT @BDubi17: Let's go @PredsNHL

  2. @jrlind Helterskelterement

  3. Pressure is off imo. Preds should be loose and angry.

  4. @brittanym343 Are you riding a turkey??

  5. For sure the right call on the second one. First was questionable. https://t.co/aHSzjrb8hf

  6. @mistertupper @justinbbradford You still have this?

  7. Answer: Hardly anyone does. https://t.co/8cclWDUN4o

  8. @justinbbradford Is there a plaza party tonight?

  9. @kmartel_sports Are you saying he’s going to Vegas?

  10. Astros ????????

  11. @kmartel_sports @3HL1045 Agreed. I don't want to slog it out against Anaheim. Plus, beating a team three series in… https://t.co/JFcPTP7zQd

  12. *Rolls eyes all the way around the entire earth* https://t.co/wyeVK3vrvP

  13. @Dani_Marie_15 have you read the FiveThirtyEight piece about how ties used to be relatively common? I just think th… https://t.co/ioUorqFu3b