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  1. The Ryan Suter-Zach Parise thing has really worked out well. Great decision guys.

  2. RT @nbaxter0486: @TomAWillis This is beautiful https://t.co/fObwW0R5MY

  3. @jrlind @Blake_Cox1236 ah yes… The People’s Parking Lot.

  4. @pammypanda14 @justinbbradford oh I doubt that, but luckily we all get an extra day's rest

  5. @gcotham21 @OnTheForecheck I honestly had no idea til last week

  6. @jrlind please cite Elias Sports

  7. And they just gave up a shorthanded goal for the second time in the game.

  8. Last day to vote @UTKSGA! I highly recommend you vote for @banksmarshutk. Excited for what they'll do for campus! https://t.co/BKjBrzzMnP

  9. My claim to fame: I stopped one of this man’s PKs in practice. https://t.co/N5ic0qMhOK

  10. Another day. Another chance to vote for @banksmarshutk! Go to https://t.co/3ZEFdFXS8n and cast your ballot!

  11. RT @FrazMaz: "It Was Never About the Pancakes" WATCH THE FULL VIDEO: https://t.co/81WaKf58gp https://t.co/F4qmjO8Aby

  12. Not sure if I should laugh or cry at this @nbcsnl cold open.

  13. RT @banksmarshutk: "I think it is wonderful, and we need be more open to the students about our work in sustainability and continue to push…

  14. RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Astros: 3-0 this season, first time starting 3-0 since 2001 season (started 4-0); finished that season 93-69 and won NL…