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  1. @GregButcher_ I got Abraham Lincoln ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. @Tasman247 Not on this website

  3. @statsrespecter David Poile is only in charge of making the Preds great again (and using the fax machine, since 2011)

  4. @jrlind I think the Dems might be willing to swear in Lamar Alexander under the cover of night

  5. Guess you had to be there… https://t.co/wGN5rlnR28 https://t.co/UFwdqUUWq0

  6. @TyeSportsRadio Vols lose to UK and SCar but beat LSU and UGA? Interesting.

  7. @AOKnoxville That was just a baaaaaad penalty

  8. *Tells laptop to try installing updates in one hour* Narrator voice: “Yet he had no intentions of installing the updates in an hour”

  9. RT @gmannVOLS: I knew I'd seen that look before... https://t.co/zIEkvmI7ow

  10. @Tasman247 Matches of red vs. orange will be unwatchable.

  11. The replies to this are gold. https://t.co/OF4vVSQ8up

  12. ???????????? https://t.co/Gbbc4tliJ3

  13. RT @NSQE: This, from Chief Justice John Roberts at his son's graduation, is really beautiful. And unexpected. https://t.co/OCF0iVjwu1

  14. ???????????? https://t.co/xsFXRO00uY

  15. @DanDBradley I did.