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  1. I like your list...I kind of liked campanga or whatever his name was...but we shall see how much interest each player has in a couple of weeks when people start talking about exit interviews.
  2. Watchin the boys online at home...hope we can see a game in Fayetteville on sat! Lets go boys!!!!
  3. Get this win Thursday so we can pack the barn saturday!
  4. Looks like the new owners are hard at work judging by the crowd tonight....wooooohoooooo
  5. Hope we can fill the barn soon!
  6. Called yesterday about some tickets and asked about it while i was on the phone...He said they were salary jobs with a hockey background. I said why so many openings anyway? Attendance? He stated at least our voices were heard.
  7. 45 min to a hr for me too...where ya comin in from? Lake View, S.C. here
  8. I'd like to see Kohn in the net tonight.
  9. See you guys tonight...will be in sec. 205 Go ANTZ!
  10. I'll be there this weekend. One of the games anyway. No suite this week lol. Hope to bring a friend myself.
  11. lol i hear ya
  12. Game last night was awesome...and when i do go i do buy the $9 ticket lol. Every once in a while i get hooked up with a sponser to get tickets or a im more along the lines complaining about people like me who doesn't have some friends whom are sponsers...btw drobots round 2 last night was awesome.
  13. Awesome. We gotta spread the word everywhere but on non promotional nights its tough for someone with a hour ride like me to go on a regular basis. I'd go to every game for $5 lol
  14. Well they'd sale more tickets and have a better chance of selling more merchandise for sure! Didn't know that about concessions. Thanks for the info.