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  1. Thanks for taking the time to do that!
  2. Anyone heard anything for sure on the scoreboard? Someone on facebook mentioned it. Go
  3. Dang bro...thats crazy
  4. You know some people just know when to turn it up at some points in the game....Not our DJ
  5. That would be HUGE! I tried taking friends to every game I went to... If the boy's were playing flat they weren't too interested. Of course, that was before these guys came in. I'm too excited not to talk about hockey in some way or another though.
  6. I'd love to see a new All LED scoreboard in our near future. The crown is way too large and still in good enough shape to need one. Most stadiums of that size like echl teams and ahl teams have all LED scoreboards and boards surrounding the 2nd level all the way around. Would be nice if the barn had a face lift. I'm sure with the team in the front office now that we could put those items to work nicely. The DJ could turn it up a couple of notches too. Any thoughts? or info? Go
  7. You can't satisfy everyone...after a few games they'll be ok. If not then they truely don't love hockey...or hockey in Fayetteville. I myself feel thankful that someone is putting this much time and money into our team to make it awesome again. This season was the poorest attendance and excitement altogether until these guys came in. Cant wait to see what other changes will be taking place. I would suggest we get a new led scoreboard similar to the checkers style or like most teams in the echl have went to. Other than that i cant wait!
  8. If they love hockey...and they love Fayetteville...they'll be ok. This is gonna be awesome.
  9. I LOVE IT
  10. Keep us updated on here please or a link to the video after the video is over as i can't watch it live today. Would be greatly appreciated. Y'all have a good one!
  11. I like your list...I kind of liked campanga or whatever his name was...but we shall see how much interest each player has in a couple of weeks when people start talking about exit interviews.
  12. Watchin the boys online at home...hope we can see a game in Fayetteville on sat! Lets go boys!!!!
  13. Get this win Thursday so we can pack the barn saturday!
  14. Looks like the new owners are hard at work judging by the crowd tonight....wooooohoooooo
  15. Hope we can fill the barn soon!