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  1. Nice Dorian DeVille reference by Graves there.

  2. I need a Kevin Owens/Renee Young sitcom.

  3. @RichBocchini If you don't shape up, it's back to hockey with you.

  4. @shelbz_nyc It's the only curve to have, honestly.

  5. Diver finds hockey legend **** Gamble's Hall of Fame ring in Canandaigua Lake

  6. @jborn39 And Gunnar Stahl underrated as the varsity goalie.

  7. @OD_Birnell @pwilliamsNHL Plus, how not to get killed by the off-the-grid folks in Wisconsin, Montana, and Idaho sh…

  8. @erkpod @LadyJenPool I would if I didn't have to stay on scrubs all day.

  9. Love how candid that Coach Gibbs is being in all this. Smart of NBC to give him the airtime to do so. One of their smarter decisions.

  10. RT @CHIKARApro: It's no secret who we're rooting for in the #MaeYoungClassic - go get 'em, @AbbeyLaithWWE, ya make us proud!…

  11. Had to get a new Chromebook because the home keys and Enter buttons are not responsive anymore without taking a hammer to them.

  12. You know it's a good show when Sean P. O'Connor is on the show

  13. At the 2009 NHL Draft in Montreal, free tickets were being scalped for $100.

  14. RT @lakingsinsider: The Kings announce that they've hired Pierre Turgeon as an assistant coach under John Stevens. The staff is now complet…

  15. I can tell I'm getting better because my coughs are more like a car trying to turn over rather than me sounding like I'm getting strangled.