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  1. "Boogie Shoes" is playing and all I want is a drink that's big and blue.

  2. The Sabres are on a Canucks-esque clip of jersey changes in team history.

  3. Drew Gulak: For a Better 205 Live.

  4. Happy for Forsberg, too, but bitter he's not a Cap...

  5. If nothing else, Fandango looked amazing in that match. Solid work from him.

  6. RT @JohnDosPassos2: @scottywazz Should read "hater's"

  7. The Federal Hockey League: "Yeah, we don't know how we cling to life either"

  8. @Sean_Leahy @JonnyP99 I'm all for her in scaring LaVar.

  9. @LadyJenPool POOF!!

  10. If Morgan was as iconic around the league as some others, sure I could see the uproar. He's acting like Dennis Stamp. #ImNotBooked

  11. I think @JonnyP99 could've played this better...

  12. Big Stan did the whole "Guess Who" bit to me when I was younger. Now, with song displays-- it kills the bit.

  13. @Jonathan_Cribbs Right, but the Russians are about the looks of winning, no matter the condition .

  14. This show on HGTV should be called "Hipsters Flipsters."

  15. Nashville/Ottawa Cup Final, make it happen teams.