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  1. @AthertonKD @yottapoint If the rich get tax cuts - poor people can pay more taxes and that's okay

  2. You know you have a problem when you finish drafting a novel one day and start work on another the next morning. #amwriting

  3. 5 of 5 stars to Traitor's Duty by Richard Tongue https://t.co/Bcmp4E1QZw

  4. @scarlettparrish A perfect example of character development over the course of a story? (I mean even I did it once) 2/2

  5. @JoeCaramagna I think you may be right, but I'm going to say Preds just because you said Ducks :)

  6. @retconning @Principia it saves me money - a character I have zero interest in.

  7. @DRobertsIMG @karaswisher I believe the term is "promoted to glory"

  8. @CBR Sigh: Can Marvel ever do an event without going an extra issue?

  9. @JustPlainTweets Yep, I've always hated the very idea of it, and refused to read it. However it's never impinged on… https://t.co/0xBPdpPsdH

  10. @Ron_Randall latest Trekker page, the ship reminded me of one of those Neolithic mother goddess figures.

  11. RT @BestOfDCComics: It's been a year since we lost one of DC's iconic artists. RIP Darwyn Cooke (November 16, 1962 – May 14, 2016). https:/…

  12. RT @IL0VEthe80s: Retweet if you remember Hong Kong Phooey... https://t.co/ujFVBLm9Et

  13. @cullenbunn I duuno what to say: my favorite of your series, Fearless Defenders, was pretty diverse.

  14. @KalelData @GailSimone Watch for Ostriches climbing stairs.

  15. @GailSimone Lesbian churro adventures?