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  1. @KalelData Rebirth without the insight, that doesn't sound good at all.

  2. Come on KDP - stuck in "updates publishing," when I only changed one letter and it propagated to the live edition hours ago.

  3. Genius at Sonic - wanted Strawberry Banana shake: Got Vanilla shake with Strawberry & Banana.

  4. @passittobulis You forgot the most important question: Are they playing Edmonton?

  5. @MikeRUnderwood @StevenESchend Yep, not a story element I need to read or use. Part of why I have no interest in GoT

  6. @ghostfinder My mouse is Logitech, too. I like that keyboard, but I've been an ergo/split guy for about 20 years now.

  7. @MattFnWallace If surprise is so important, then I guess they don't have enough faith in their writing to expect an… https://t.co/EZXadodi5Q

  8. @summerbrennan I actually think that makes it more likely he goes full stupid - risking other people seems easy for him.

  9. @adembskibowden @JanetOS_ :) I'm trying to force myself to keep writing rather than dive back into Torment. I have… https://t.co/Gw4SFezOCx

  10. @lee_allred @MakeMineAmalgam The big question is where's Imra?

  11. @KalelData I'm just praying we don't get Finched with the next team. (Also that Bilquis Evely gets a good DC gig immediately)

  12. My take on Musk vs Bezos: Blue Origin - gradatim ferocitor; SpaceX - "Hold my beer"

  13. Milestone achieved: passed 25k words (of 50k target) on #DocVandal volume 4 #amwriting

  14. @kbwagers Drinking coffee - and having a quiet morning to write. :)

  15. @DerfelBarada Prove treachery and then declare his appointment null and void due to nuclear option.