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  1. RT @ruckawriter: I can't be the only one seeing echoes of Hitler Youth, can I? https://t.co/zy1fBQBJ8a

  2. @pcweenies @WarlordWorlds I met him in Victoria BC, must have been around the same time.

  3. @KalelData @GailSimone Good, glad I'm not the only one who bought it more than once ;)

  4. @Ssnyder1835 So looking forward to this: you had me at hero vs. villain

  5. @CharlesPulliam @Principia Her face looks like a bad plastic mask in that shot.

  6. @KalelData @EvilMarguerite @JamesTheFourth @HansStephanie Cannot wait to read it! Sounds awesome

  7. @FotoBearic Fascinating - and I believe it.

  8. @thedanjurgens Why not try bringing back Captain Thunder? (The Willie Fawcett one from Superman 276)

  9. @KurtBusiek @cstpdx Very cool, I devoured the books as a kid.

  10. RT @BeauSmithRanch: Never set a cup on a book! #WynonnaEarp #BeauIsBookPolice

  11. @maguirekevin Such a fun movie

  12. @amandadeibert Extreme Centrists? (Oddly well left of the Democrats)

  13. @AndreaWoo @HarrisonMooney Beam it up Scotty

  14. @allysonrobinson @mikemearls I wish I could write that neatly. I use all sorts of tables - and kitbash modules toge… https://t.co/KALyJ3I5xC

  15. @AditiJuneja3 @Principia @sl_huang mathematician and author extraordinaire