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  1. So far only Knoxville & Peoria have announced their list
  2. Was hoping to see him on the protected list
  3. Bud light warm up jersey military night jersey
  4. Brooks is showing on the playoff roster but Horn isn't
  5. Signed up for next years seasons tickets on Saturday night
  6. See ya there safe travels
  7. Got 2 autism awareness jerseys from the 2015-2016 season for sale Wilson & Carriveau. Pm me if interested
  8. Looked like he tried to slash an Ant and got the official on the chest
  9. Noticed Niuwendyk was playing D Saturday night instead of C
  10. Wonder what the deal is with Hauswirth not in the line up tonight & not listed with a # on the roster
  11. The 1st goal scored against the Antz was a defensive miscue they failed to clear the puck on the PK it bounced right to the goal scorer for Pensy not much Bones could do.
  12. Alex Brooks released from camp today in Orlando. Hope he makes his way back to Fayetteville.
  13. Manno has 2 goals & 1 assist in 2 games. Bonar strong outing today 21 saves on 23 shots
  14. Manno had 2 shots 1 goal in a 4 -0 win. Bonar sat the pine in a 7-4 loss. Howshaw had an assist. (I know he's a Thunderbolt) but thought it was cool he made the stat sheet