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  1. Yes I have been to a game in Huntsville but this happened in Knoxville a few years back. A 10 year old asked for part of a broken stick and whoever your equipment manager is had some very choice words for him. I understand that he was probably focused on the game and didn't want to worry about the kid but it was still a very poor moment.
  2. Yes I have some issues with how a few havoc employees have treated opposing fans in the past
  3. Everyone got what they deserved !!
  6. They don't hand out suspensions for good behavior
  7. I like your style
  8. Great (sarcasm)
  9. Spearing a coach is pretty dirty in my book. Also not necessarily dirty but tateson starts it all back up when he jabs at number 4
  10. Yes but we are able to call out dirty play from our team. Can't say the same for Huntsville
  11. What a suprise Huntsville gets into another brawl but they aren't the dirty team.
  12. Any word on the gvora injury?
  13. Thank goodness I was wrong. Good win
  14. Whelp Called this one