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  1. RT @twistofnate: tater tots is short for potato toddlers

  2. RT @dubsteppenwolf: give Wyatt Earp his weed back you dumb pigs

  3. the guy behind me eating wendy's is lecturing another guy eating wendy's about how bad the modern american diet is

  4. RT @brownlashon: white liberals online: RESIST! white liberals around their racist family:

  5. RT @yelita_ali: Me: Hi Artsy White boy:

  6. RT @adamjohnsonNYC: good thing we don't have govt-controlled media in this country

  7. steve Jobs is dead. piccaso 's dead. Walt Disney's dead. Pierre McGuire' s dead

  8. RT @russwest44: Russell Westbrook

  9. RT @foxesinfiction: liberals: <3 my rainbow fb display picture!! fornicate h8!!! also liberals: putin is gay for trump and wants to kiss trump…

  10. peoria is problematic

  11. #palmsunday

  12. i had fun at kams

  13. damn it smell like a restaurant in here

  14. central illinois and east central illinois are 2 culturally distinct regions

  15. why do i always feel like everyone else on the bus is mad at me