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  1. @aftrurgone someone JUST read that wikipedia article for the eighth time

  2. RT @mobile_aa: . / ̄ ̄ヽ_  /^ヽ ´   ● `|##| __ノ  `―-)=(  / ̄ ∨  ̄\   /  二З*SNOOPY*|  c(  ノ  \   /   _」 LL_   \ /  (__)_)    Y

  3. trying to establish a snapchat brand

  4. @millyrocking i fcked up

  5. most people who drive mid 90's jeep cherokees don't realize how cool mid 90's jeep cherokees are

  6. 2:40 am is a really bad time to want to watch mulholland drive

  7. my fig bar is apple flavored

  8. i wonder if i would like frasier

  9. i'm listening to pinegrove again, someone please for the love of god come roast my ass

  10. i rly wanted to spend 60 hard earned dollars on persona 5 my first week home but instead i paid like $300 for a new alternator >:(

  11. there really don't need to be two "hello peoria" snapchat filters

  12. i don't need kobe's advice

  13. it's been complicated since april 2009

  14. RT @hyderrubab: how do i unsubscribe from workers vanguard newspaper i never read this doodie

  15. RT @paul_haine: This Pikachu dancer's costume started to deflate and it looked like the dancer was urgently bundled off by government secur…