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  1. RT @millyrocking: I wish peppa pig was a real person

  2. this jus tin, cubs win

  3. RT @yung_kropotkin: "420 y'all lmao" i whisper as i fall. but a comrade steps over me and picks up my rifle. "420 y'all lmao" he yells as h…

  4. RT @aedison: Just RTed three "milk" tweets in honor of my friend who used to put powdered milk in his milk so that he could drink "more mil…

  5. who tf drinks white girl rose

  6. @millyrocking ????

  7. it feels like there's always some super important tennis tournament happening

  8. @millyrocking omgcan u imagine just lying around on ur bed smoking cigarettes all day long

  9. RT @KrangTNelson: ah, youth

  10. i thought i was gonna have a nice day at work today

  11. i love the smell of fragrance

  12. i hate that ad campaign for frostys where they act like a frosty's ingredients are vague & mysterious when it's just "soft serve in a cup"

  13. @olshoulfka but it's friday i think they have that special mud bath thing going on right across the street

  14. i forgot that adlai stevenson was from bloomington-normal that's actually kind of cool

  15. every day i thank god that i wasn't born in either bloomington or normal