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  1. Can anyone say positively that either one of them headed to our game tonight in Evansville?
  2. Looks like a great addition. Stats are very good. Should help a lot with Hussar on IR.
  3. Nice to a needed win while Bonar got some rest. He will need all he has next weekend w/Peoria coming to town
  4. I see Kohn was released but nothing about Green being signed yet. is it just that he is not in town yet?
  5. 14 points available last 7 home games. I first said we could get 10 and made it 12. The team is on a roll with those 12 points. GO ANTZ!!!!!!!. Keep up the good work
  6. Oops. Kohn not Kahn
  7. As much as anyone would like to see Kahn in net, I believe that he was only signed as an Ebug on Jan 26th. I could not see anything in transactions to change that status. Anyone got better info?
  8. As I said earlier that 10 points would be possible, I think we can make that 12 possible now. Great weekend we had.
  9. If we play as well as we did against Knoxville, we could get at least 10 points from these games. GO FIREANTZ!!
  10. I talked last night and was told he will do all the announcing tonight , but only came back for Chad Collins event. I also wish he could come back.
  11. Just noticed in transactions that Caffii is on team suspension. Anyone know what happened? My guess would be that he got tired of not playing. I expected to see him Saturday after the 5 goal debacle on Friday.
  12. When Kruger did not play on Sunday, I thought he would be gone soon. Guess I was right.
  13. Transactions say that Hutchinson was placed on waivers .
  14. That's Lennartsson