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  1. Really trying to dump those tix, eh, Jr Prof?
  2. Sounds like an Italian vineyard.
  3. They're going to be like the airlines- narrow the width of the seats and decrease the amount of legroom between the rows!
  4. This could get messier and messier- all the way to messiest!
  5. Sorry, junior Perfesser- the 2016-17 season is quite well under way. Teams are already touting season ticket sales for the '17-'18 season- hope the Bulls (or whatever name they use) have had their ball rollin' and start gathering massive momentum now that this has been released to the public.
  6. Can't see it if you aren't on Facebook. P.O.
  7. Unless the level of the ground at the bottom of the slide is significantly higher than it is in the photo, along with a soft(er) landing spot, I can see big liability issues forthcoming.
  8. Just don't ask @fred for advice about game worn jerseys (game worn tape, alternatively....)
  9. Maybe they won't be fooled again!
  10. I guess they won't be spoiling the children (players) since they've hired the Rod.
  11. Why would Mr Harris have hired someone knowing that he might be fired "since the beginning of this year"???
  12. Wowzers! Is Mr Harris related to @fred, who wanted Detulleo fired from the Havoc a few seasons ago, or to the FIreAntz crowd who want Bes gone this season? P'cola is still well within the playoff hunt as the standings are today. As has been demonstrated in the past, just about anything can and has occurred once the playoffs begin.
  13. Don't be puttin' words in @fred's mouth- he's got enough comin' out already!