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  1. You make yellow pants when you drink too much Pumpkin spice pale wheat orange winter ale
  2. The quadrangle is no longer enforced- the goalie can play the puck wherever he wants to these days.
  3. Wow- can't put a cup to your mouth without looking at it? Read Greg81102's post:
  4. That's because evidently you're watching the puck all the time. I won't be able to convince you that bench personnel can't be watching the puck 100% of the time. But you can't convince me that the trainer's injury was preventable and the puck was not sent into the Havoc bench area "by accident". Let's leave it at that.
  5. Next time you go to a game, watch the bench- watch the coach talking to the player(s), watch the equipment guy change out a broken stick with a player (whether the player is on the ice or off the ice), watch the trainer checking on a player- see if they are following the puck ALL the time. Oh, I forgot- unless you're behind the "glass" or netting, you'll be watching the puck at all times- silly me.
  6. Wrong again. Much happens on the benches while the puck's in play, precluding watching the puck track 100% of the time.
  7. In de house!!!!!! Per Greg81102 in another thread: "Somebody posted he was practicing again. Not sure if he just isnt ready to go or what. All i have heard."
  8. Read my post just above yours. Sure, there can be deflections- happen quite frequently. Those, however, are non-vengeful. Coaches, players, and staff are often doing other things instead of watching the puck while it's in play- talking strategy, checking equipment, examining potentially injured players- they can't be watching the puck 100% of the time.
  9. They don't expect professional hockey players with non-vengeful intentions to be launching pucks in their direction.
  10. Did he get credit for an assist when the banner was raised to the rafters?
  11. From where Price was, along with the other IceBears on the ice, Havoc bench personnel should not have been expecting a flying puck sent in their direction
  12. Thanks for that info. (No "thanks" tab in the Forums any more )
  13. That's why Mr Eminian was upset that Peoria got rescheduled to play the RiverKings towards the end of the season, due to the aftermath of the Cottonmouths' bus wreck.
  14. According to the article, "Murray will run the team in Craigen's absence." Why isn't Ronayne, the Assistant Coach, coaching?
  15. Thanks. Another new member of the grammar police- I love it.