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  1. Eli used to announce for MRN, the Motor Racing Network, too.
  2. Maybe if they get more than 7000 fans, or even a sellout or a full house (since the owner is a real estate mogul), their theme song will be
  3. "My work with the Bulls will in no way conflict with my responsibilities with the Crimson Tide,' Gold said in a statement. Going to be quite interesting when Alabama and the Bulls play on the same weekend and one is at home and the other is away.
  4. This topic is just awaiting the wrath of fred.
  5. Kinda like the Fayetteville Marksmen? Or back when the current Huntsville franchise had to change to the Havoc from the C------C--- because of previous ownership to the rights of that name? Or when the Surge weren't able to keep the SeaWolves name because the ECHL had the rights to that?
  6. Their 3rd jersey would be a rose or a Zin
  7. Every SPHL team jersey I've seen has sewn-on or glued-on patches of logos of local sponsors already- some "plastered" with more patches than others (and some players "plastered" as well after games)
  8. For whom? At least Speed owned up to his mistake (if indeed it was a mistake)- much more than some would do
  9. Then why did you immediately post this right afterwards? And later this?
  10. Some surprises on both the protected lists and the available lists- but teams can't protect them all
  11. We need the games reinstated if possible (hint, hint, Vol)