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  1. And Macon had "good crowds" during the regular season?- "no way"- per pointstreak, average home attendance per home game during the regular season: Huntsville 4,648 Peoria 4,025 Pensacola 3,736 Knoxville 3,611 Roanoke 3,136 Evansville 2,280 Mississippi RiverKings 2,259 Columbus 2,257 Macon Mayhem 1,859 Fayetteville 1,857
  2. They might want to rephrase that last line- "He will join the team after the Havoc are finished their season with his wife."
  3. What ever gave you that Hare-brained idea?
  4. I'm sure they all want new skates, too.
  5. Sorta like the guy in the Sonic commercial who didn't "get the memo", uses his Smart-phone but doesn't get smarter, and tried to use the cherry stem as a straw.
  6. I heard it was either Bechard or Craigen.
  7. What outfit did the Asst Coach wear last night after the game?
  8. OMG, sounds like the same criticism of Bechard and Bes.
  9. McCormick was released and was not on the playoff roster. Plus obviously someone has to be a healthy scratch as playoff rosters are limited to 19 men.
  10. Methinks they must have used the old Ice Gators team bus.
  11. We all (well, except for maybe just a few) hope that there will be continued SPHL hockey in Columbus, GA
  12. Not venturing far out on the limb, are ya?
  13. How true. Love it! And he's paired with Sailor-boy! Good luck having decent officiating with that crew.
  14. With or without the coach. Should he Bes be gone?
  15. From the article: "Rivermen rookie goaltender Storm Phaneuf will likely start again in Game 2 Friday at Knoxville, after winning his first pro playoff game Wednesday. “You have to keep a lot of focus in the playoffs,” said Phaneuf, who has a 1.00 goals-against and .962 saves rate in the postseason." Not bad for a victim of "the purge" earlier in the season.
  16. Looking at the picture of the Assistant Coach, to quote @Antman in one of his posts in the FIreAntz thread, "I think I'm going to throw up."
  17. You need to PhotoShop a RYD logo and/or a number 7 onto the above Smurf.
  18. The SPHL must have a soft heart for Smurfs.
  19. Nothin' better than a good move. Amen.
  20. True, but teams can protect as many as they want. If a team wants to protect 13 forwards, it can do so but their goalies and d-men are left unprotected; if management wants to protect 13 d-men, so be it; they just can't protect more than a total of 13 individuals.
  21. Please see MacGuy's 12:35 PM post on 4/11/17 in the Knoxville "roster changes" thread (page 7): The playoff rosters are "set in stone" so to speak once they are submitted. Any player on IR or called up to a higher league would have been eligible to be put on the list. After the list has been submitted though, the only way it can be changed is if 2 players are lost to injury. Then, a replacement (not subject to the 5 SPHLgame minimum) can be added to the roster with league approval.
  22. Here is the first of 12 Steps as defined by Hockaholics Anonymous: We admitted we were powerless over hockey–that our lives had become unmanageable.
  23. Hockaholics can't get by with just one!
  24. To which "boys" are you referring?