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  1. That was GOALIE OF THE YEAR award. This is MVP of the league. Two different awards. Bonar also was named on the SPHL First Team so he has received an incredible 3 year-end SPHL awards.
  2. Not surprised at all!
  3. Rivait and Harcharik headed to Australia to play, but on different teams. Irony is their first games there are against each other. LOL
  4. KMac didn't say for SURE that Bes would be back. He did say he may have other offers, which I don't doubt. If Bes does move on, I am sure that with the hockey connections that Longo and Norris have, it'll be fine. Stay tuned....
  5. Someone verify this for me… NO CHANGES can be made to the playoff roster once set? No activating of players on IR?
  6. Campagna & Corbett not on roster, but Springer is. Hmmmmm…...
  7. Took a hit from Shapiro but also reported that he wasn't hydrated as much as he should have been. Former teammate says he has the same issue from time to time. Hopefully he's better now.
  8. MacNaught was NOT the cheapskate.
  9. Unfortunately for some, an arrest is public record so privacy goes out the window at that point. While bashing someone's mistake or bad choices aren't a proper decision, stating a true public fact (with the facts to back it up) should be OK.
  10. Can we do a happy dance now???
  11. Glad no one was hurt. Wish you guys all the best!
  12. Kinda public now…..
  13. Oops….I meant to say kinda in the middle. You get what I'm saying….
  14. Everyone is just kinda freaking out because of 3 losses. Don't panic. We didn't even MAKE the playoffs 2 seasons ago under Olauson, then last year were at the bottom of the standings. Now, we're in 3rd place and have home ice for 1st round of playoffs - just like the 1st place team will have. Level playing field again at the start of the playoffs. Stay positive.
  15. Robertson might be back, but for some reason, he didn't play Friday or Saturday in Peoria. It showed in our short handed defense.