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  1. Several, which season are you interested in?
  2. That was all mentioned at the press conference by a county commissioner. Stay tuned! It's going to REALLLLLLLL good around here!
  3. Corbett signed to France2 league which starts in August. If it doesn't work out, at least he will have a home in Fayetteville to come back to.
  4. Corbett and Campagna good enough to be protected but weren't good enough to play in playoffs? Instead coach opted for Springer and Brooks? Still don't understand that. Guess Chaumont is retiring. Wonder where Harcharik will end up?
  5. Now gotta update it again deleting Columbus and adding Birmingham.
  6. Had to fulfill the trade with Pensacola with someone. He will love life on the beach!
  7. My math is fine. Don't take the term so literal. These guys are the real deal with a commitment for the long haul.
  8. Which FireAntz jerseys?
  9. Move over FireAntz, the Marksmen are here! Although I dearly loved the FireAntz name (and all my FireAntz swag), I also understand how toxic the brand had become in Fayetteville. Lots of bridges burned over the years with corporate sponsors, season ticket holders, and fans in general. Even with the change in ownership, the Antz brand was so tainted that it would have been nearly impossible to overcome moving forward. Now we start with a fresh slate! Some people are saying "RIP FireAntz" like this is such a bad thing. Exactly the opposite. Thank God for Chuck, Jeff, and all the new staff. They not only rescued a sinking ship, they righted the boat, lifted the sails, and are getting ready to blast forward like nothing you've ever seen!!! They don't use the term "sponsorship", vying instead for "PARTNERship" which shows a true mindset change to give back to the businesses that help them. How many sponsors in the past literally got NOTHING in return for sponsoring the Antz except a tax deduction for advertising? It's a new day folks! Instead of losing hockey in Fayetteville (like Columbus), these folks not only saved it, they are investing THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars into what WE love...Fayetteville hockey! Hold on folks...YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!
  10. They posted on FB that they are selling all the Cottonmouths merchandise AND all the players' equipment. Maybe a name, design, or color change if they DO find a way to come back for 2018-19 season? Time will tell.
  11. Lots of changes in staff already visible. Kevin MacNaught no longer with the front office. Sam Fryman no longer the sportscaster. Some serious resumes of the folks listed. Mark Roessler has been there for a while. He's an asset they kept.
  12. Old ways don't open new doors.
  13. Can't wait…..
  14. That was GOALIE OF THE YEAR award. This is MVP of the league. Two different awards. Bonar also was named on the SPHL First Team so he has received an incredible 3 year-end SPHL awards.
  15. Not surprised at all!