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  1. Just doesn't seem interested in returning here. Not sure why. Time will tell.....
  2. Nick Rivait signed to play in Belgium. Tayler Thompson and Mark Corbett signed to play in France. Trevor Fleurent signed to play in Norway. Wish them all the best...but...these leagues start earlier than ours, so here's hoping they may still come to Fayetteville at a later date in the season. UNPROTECTED PLAYERS: Eric Springer going to Belgium. Kyle Shapiro going to France. Alex Brooks going to Kansas City Mavericks (ECHL).
  3. Graeme Strukoff signed to play in Slovakia...
  4. Don't think he will be back.
  6. Brad Campagna is another possibility!
  7. Personally I like MICHAEL J. for the fox name. LOL
  8. Who is everyone thinking? Hauswirth? Bonar? Green? Or somebody entirely new???
  9. Here we go again….
  10. Excellent article!
  11. FREE AGENT LOCATION CHANGE! UPDATE: We're joining forces with the Wheeling Nailers of the ECHL and will be hosting our free agent camp in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania! Players looking to showcase their skills will do so under the direction of Nailers coaching staff, as well as Head Coach of the Marksmen, Nick Mazzolini and Director of Hockey Operations, Ryan Cruthers. Be sure to mention you heard about the camp from the Marksmen and #LeaveYourMark Click the link for more info: To register:…/Register.aspx…
  12. Welcome back to Fayetteville Brad! Hurry up October.
  13. No worries. It's gonna be a great SPHL season. Can't wait until October!
  14. Absolutely no resentment whatsoever. That's kinda crazy to assume that I would think otherwise. Wish him (and anyone else) all the best in whatever they decide to do.
  15. Don't be so sure that Kalisz will actually play in Pensacola. Before the announcement of Bes not staying in Fayetteville, many of the protected players were looking to play elsewhere. Kalisz may do the same thing now that Bes will be in Pensacola. Just saying.
  16. We play in Pensacola twice in November but don't face them at the Crown until February in a 3-gamer. Should be interesting.
  17. So much for the story about wanting to stay home with his family….
  18. So much for the story of him wanting to stay home and spend time with his family instead of coaching… LOL
  19. You may see some protected players return if Europe is not all it's cracked up to be. They will be in touch with guys here and keep track of what's going on. They all talk - across leagues and across teams.
  20. It'll be better for post game meet and greets and jersey auctions on Saturday nights! I love it!
  21. So happy about this!
  22. Looks like we lost Tayler Thompson and Kyle Shapiro to a league in France - where they will play with three former Peoria Rivermen. Corbett headed to France too but on a different team.
  23. From what I can tell here's how it is so far... Bonar - Protected - May return or move up to ECHL Rivait - Protected - Expected to play in Belgium Thompson - Protected - SigExpectedned to play in France Campagna - Protected - Return expected Fleurent - Protected - SigExpectedned to play in Norway Kalisz - Traded to Pensacola Harcharik - Unprotected - Expected to play in Europe Drobot - Protected - Return expected Porter - Protected - Return expected Lubin - Unprotected - Status unknown Robertson - Protected - Return unknown Hauswirth - Protected - Return expected Chaumont - Unprotected - Retirement expected Strukoff - Protected - Return unknown Shapiro - Unprotected - Expected to play in France Cook - Unprotected - Status unknown Dixon - Protected - Return expected Green - Protected - Return expected Corbett - Protected - Expected to play in France Coach Jeff Bes - Contract expired - NOT RETURNING FOR 2017-18 SEASON
  24. I feel certain that the rebranding and new ownership has ZERO to do with it. Can't blame the guys for wanting to travel and play the sport they love while making money - but with all the crazy stuff happening overseas, I would hesitate, but that's just me.