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  1. Congratulations Flyers
  2. Bout time
  3. Got a couple of game worn I am getting ready to sell if you interested? Ben Power and Vince Perreaullt's
  4. Touché
  5. Worst jersey idea ever
  6. Maybe the Hanson brothers!
  7. I have cheered for and against him but have always respected his passion for the game no matter what color sweater he had on
  8. Well said and accurate from start to finish!
  9. My bad.....But still a chicken$&@@ hit, that was not within the context of the game. Big hits that are meant to separat the puck/ player or to energize a team or crowd is one thing but when a game is already decided it is not a good thing for a "professional" to do. I would feel the same way no matter which player or team it was.
  10. That kind of cheap shot is bad for the game and the league. Then he hides behind the ref.