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Everything posted by HockeyRoanoke

  1. I have a feeling that this one isn't over and could boil over to this weekend
  2. I'm not going to quote your first post, simply because I'm on mobile. I agree with you, Peoria is the dirtiest team in the league and coming into this weekend I thought they led the league in penalty minutes? In reference to the cross checking incident, I saw Bronner take 5 sticks to the back while he was on his knees, it should have been double minors if not more. Peoria could have been assessed several bench minors as well, one incident comes to mind when the Peoria bench attempted to hold the stick of Guyon I believe? What really made me sick is after the game when I saw the Peoria goalie skate over to the officiating crew shaking hands and laughing with them. I hope the officiating tightens up for the playoffs because last night was out of hand. Also last night was even further proof why next year Roanoke needs to get 2 guys to patrol the ice with a big bag of knuckles. But moving forward, we're in the playoffs!
  3. I thought the guys were gased tonight, however I did like Schneider sticking up for his teammates. Good news is Birmingham is getting beat, so it looks like the dawgs will clinch tonight even with a loss. Bad news is I don't think Peoria will have any problems picking Roanoke to play in the first round.
  4. I saw where Walsh was released by Mississippi today, maybe a possibility?
  5. The Marksmen crashed it in a month ago, just glad Birmingham doesn't play them while we have Peoria
  6. Would be nice to clinch this weekend to take the pressure off, we will see! Go Dawgs
  7. I get it, it sucks that we're even having to deal with this situation. Not fair to the fans or players, I can tell you the players do not like making the hour drive to practice there (I know this first hand). I saw someone posted the ticket sales for hockey vs a concert etc. That's not how that works in Hockey the Dawgs pay to rent the Berglund center and also give a % of ticket sales and concessions back to the berglund center. When the berglund center books concerts, pbr, monster trucks etc. They pay a booking fee and give up a % of the ticket sales and concessions to the act. So if no one shows up they lose. This was how it was explained to me anyways.
  8. Would it really be that hostile, a mid week playoff game in say Pensacola? I get that both teams have to travel, however the best chance for rest for our guys is to stay in a hotel not a sleeper bus. Besides, how rowdy is it really going to get at LU? And while they would be out of their routine so would Roanoke with no ice at the BC.
  9. All I'm saying is from a player stand point it would be easier to stay on the road, that's why I said take the fan aspect out of it for a minute. Again if you look at the logistics from a player only point of view, you would rather stay on the road than potentially 3 nights on a bus. I trust that the front office will work this out if need be and make the right decision for the franchise, players and fans.
  10. This is true as well, the dawgs have a tough sledding the next 2 weekends
  11. True, however all of this is very premature. We don't even know if the Dawgs are even willing to try a game at Liberty.
  12. I see a logistical nightmare and without knocking Liberty I can imagine there will be some stipulations they put forth in agreeing to host the game. How do you think it would be precieved by Dawgs fans if Falwell said something along the lines of yes we will host the game however it will only be open to liberty students and faculty? I know people want a 1st round home game but I don't feel its essential to success and making the 2nd round in terms of hockey alone. Imagine being a player, you ride a bus all night home from Macon. You get home somewhere around 9 am on a Tuesday morning, you know morning skate is off the table due to the fact the arena in which your using is an hour away. So you go home to grab some food and a quick nap only to pile in a car with 3 other teammates and head to Lynchburg around 3 to get ready for a 7 PM puck drop. All the while the visitors have been in Lynchburg since 9 am and have had their morning skate and are relaxing at a local hotel. Or you could play Monday night, avoid the long bus ride, get some rest at a hotel and keep a somewhat decent routine. The Berglund Center really dropped the ball on this one and hopefully moving forward they will do better in scheduling.
  13. Look I get it you're probably either from Lynchburg or go to Liberty and really want this but this but has disaster written all over it.
  14. While that is true, there is no home ice advantage to playing at Liberty. Someone tell me one advantage from a team stand point (not a fans) to playing at Liberty? Get back to Roanoke the next morning around 9 only to have to drive an hour to Lynchburg to play on ice you're not familiar with or get rest in the same city and be able to hold a morning skate.
  15. I don't think we will see Roanoke play at Liberty, there's no real advantage to playing there. The real advantage would be to stay on the road for the first round, think about it no long bus ride home to play the next day.
  16. The way it was explained to me was the Berglund center signed a 3 year deal with the bull riding and if I'm not mistaken this is the last year.
  17. Ftorek just dug too deep of a hole for this team, there's 6 games left in the season but I think we all know how this story is going to end.
  18. Starting to feel like Ftoreks rough start may be too much to overcome. Better win, in regulation tonight and sweep next weekend.
  19. So what is going on with Barone? Is he just taking some rest this weekend?
  20. Whats the deal here, is he coming back or not?
  21. Which is why I said the guys didn't do him any favors tonight
  22. One of those nights, we need Barone back ASAP. Zen just can't go back to back nights, not that the guys did him any favors tonight either.