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  1. You're the coach. Who do you protect? From what I understand, Schneider is done after this season and I also heard that Mele is done too. Here is who I would protect: Goalies: Barone Zenzola Defensemen: Sova Rowland Bakker Fowards: Guyon Beer Garvin Murray Witzel Porter Tatrn Gandara
  2. Does anyone have any hockey programs from any Roanoke hockey teams? I would like to start a project to digitize them into PDF or some other format. I have a Virginia Lancers and Roanoke Express program that I am working on digitizing. If you have any programs I would love to digitize it to preserve Roanoke hockey history.
  3. Did anyone complete the google forms survey that Roanoke tweeted out? What things would you like to see improved for next season? I’m not talking about the team I am talking about ticket packages, in game entertainment, merchandise, etc.
  4. I am terrified of hockey leaving Roanoke again. I guess it's because we've had so many different teams and people are quick to lose interest. I hope that does not happen again! If Roanoke loses another hockey team then I am going to move. I am spoiled by having hockey so close I do not want to live without it!
  5. I think it is almost 100% certain that Schneider will not be back which I hate because I really like him!
  6. I like Gustafsson but I like Russell more. However, I think we got a similar and better player in Witzel and Gustafsson turned out to be a real asset. Ftorek's one contribution to the team!
  7. I hope Fayetteville does not fold! I went to one of their games and it was a ton of fun despite Roanoke losing. I honestly think the in game entertainment, and merchandise is way better than Roanoke!
  8. I can't think of one good decision.
  9. I made my list with the mindset that Mele would be gone but I would have him on the list for sure. I also saw that he wasn't protected last year which is crazy. I think it's another example of Ftorek not knowing what he had/no knowing what to do with players. It was really hard to make a protected list for me, we have some quality players now.
  10. I've heard that he is done after this season but I don't know how true it is. I do know that he has his real estate license so maybe he actually wants to make decent money. EDIT: I went back and looked at the Roanoke Times article about his real estate stuff and Mele said he hopes his hockey career doesn't end anytime soon but who knows? I don't even remember who I heard it from so please take it with a grain of salt. I really hope he continues to play.
  11. I don't know if you saw it and I don't know which player it was but one guy from Peoria gave the finger to the crowd while leaving the ice at the end of the first period. What did Hagaman do?
  12. I will never EVER let it go. 20 years from now when all the children of the current roster play for the team I will still talk about it!
  13. Also, I would like to add that Peoria is pretty classless and not gracious winners.
  14. Well, I guess if we would have kept Spraggs and Moroso then we would have won 10-0. All kidding aside, I am so impressed by the team. The fact that a team who just a few short months ago did not even have a win in regulation and could barely even string back to back wins together are now in the playoffs and played a very close game against the number one team. Everyone has been saying this for many months now but they look like a completely different team. They're faster and much more physical. Of course, there are some things they need to improve on but they are playing very well. I do like that the team proved that they can hang with Peoria especially since many fans have been saying that Peoria was going to wipe the floor with them. It was a very close game and I think Roanoke could have easily won. The game winning goal was a tough one since it was on an odd man rush which came from a few players mishandling the puck. One of my biggest critiques from last night is Vernace choosing to dump the puck in situations when he could have carried it into the zone. Also, we need to get more bodies in front of Peoria's net. Put Beer or Porter in front and let them battle it out in front of the net! Overall, great game by the Dawgs and I am excited to watch the rest of this series. If Roanoke loses this series they still have a lot to be proud of, they have come a very long way and are without a doubt the most improved team in the league. I really think Bremner deserves coach of the year.
  15. Quad City has been thrown around since they are leaving the ECHL but other than that I don't know. I really want Richmond to get another SPHL team for a close rivalry.
  16. He isn't calling up his friends. He is getting players that he knows will play well under his system. Based on all the interviews he is a no-nonsense coach and has one goal--to make a successful hockey team.
  17. I have never called any player fat. Moroso had a -23 plus/minus this season and a -28 last season. That is stinking up the place. I have been extremely supportive of the team but also critical when needed. I am not attacking someone on a personal level. Saying that a player needs to hustle =/= a personal attack, it's an observation.
  18. I am glad that he is confident and happy with his roster. Hopefully, that will motivate the players!
  19. I guess I look at sports differently than a lot of others. From what it seems there are a lot of fans that are upset about getting rid of Spraggs. There are players that I enjoy watching play and would not want to see them leave the team but I am a fan of the team more than I am individual players. I am sure others feel the same way too but a lot of people at all levels of sports get attached to specific players and lose their minds when they get traded, released, etc. Sometimes player movement doesn't work out but in a lot of cases it does. I want the teams I like to win so I welcome any and all change whether that be coaches, staff, players or anything. As I have said many times, Bremner made a terrible team into a really good team with existing players and players from a lower league that alone proves to me that the guy knows what he is doing. Will he always make the right decison? Probably not. Will he always be successful? Probably not but as many have said ever since he took over it's just nice to see a coach that actually does something instead of doing nothing and hoping things get better.
  20. I don't think the Dawgs are being unprofessional or shady. Bremner is trying to assemble a winning team. Spraggs played a part in that but it seems that he didn't fit with what Bremner wanted anymore so the coach tries to find a player that will work better. He keeps Spraggs because it's late in the season and not many options are out there. Coach finds someone and then has to release a player. It's a business...if the team doesn't win there will be no team. Bremner is their coach, not their friend. Maybe they could have handled it differently and I am sure that is frustrating as a player and a family member but this is minor league hockey and players are moved so often so, while it is shocking and annoying it really should not be that surprising. Bottom line: Bremner is here to win games and is going to do what is best for the team.
  21. Oh I’m not taking at as a personal attack. I think it’s really funny. I don’t have social media so I have no idea what goes on there.
  22. But it’s more fun to think that way!
  23. I hope there is no sabotaging going on. I doubt there is but if that’s the case that is really petty. There are going to player and coach movements all the time. It’s part of sports! Bottom line is that teams make decisions to win games and sometimes coaches have to be fired and players have to be moved. As much hockey experience as the Ftorek’s have you’d think they’d understand that. I am certain that they do and don’t care and this is just a coincidence but that would be so frustrating if it was done out of spite!
  24. I have no doubt that it was a difficult decision for the coach to make because he has assembled a pretty solid team with what he already had and what he was able to sign. It seems like most of the new players that Bremner has found have been over 6 feet tall except Guyon and Witzel. He’s probably willing to sign a bigger player in exchange for a smaller one. He probably looked at the potential of Garvin as well in terms of his point production and saw that in the four years that he played at Liberty his production increased each year. So, Roanoke gets a bigger player who seems to be improving verses a player that is smaller and has inconsistent and in some cases decreasing point production. It’s getting to the point where it’s hard to release players because all have found their niche. It’s not like before when we had people like Moreso and Walsh stinking up the place. It’s difficult because Spraggs was here all season and found his role pretty well under Bremner but if you think about it most of the players he has gotten rid of and ones he has brought in has been the right decision.