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  1. Sorry the season is over and I wish the players good luck in the future. I talked to McGill at Tuesdays game and he told me to trust him the team would be bigger,faster and better than this season and I trust his word.
  2. I agree, have they given up on the season
  3. They even said in the Peoria newspaper that they camped in the crease because of our small d.
  4. The team is not playing well but to their defense no sports team should go on the road for this long Sounds like they are not giving much effort. Maybe they will turn it around.
  5. Does anyone know why he is not playing deMelo. With the boat show and the car show being a annual affair we could have a long road trip again next season. I am ready for the dawgs to return.
  6. The game was ugly and we didn't check anybody all night but I will say they played a little better the last ten minutes of the game. Hope they show up tonight.
  7. It has been a trying season for the dawgs with all the injuries, call ups and players that don't report and leave the team but maybe we can make the playoffs. Maybe next season we will have some toughness
  8. has anybody ever thought it could be the coach
  9. If this team don't get more physical it's going to be a long season. I hope it don't hurt the attendance you know how Roanoke fans are about winning and playing physical hockey maybe we will turn it around this next home stand.
  10. We need all the help we can get and I still think we need more size
  11. I agree that we need more size on defense that can clear out in front on net and I think we need some roster changes because if we keep losing it might hurt atendence.
  12. Welcome to the SPHL Forums richard 76 :)

  13. Welcome to the SPHL Forums richard 76 :)

  14. Welcome to the SPHL Forums richard 76 :)

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