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  1. ....we get D man Travis Jeke from Knoxville...Mississippi gets Turner and Knox gets Mitchell Vandergunst...three team deal. We needed some more D....we got it.
  2. the defense just bad or is it the system they are being coached? Troubling shots on goal all season.
  3. Mele has practiced all week but was in a yellow jersey this morning. Turner has been a full go most of the week. Murray has not practiced all week.
  5. It will be a total shock to me if Mele does not come off of IR and play the weekend set against P'Cola. Sources say he looked real good in practice this morning. Murray and Turner were non participants with Chiriantano on the exercise bike and not skating.
  6. Beirnes was responding both fights to questionable hits on Colin Murray and Michael Turner. Both did not return to the game Saturday and were out of Sunday's game. We have not had that type of player all season. Helps to have that guy who will stick up for our skill players.
  7. Being a Roanoke fan, what do you guys think a good number is for teams in the league? 14 or so? 16 would seem to be ideal to me. Maybe make a northern and southern division?
  8. I thought Turner hustled more Saturday before he took that cheap shot than I have seen him all year. Babenko has been a hitting machine all season. The guys have to be more comfortable finishing their checks knowing Beirnes will be there to clean up any cheap stuff from the opposing agitators!!
  9. Immediate impact tonight by Jeremy. We have needed his toughness all season. Took up for his guys like he should have. Thank you Huntsville.
  10. Turner took the hit to the head that brought Beirnes out for the tilt with Sicard. Murray and Brewer were walking around ok during the jersey auction. Turner came out to auction his jersey, also.
  11. ..the trip to Fayetteville should be an interesting one Friday...we will have fun on our first road trip supporting the Dawgs since joining the SPHL.
  12. EBUG in Norfolk tomorrow night. Should be back by the weekend if all goes well.
  13. He is really the man. Not only does he lead the team in scoring, he also leads in penalty minutes! Not ideal by any means, but it is a fact.
  14. Yes
  15. Good riddance! Need the D help for sure.