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  1. Vasquez waived today.
  2. Ballmer went on IR today
  3. Tough one tonight, but it seems like fate has us in her sights.
  4. Any idea if De Melo is ready? ....and how about Gandara?
  5. Those last four against one of the two best teams in the league is going to be rough!
  6. Can we put the coach on waivers?
  7. There is not much of an excuse for giving up as many goals as the team did this weekend. Same D as the last three or four weeks...coaching philosophies and in general may be the culprit.
  8. I think he tweaked a knee the night Krueger replaced him in the 3rd period at home.
  9. Fayetteville has definitely been our kryptonite this season.
  10. From what I have heard, P'Cola needed help up the middle and Massimo is a quality center. With Mele, Gentoli, Tatrn etc at center, we could afford to make the deal. Of course, to get a good player, we had to give one up.
  11. I agree. I think this was a *** for tat trade by the numbers.
  12. P'Cola for Riley Spraggs.
  13. Gentoli won a ton of faceoff this weekend. Nice to have him back. We need to get Murray healthy and Driscoll back from Wheeling for the stretch run. Jeke would be great, too.
  14. ....we get D man Travis Jeke from Knoxville...Mississippi gets Turner and Knox gets Mitchell Vandergunst...three team deal. We needed some more D....we got it.
  15. the defense just bad or is it the system they are being coached? Troubling shots on goal all season.