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  1. RT @wolfensteinosx: communism isnt real

  2. RT @Sadieisonfire:

  3. @avappleyard @NHLFlyers hmm

  4. I guess it's a better peice of ass then Shawn Spicer.

  5. @StephaliciousD @hinx @KateFresePhoto

  6. RT @BBWslayer666: I feel like u gotta be a dumbass if ur able to fall asleep in less than 10mins how can u just think of nothing instantly…

  7. RT @zoowithroy: Cowboys: Multiple arrests Giants: Posing on boats Redskins: Pricing away Cousins, no GM Eagles: Practicing hard w/ kind, yo…

  8. @Almightyvonzuss @whatisglogang you guys got anime pics talking about "respecting yourself"????

  9. @StonedPhillyFan big lebowski #1, Harold and Kumar and smiley faces trade places

  10. RT @PostCultRev: Trying to align my passion for social justice with my career of stealing people's dogs and making them fight in abandoned…

  11. this changes everything

  12. @whatisglogang Pensacola

  13. Eatdatpussy445 is mcm all week

  14. @bennythejet55 @BSH_Radio when that guy with the sexy voice starting doing the intro, it got too professional.

  15. @whatisglogang they dont call me skinny lips for no reason