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  1. RT @K4LEN_G: i tweeted "anime is gay" and im pretty sure this ***** just cursed me

  2. RT @Real_ESPNLeBrun: I mean, you run out of ways to describe how clutch Justin Williams is. Seriously.

  3. good tweet felix

  4. @whatisglogang she has a big ass

  5. RT @footballcrank: Broad street hockey radio would be way more successful if I (the real Bill Matz) weren't on it !!!!!

  6. @ronhextaII brokeback mountain is a vry good film about anal penetration.

  7. wooooww, carti getting a little petty

  8. @SamRoberge08 @AndyCole84 @Steve_Dangle great playoff hockey hit.

  9. RT @Kurt_BSH: Only the NHL could schedule three overlapping playoff games that all go to intermission at the exact same time.

  10. @JasonAAV @BILLadelphia1 and as long as Provy is comfortable in the NHL and playing well, I'll won't say he's lying.

  11. RT @JordanUhl: Productivity has skyrocketed over the last several decades. Wages have remained nearly stagnant. But sure, blame the under…

  12. RT @GoldenKnights: We’re proud to be the only Western Conference team to finish without a losing record at Joe Louis Arena. #Farewell2TheJoe

  13. what horrible pieces of doodie.

  14. RT @FlyGoalScoredBy: This is the end, my only friend the end, the Flyers

  15. RT @mineifiwildout: i vote that girls with armpit hair get drafted first since they so brave