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  1. Agreed. It seems to me that they did not have the best management who could put butts in seats. Doesn't help that every time they had a pack the stadium event they had thousands of people and got blown out badly. That really hurts getting people to come back...
  2. Im sure someone more knowledgeable than me can chime in but they didn't renew the lease on the office building, are not under contract with the Cajundome, and from what I hear, the owners gave up on it. Barring an influx of interest and new ownership, im not holding out much hope for it.
  3. You know, ive actually been saying the same thing. New owners could revitalize it. But they would need to make some sweeping changes.
  4. I don't think the Icegators are returning unless someone steps up and brings them back, in another location. Simply put, the Cajundome is entirely too expensive for a team drawing 13-1400 per game. Blackham was much better, the issue was scheduling and the selling of the chiller system when the Gators swapped to the dome. If you look at possible venues, the only 2 are the Cajundome and Blackham. I personally loved Blackham due to the homely atmosphere and true "beer league" feel. I know the director of the Cajundome and I can tell you, he wont be making any deals with a hockey team to bring them back. If you ask me, he is happier with the dome empty as that is less work he has to do. Just my ten cents.. and yes, im still hanging around here... Still love the SPHL and miss it, and will be here until someone kicks me out.
  5. They got Daniels. Good move there.
  6. Beer specials on gameday???? Now this is a place I want to visit....
  7. :). Much appreciated. The drive is quite long though...sigh. And shopping? More importantly, where is the closest beer? Is it cold? And is it decent? Just wondering
  8. Smart move, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders.
  9. I just want my team back...
  10. Daniels is undersized, fast, and not scared to try to hit. And he hustles constantly. Im happy for him to find a new team and hoping he gets to show off his skills with you guys. He was a favorite of mine just because I wanted him to do so well on the ice and kept hoping he would get called up for his chance to shine. Seems like he has heart, something that in general was severely lacking at a lot of parts this season. And he never gave up, unlike quite a few of our players.
  11. Sandler is pretty solid. Daniels is small, fast, and a hell of a lot of fun to watch. Definitely a good pickup there.
  12. Congrats. Keep up the good playing. Hope Higgins is alright. I know he played after the hit, but hope he stays in top shape for round 2.
  13. Must have been sleeping when I was reading it. It could be the Gators are just getting better at the PK considering they have spent so much time shorthanded this season due to stupid penalties.
  14. I think the refs were asleep most of that game. Obvious calls missed on both sides repeatedly. But then again, im not a ref, so it likely looks a lot different down on the ice. And whose PP was bad? I know the Gators have been terrible on a PP every game since the season started. They simply cant put anything together with an extra person on the ice.