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  1. RT @spike: The unveiling of Kalief Browder Way on what would have been his 24th birthday. #KaliefBrowder https://t.co/H25fZvOeGT

  2. RT @maggieNYT: Staggering details of a Kushner subsidiary chasing wages from a single mom getting Section 8 housing https://t.co/WRmcUcJJLJ

  3. Podcast #304: The Lies of Manhood and How to Teach Young Men Its Truths | The Art of Manliness https://t.co/GWoWZXycIC

  4. RT @ryanwhiteIV: @archbalt calls @the_keepers "fiction." Sad reaction, and how insulting to all of the survivors who bravely shared their t…

  5. Catholic School Teacher Says Students Outed Him As Gay — Then He Was Fired - Chicago @JamesMartinSJ https://t.co/e7IbyquuZA

  6. RT @BrynMawrSchool: Today, students and faculty lined up to cheer as beloved teacher Bill Waters left his last class. We will miss this ext…

  7. Government class celebrating the last day of classes with a nice stroll on a gorgeous day in DC! Almost there! https://t.co/onum7xMvNK

  8. A brotherhood of neglect at Penn State https://t.co/OFIW382Psh via @phillydotcom

  9. RT @suleikajaouad: I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad to have had cancer when I did -- and not now. Without the #ACA I would be lon…

  10. RT @baltimoresun: The Orioles' Adam Jones said a fan threw peanuts at him and that he was the target of racial slurs at Fenway Park. https:…

  11. My students have discussed the question of how the Civil War started! Talked about it! Researched the question! The answer is clear:Slavery!

  12. “The Storm of Love” by @DeathPenaltyAct https://t.co/JTgEkUDt2L @DanRodricks

  13. RT @HelenKennedy: That monument being taken down in New Orleans? This is what it says on it. Context for when you see "traditionalists" fre…

  14. RT @shonhopwood: Former bank robber, now a Georgetown law professor, is just getting started | https://t.co/uO9FSeQxvL

  15. RT @JudgeDillard: "From Prisoner to Professor (@shonhopwood): Convicted Bank Robber Hired to Teach at Georgetown Law" https://t.co/3WzrQG5D…