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  1. Nick D’Avolio and Adam "Little" Stuart were each suspended 2 games for their actions against Roanoke on March 18th.
  2. Well, Tyler was acquired in a trade for Mike Donnellan back on 2/6. He started off a little cold, but has actually had more results lately (5 points in the last 4 games). It's a little less production per game than he was doing with Roanoke, but it isn't substantially so. I haven't heard any rumors, and I haven't seen anyone being released by an ECHL team that would need the spot. Although he has appeared to slip down a bit with the addition of guys like Petaccio and McKay's return.
  3. I believe they added this promotional night back in February, but I'm surprised they're charging an entry fee.
  4. I'm interested to see how many dogs this gets...
  5. Thunderbolts were unable to get the win but still picked up a point in overtime. Unfortunately both Roanoke and Columbus won tonight extending the deficit to 6.
  6. The Evansville Thunderbolts are fighting to keep their playoff dreams alive in this inaugural season. Last night they pulled out a win against the Havoc who were tied for the points lead. The Bolts have managed to get points in 4 of their last 5 games, and they can't let up. Evansville trails Roanoke and Columbus by 5 points each in the battle for the final playoff spot. Yesterday's game was played at a slower pace, but the Thunderbolts limited Huntsville's opportunities holding the Havoc under 30 shots. Scorcia and Elmes scored for the Bolts in the 1st and 3rd periods. The only disappointing part was a sparse crowd of 1839. Apparently the lure of NCAA basketball and a Friday St Patrick's Day kept a lot of people away. Tonight Evansville will need to do the same things. Try to refrain from bad penalties (Huntsville's lone goal came when they had a 5-3 advantage), limit the offensive opportunities for the Havoc, and pass with accuracy to get shots off. Pointstreak Scoreboard Pointstreak Gamelive Pointstreak Pregame Notes Live Video: ($) Live Audio: (free) Next game: Evansville returns home for back-to-back games against Fayetteville Friday and Saturday night.
  7. Whose you talking about? Even if you think the ref did a bad job I can't imagine you're implying he was intentionally letting the game get out of hand. Players don't get suspended for being bad at their job. Neither should the ref. If the league doesn't think he's good then you just stop using him.
  8. As expected, Austin McKay added back to roster. Unfortunately Al Graves put on 14 day IR.
  9. That link won't load for me at work, so including the PJStar one in case you're in the same boat.
  10. That's fair. My opinion is about how you enforce rules as opposed to this actual play.
  11. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he would've been missing by a large margin with no one harassing him.
  12. Simply don't agree with the logic that "it was handled". Please note that I'm not talking about this specific instance but rather the concept that a fight afterwards equalizes a cheap shot. Things like elbowing generate suspensions because of the likelihood that a player will be injured. An enforcer's going to be willing to fight knowing there's no significant chance he's injured, but the guy getting hit could be. The fight is his immediate karma. The suspension is how you discourage the behavior in the future.
  13. Free hockey games, some minor perks that can be especially appealing to a fan, and in general it's just another hobby. I'm sure it varies, but I've known ECHL "promo" teams that were unpaid.
  14. Season tickets are going on sale for next season. Here's the pricing and benefits.
  15. You sure 'Ice Girl' is a paid position? I know it isn't for a lot of places.