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  1. @TheMadAnts @acwmc Have you decided whether or not to hang it upside down?

  2. Not the most action-packed game I've seen this year. Both teams were content to do a lot of skate and sub with a combined 45 shots on the night. The nearly empty stadium didn't help, but that's what you get when you play at 6pm on a Tuesday (not that they waited to 6 to drop the puck). I'm hoping for a better game on Friday.
  3. Evansville jumped out to an early 1-0 lead, but wasn't able to hold on as Peoria scored twice. Neither team was particularly aggressive on the offensive end, ant the Bolts only managed 4 shots in the third period effectively ending any real opposition. Dave Williams scored the goal on a gift from Mark Petaccio and Gallo.
  4. I kinda do. We need the points.
  5. Evansville and Peoria face off in a rare Tuesday night matchup. The local foes face each other an eye-popping twelve times this year, and this game will be the ninth round. Peoria temporarily holds the lead at 5-3. Evansville fans need not worry though, as the squads go head-to-head four times in the next seven days, so the correction will come soon! The Bolts are in need of a spark to get the season headed in the right direction. Lately the W's have come sparingly, and the team has sunk to the bottom of the league outside the SPHL playoffs. The Riverman will be, unsuccessfully, attempting to break out of their own funk having lost six of their last seven games. While Peoria and Evansville average a similar number of shots each game, the Rivermen find the net about 25% more often. It'll be crucial for Evansville to limit quality looks, and to capitalize on any power play opportunities to get separation. Both teams are, frankly, terrible on the power play with Peoria (10th) and Evansville (9th) at the bottom of the league, so any goals will be a big difference. Pointstreak Scoreboard Pointstreak Gamelive Pointstreak Pregame Notes Live Video: ($) Live Audio: (free) Next game: Evansville hits the road to best Peoria at the Civic Center Friday at 7:05PM, and return home to extend the win streak to 3 games on Saturday at 7:15PM for Superhero Night with guest fan, Michael Rosenbaum.
  6. Brandon Lubin to ECHL Utah. Mark Petaccio signed 3 game tryout. Reliable report that Bo Driscoll will rejoin team tomorrow.
  7. Evansville hits the road to face off against Columbus tonight in a dubious battle over last place. With both teams tied at 26 points a win would be a boost for either squad. The teams have faced off only once with Evansville taking the home victory 3-2. The Cottonmouths have been plagued by the bus crash that injured several after a slow start to their season. However, Columbus has hit their stride lately winning 4 of their last 6 including a shutout win against the Fireantz. The Thunderbolts have struggled badly too, but got a strong win against Knoxville in their last game. Statistically, the teams are very similar across the board. Goals, penalty minutes, and even attendance. Mark Petaccio (RW) will be making his first appearance with Evansville on a 3 game tryout. Mark has spent 32 games in the FHL this year amassing an impressive 45 points (30 g, 15 a) and 75 PIM in 32 games. I haven't heard of any players returning from ECHL loans, so the offensive presence will help. Pointstreak Scoreboard Pointstreak Gamelive Pointstreak Pregame Notes Live Video: ($) Live Audio: (free) Next game: Evansville returns home to play a rare weekday game, Tuesday night at 6:00PM. Feb 21 against Peoria. Don't forget that Superhero Night is coming up on February 25th. Ticket specials are available. Actor and longtime Evansville hockey supporter Michael Rosenbaum will be back in town at the game.
  8. SPHL announced today that Dion will be suspended for one more game (against Knoxville on Friday).
  9. It's always an eye-popping visual to fire your coach after some big road wins (netting your longest win streak on the season). I'm assuming they'd either made the decision before the weekend, or they finalized it while he was out of town. This gives them a few days to get a replacement, but I've never been a fan of in-season coaching changes. It's so challenging with the ever-changing rosters of lower level pro hockey for a coach to establish the identity he wants over an entire season that leaving someone with even less is a monumental task. That said, waiting any longer in the season would be madness. The theory must be that the talent is still there, and a new coach won't have to dramatically change the team to draw out the results. It'll be interesting to see.
  10. Strong game for the Bolts and Milliron. Tanner gave up just one goal on 35 shots, and Evansville posted 4 goals (one with the KNX goalie pulled) to take the road matchup. Fiorentino, Elmes, Williams, and Schumacher with goals. 34 penalty minutes for the teams combined on 14 penalties. Cuzner and Jake Rivera called for fighting in the second. Jake Rivera appeared to be going for every penalty in the book racking up 5 different infractions. Both teams were presented with PP, but neither team capitalized with EVN and KNX going 0-2 and 0-4 respectively. Correction on 'next game', that is in Columbus on Fri Feb 17th. Evansville is back at home on Tuesday Feb 21st, but remember the game is at 6:00PM.
  11. Last night the Thunderbolts fought back from 2-0 down to take a 2-3 lead, but in the end couldn't hold on. Tyler Gjurich managed to score in his first game with the team though, and hopefully the offensive side can be carried into tonight's game. Knoxville and Evansville are tied 3-3 on the season with 3 OT games in the series. Both teams are coming off losses, and both have been underperforming as of late with 3-6-1 and 2-8 records for the Ice Bears and Thunderbolts respectively. Knoxville continues to lead the league in dramatic fashion in penalty minutes, so Evansville will have to take advantage of their power play opportunities. Pointstreak Scoreboard Pointstreak Gamelive Pointstreak Pregame Notes Live Video: ($) Live Audio: (free) Next game: Evansville returns home to play a rare weekday game, Tuesday night at 6:00PM. Feb 21 against Peoria.
  12. RiverKings strike first on a puck left by Doan. And again while I was typing that. Evansville being outshot 2:1 and it's catching up to them.
  13. End of second and the score is tied 3-3. Lots of small differences of opinion and one fight after another big, clean hit by Graves. Expect to see more scoring and fighting in the third.
  14. Bolts and Riverkings tied 2-2. After giving up two quick goals Evansville clawed back in it. Gjurich scoring in his first period with the team. Little disagreement between the teams heading into the locker rooms which might cause a little friction later.
  15. Some late breaking roster moves for the team: Ryan Patsch is back off IR to help the D. Unfortunately, Austin McKay and Justin MacDonald, team's leading scorer, are off to ECHL destinations.