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  1. The notable signing here is Brandon Lubin. While they suggest he was "up in the ECHL" that was only about a week. He was traded to acquire Chase Nieuwendyk (who is on the protected list). It would be more accurate to say they played better, but the point is thankfully accurate. In the last 2 months, they scored 3.15 goals per game compared to 2.46 for the whole season while goals allowed only increased .17. Likewise, while the Thunderbolts didn't generate a lot of wins they had a stunning trail of six OT/SO losses which netted them half their points in that same period. On the season, they averaged .67 points per game (so almost 2 full games to get a tie). In the last two months they had a more respectable .92 while going 3-4-6.
  2. @dalybeauty @PopCultRainman @zchamu Sounded like? She absolutely did. Whether it was poor wording or her changing h…

  3. Very entertaining story. I'm almost always impressed by what gets published on Players Tribune though.
  4. You missed some games. I meant to crunch some numbers, but I ran out of time earlier. Please note this is my observation without a double-check, so it's possible I have an error somewhere. Format is Team Total Games (Home - Away): Peoria 13 (7-6) Birmingham 8 (4-4) Knoxville 7 (4-3) Macon 7 (3-4) Mississippi 6 (4-2) Pensacola 5 (2-3) Huntsville 4 (2-2) Roanoke 3 (1-2) Fayetteville 3 (1-2)
  5. The Evansville Thunderbolts have released their 2017-18 full game schedule. The Thunderbolts’ first home game of its second season in the SPHL (Southern Professional Hockey League) will be at 7:15 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21 against the Peoria Rivermen at the Ford Center in downtown Evansville. •Saturday, Oct. 21 vs. Peoria •Tuesday, Oct. 24 vs. Peoria •Friday, Oct. 27 at Knoxville •Saturday, Oct. 28 vs. Macon •Friday, Nov. 3 at Roanoke •Saturday, Nov. 4 at Roanoke •Thursday, Nov. 9 at Macon •Friday, Nov. 10 at Macon •Friday, Nov. 17 vs. Peoria •Saturday, Nov. 18 at Mississippi •Thursday, Nov. 23 at Huntsville •Friday, Nov. 24 at Birmingham •Friday, Dec. 1 vs. Knoxville •Saturday, Dec. 2 vs. Huntsville •Friday, Dec. 8 vs. Macon •Saturday, Dec. 9 vs. Mississippi •Friday, Dec. 15 at Pensacola •Saturday, Dec. 16 at Birmingham •Friday, Dec. 22 vs. Roanoke •Saturday, Dec. 23 vs. Knoxville •Friday, Dec. 29 at Peoria •Saturday, Dec. 30 at Knoxville •Sunday, Dec. 31 vs. Peoria •Friday, Jan. 5 at Macon •Saturday, Jan. 6 at Birmingham •Friday, Jan. 12 at Peoria •Saturday, Jan. 13 vs. Peoria •Sunday, Jan. 14 vs. Mississippi •Friday, Jan. 19 vs. Birmingham •Saturday, Jan. 20 vs. Birmingham •Tuesday, Jan. 23 vs. Huntsville •Friday, Jan. 26 at Peoria •Saturday, Jan. 27 vs. Peoria •Sunday, Jan. 28 at Peoria •Friday, Feb. 2 at Pensacola •Saturday, Feb. 3 at Pensacola •Thursday, Feb. 8 vs. Birmingham •Friday, Feb. 9 vs. Mississippi •Saturday, Feb. 10 at Mississippi •Friday, Feb. 16 vs. Knoxville •Saturday, Feb. 17 at Birmingham •Sunday, Feb. 18 at Huntsville •Friday, Feb. 23 vs. Macon •Saturday, Feb. 24 vs. Peoria •Friday, March 2 at Peoria •Friday, March 9 at Fayetteville •Saturday, March 10 at Fayetteville •Friday, March 16 vs. Birmingham •Saturday, March 17 vs. Mississippi •Friday, March 23 vs. Pensacola •Saturday, March 24 vs. Pensacola •Sunday, March 25 at Peoria •Friday, March 30 vs. Knoxville •Saturday, March 31 at Knoxville •Friday, April 6 vs. Fayetteville •Saturday, April 7 at Macon The home schedule consists of 12 Friday games, 11 Saturday games, two Tuesday games, two Sunday games and one Thursday game. All weekend night games — including New Year’s Eve — begin at 7:15 p.m., while the lone Sunday matinee game begins at 3 p.m. Weekday games begin at 6:15 p.m., with the exception of Education Day on Tuesday, Oct. 24, which starts at 10 a.m. Evansville’s promotional schedule will be released at a later date. The schedule is subject to change.
  6. I wonder if they're making a more concerted effort to push games to the weekends. I would prefer that. The toughest stretch last season for Evansville was 6 games in 10 nights. Evansville played in Roanoke on Friday, back to Evansville against Macon Saturday & Sunday. Hit the road on Thursday & Saturday in Roanoke then hopped over to Fayetteville for a Sunday afternoon game. That was following a week where they'd played Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That had been two at home, two on the road though, so a little easier on the mileage. Maybe not as much on the body ;). I can't imagine how exhausted those guys must've been.
  7. I don't know. It's kind of fun to say Albatros with a terrible French accent. Try it! And I'm going to totally bite on your new division comment. While regular season cross-continent play is simply not feasible, I wish we could see more "one-off" games played. Something like a post-season matchup between the winners of each league (even if it was done toward the beginning of the next season). I know nothing of that European league to say whether or not timelines even align, but it would be something fresh/exciting to me at least.
  8. La Sirena and Le Bernardin are restaurants in New York. La Sirena by Mario Batali is new and recently received a Michelin star. Le Bernardin has been considered one of the best restaurants in the world for a number of years, and has a rating of three stars. Michelin stars, for those who aren't big foodies, are the foremost awards for fine dining. Three stars is the highest rating. We'll file this under a poorly targeted analogy for the audience. The point was simply would someone consider a well-respected restaurant beneath you simply because a better one exists?
  9. Correct. It would be redundant to say them both if they were the same thing. As surprising as it may be, Eminian isn't wrong. Ohio University is a division 1 school. Their hockey team is effectively a club program, meaning they do not have athletic scholarships. Hopefully that last line in my original post wasn't part of the confusion. I only meant for varsity NCAA D1 hockey programs, there are 18 scholarships available.
  10. So, we agree that the pay is low, and these guys have a minimal chance of making it to the highest tier of their sport. In what way does that make what they do "pretend"? Is the manager at a store a "pretend worker" if he has no hope of becoming the CEO? I am just baffled by your need to denigrate what other people do because it doesn't fit some arbitrary set of goals you have selected. Perplexing. Is the fact that people return as fans a bad thing in your book? Do you think the Lakers really hate that dick Jack Nicholson because he just keeps showing up? About the numbers though, Knoxville had ~3600 this year if I'm not mistaken. 1 in 236 people then. Seems like a low ratio. I wonder if perspective will help us? Los Angeles Kings attendance average 18,230. Metro population 13 million. 1 in 720. Crazy. For fun, let's take one of the best attended teams in the AHL: Cleveland. 9055 people, 2,055,612 metro area. 1 in 227. I love numbers. Judge-y. Would you feel better if the sponsors had small ad budgets? I do not understand why you bring up ad budget size, nor your concern with how a business operates. It makes me wonder if you've got a real problem with Amish people. We have complete agreement here! It's a bad situation. I'm generally always against zero tolerance. We are imperfect people, and the situation should be properly evaluated. If this is truly an out of character situation then it should be measured accordingly. If not, the organization should get him help and move on. Opinion, not fact. Don't know better than what? That what they are watching isn't the absolutely pinnacle of the profession? Is that the bar you apply to all aspects of your life? Hey Mario Batali, nice try with La Sirena. I guess it's good food if you've never heard of Le Bernardin. Good point. Some people enjoy an entertaining night out with the family. Others prefer to spend their time condescending. Whatever floats your boat!
  11. Your original thought is correct, but where did you get the idea to the contrary? For what it's worth, technically hockey isn't a "full ride scholarship" sport in that the 18 D1 scholarships can be divided amongst players.
  12. The ECHL has posted the protected lists for all teams. I skimmed the list and saw some familiar names including Garrett Bartus (Fort Wayne) and Justin MacDonald (Cincinnati). Frank Misaruca who played just 3 games with Evansville after being traded from Peoria, but spent 40 games in the ECHL was not listed (nor was he on EVV's protected list).
  13. @ECPjohnmartin Hacienda - for that 'Fresh From The Microwave' Mexican experience

  14. Amazing that a team posted that. Looks like the rambling of a random fan after his team goes dark(believe me, I have experience!).
  15. When the article starts I'm sympathizing with this guy wanting to sing the national anthem for his team as they advance. Then I see his story about being the center of attention at a retirement party and some of these quotes, and I realize he's conceited and possibly delusional. First, I simply don't believe that the retirement story. As for the quote, he suggests that "he agreed" to let Carrie Underwood (one of the highest selling female singers in history) sing, as if he actually had a say in the matter. He also seems insulted that the Predators are calling those internationally acclaimed artists "A-listers", but that's just a statement of fact. Or maybe this line Well Dennis, I don't think that's an exhaustive list of the reasons, but it's a good place to start. I'm also amused the story says he's "retained his seat" like he's doing the Predators a favor. They give him those seats as part of his compensation for when they have him sing.