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  1. @AmySnyd39100860 @SenTedCruz There are half a million kids currently in our country who would love to meet those people Amy.

  2. No, it's still proceeding. I'm not sure why he was coming back to talk. Presumably to complain about all the lawsuits over his non-payment or something...
  3. Geary, as usual, backed out. He's supposedly going to show up next month.
  4. RT @PepperMulherin: #DebbieGarrison @BerryPlastics now #BerryGlobal from @EvansvilleINGov asks @ATTIndiana #IoTCivicHack think plastic htt…

  5. No coach should put too much stock in communication with the media from management. That'll be on them if they fail to convey the real expectations privately. As far as the shots, if the team isn't winning any games when outshooting opponents then shot count probably isn't the whole issue, but shot selection. When you're getting significantly outshot though you create all sorts of issues that won't bode well.
  6. Easy. Got one more on the road first! It seems like the second round re-seeding increases the chances that you have an "easy path" to the finals for some team. I know the logic is to ensure that the highest seeds are rewarded with the best path, but I'm curious if you have any opinion on it.
  7. Inordinate might be a little strong here. Evansville and Columbus were right there with them, and I think that's a real indicator to your success. High turnover is going to make winning harder. I'm not aware of an easy place to get those injury-day numbers, but if you work off average games played by people on the roster at the end of season you see Evansville ~26, Roanoke ~28.5, and Columbus ~31 games played with the team all season. I'm not suggesting that Evansville or Roanoke should be particularly upset with their management / coaches. It's their first season, and that sort of turnover is to be expected. I wouldn't be calling a guy leading the 9th place team the "best in the league", but realistically it's just words. Back your guy publicly right up until you ditch him since there's no benefit from undermining him before that.
  8. Everything in the article is written from a negative standpoint from the Knoxville perspective. It's odd. The local paper doesn't have to read like Eminian wrote it, but what's the angle on bashing away?
  9. It's hard to pick against Bonar who's shown he has the stamina to keep pounding away night after night, but Fayetteville's head to head against Macon gives me some pause. Antz also have a much tougher first round matchup, and that would make me go with Macon if pressed.
  10. Certainly a much stouter effort than the 5 goals he gave up against Evansville on Friday in a 45 shot onslaught. Still got that win too though.
  11. I noticed on the final weekend that several games had two referees on the ice. I know the topic of using 2 has been discussed in the past. Does anyone know if this was the league training new refs, testing the possibility of adding a second, or something for the playoffs? Ex:
  12. For every reasonable person, I assume there are a dozen fanatics who can't see past their own team. Personally I'd vote for Bonar as MVP, and I think the other guys just come up soft compared to him. But childish jokes aside, let me play devil's advocate in the goalie head to head... The first thing is that as a fanatic you aren't looking to vote against someone else just any reason to vote for your guy. Storm's win loss record is comparable, despite being significantly less games to Bonar. His GAA is .01 better and his Save % is only .03% worse. As for overall team performance they both finished with 75 points. On the flipside looking at opponents can be misleading, but Storm has faced the top 4 teams in the league just four times compared to the bottom 3 squads seven times. In fairness, his wins come at approximately the same rate regardless of opponent rank (excepting the routing of Evansville, Roanoke for 6 wins). As for the vote turnaround, I'll give my opinion for what it's worth. Any poll that is open for mass voting is a joke. It's also a stone cold invitation for automated ballot stuffing. Maybe Sin Bin will bother to validate to some degree afterwards, but unlimited voting anyway...
  13. Bolts score and Snakes answer quickly to take it to 5-2.
  14. End of the second and we remain at 4-1 Bolts.
  15. Al Graves with the goal to take a 4 -1. Just needs a fight for a second Gordie Howe hat trick in a row.