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  1. Amazing that a team posted that. Looks like the rambling of a random fan after his team goes dark(believe me, I have experience!).
  2. When the article starts I'm sympathizing with this guy wanting to sing the national anthem for his team as they advance. Then I see his story about being the center of attention at a retirement party and some of these quotes, and I realize he's conceited and possibly delusional. First, I simply don't believe that the retirement story. As for the quote, he suggests that "he agreed" to let Carrie Underwood (one of the highest selling female singers in history) sing, as if he actually had a say in the matter. He also seems insulted that the Predators are calling those internationally acclaimed artists "A-listers", but that's just a statement of fact. Or maybe this line Well Dennis, I don't think that's an exhaustive list of the reasons, but it's a good place to start. I'm also amused the story says he's "retained his seat" like he's doing the Predators a favor. They give him those seats as part of his compensation for when they have him sing.
  3. Thanks for the info; that would make sense. Mark played well in his 20 games with the team, and would be a solid returner.
  4. For comparison, here are the rest of the players on the Active or Inactive list at the end of the season: Chad Bennett Brad Cuzner Stephon Thorne Vytal Cote Bo Driscoll Robbie Hall Cole Hutchinson Nick Kohn Frank Misuraca Justin MacDonald Ryan Patsch Now for some opinions. Cole Hutchinson was no surprise, as he joined the team when claimed off waivers in the final weeks. Similarly, Nick Kohn played just 3 games in goal. Frank Misuraca was traded for but only actually played 3 for the team (up in ECHL). Bo Driscoll ended the season with the worst +/- in the league (#300), and while he was joined near the bottom by a host of Bolts it's pretty rough. #287 was -15, and he was -30 at #300. Undersized defenseman who just never quite got it done. Vytal Cote never quite found his groove. Almost all of his best games came in losses near the end of the season, so also not a surprise. On the other hand, Justin MacDonald was a prolific scorer at just under 1 point per game including 3 GWG. He was called up to the ECHL near the end of the season though, and I would assume they expect him to stay there. Ryan Patsch battled through injuries, but was someone that I personally thought was useful with his physicality. I was surprised to see he lead the team in total PIM. Chad Bennett's numbers weren't terrible (6 points in 28 games) relative to the rest of the team, but they were on the low end. It might also be the he lost every single faceoff (exaggeration... probably... don't have the data). Stephon Thorne was extremely productive in his first stint with the team getting 6 points (all goals) in his last 5 games in 2016. That play earned him an ECHL call, but when he returned the numbers weren't quite as impressive. He had 8 points in the last 17 games. He ended the season as first among only a handful of guys with a positive +/-, and lead the next guy by a lot. Would liked to have seen him back. As for the protected list, no shocking news there. Mark Petaccio was placed on team suspension right at the end of the season, and I never heard why. Be interesting to see if he comes back.
  5. The less Geary has to do with the daily operations the higher the likelihood of success becomes.
  6. •Tanner Milliron (Goalie) — Milliron played 38 games with the Thunderbolts last year. He earned 11 wins and had 1,033 saves. •Dan Cornell (Defense) — Cornell’s season was cut short due to injuries. In his 29 games played, he scored 1 goal and 6 assists. •Cory Melkert (Defense) — Melkert played 31 games with the Thunderbolts last year, earning 2 goals, 8 assists and 55 PIM. •Nick D’Avolio (Center) — D’Volio made a big impact on the ice when he joined the Thunderbolts near the end of the regular season. In just 5 games, he earned 2 goals and 2 assists and instantly put himself in the role of playmaker for the team. •Chase Nieuwendyk (Forward) — Nieuwendyk joined the Thunderbolts later in the season. In 13 games, he racked up 3 goals and 3 assists. •Austin McKay (Forward) — McKay had a strong presence on the ice during his 13 games. He earned 6 goals and 5 assists. •Mark Petaccio (Forward) — In his 16 games with the Thunderbolts, Petaccio earned 5 goals and 7 assists, as well as 1 GWG. •Al Graves (Right Wing) — A fan favorite for his 49 PIM, Graves had 4 goals and 4 assists in 23 games. •Dave Williams (Left Wing) — Williams was the Thunderbolts’ top scorer last season. In 54 games, Williams racked up 21 goals, 17 assists and 2 GWG. •John Scorcia (Center) — Scorcia made a name for himself as a playmaker in front of the net early on in the season. Despite an injury that put him on the IR for several weeks, he was still able to earn 13 goals and 19 assists in 36 games. •Tommy Fiorentino (Right Wing) — Fiorentino played 47 games for the Thunderbolts, earning 5 goals and 19 assists. •Frank Schumacher (Defense) — During his 41 games with the Thunderbolts last season, he scored 2 goals and 9 assists. •Josh Elmes (Defense) — Elmes played 35 games last season for the Thunderbolts, earning 5 goals, 11 assists and 1 GWG.
  7. Rapid CIty certainly had a quick trigger with him. The Rush have been dwelling at the bottom of the ECHL for several years now, so it's surprising they'd expect that to change in just one season.
  8. Congrats to Macon for the win. They looked strong all season long. And in case you don't think the last spot in the playoffs matters... remember that Columbus won the first game of their matchup and took Macon into OT for that second game. It could've all ended with a single goal!
  9. @McDonalds @MeganWycuff Going to evolve my diet to include less @McDonalds. Hope you find a new patron.

  10. @AmySnyd39100860 @SenTedCruz There are half a million kids currently in our country who would love to meet those people Amy.

  11. No, it's still proceeding. I'm not sure why he was coming back to talk. Presumably to complain about all the lawsuits over his non-payment or something...
  12. Geary, as usual, backed out. He's supposedly going to show up next month.
  13. RT @PepperMulherin: #DebbieGarrison @BerryPlastics now #BerryGlobal from @EvansvilleINGov asks @ATTIndiana #IoTCivicHack think plastic htt…