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  1. He is on the protected list, just not Fayettevilles.
  2. Peoria protected both goalies. Im surprised Zenzola is not on Pensacola's list. I do understand there are gentleman agreements that go on behind the scenes though.
  3. From facebook comments on the SPHL page it appears A few Maycon players would not leave the ice after the game. Coach Kerr took a stick to the face and a brawl happened. This is the best I can piece together.
  4. Now that college football season is about over that should pick it up a bit too.
  5. video quality and buffing amounts vary a lot between arenas. Some are fantastic while others are extremely pixelated and buffer a lot. Great way to keep up with your favorite team though.
  6. Havoc seem to be missing Simpson, Fellnermayr, and Wilkinson this game.
  7. I noticed Fellnermyer had a C on his sweater last night. Can't find anything online to cite. I even scoured facebook pictures.
  8. Saw the announcement about Lidgett on Facebook but it looks like it may have been removed. Cant find any other sources on the signing either. I had liked the post but its even missing from my activity log.
  9. I believe in last nights broadcast it was stated she was slated to start tonight. That was even before the swap last night.
  10. This is just an observation, but the newest Facebook video wishing Jacob a happy birthday only features 18 players.
  11. McNeil goes to the Ice Bears.
  12. Nick Schneider signed to Roanoke. Nick Schneider and Tyler Gjurich invited to Rail Yard Dawgs training camp
  13. The article fails to mention this was a training camp for players not part of the team. Havoc announced today one player from this session who was invited to come to the Huntsville camp starting soon. This player still has a high chance of being cut before the season begins.
  14. Appears to be top 8.
  15. Welcome to the SPHL Forums Iovnow :)