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  1. If it's an owners' decision(s), then no one can really debate it because those are the ones that sign their paychecks. But if it was a league office decision, then that's a different can of worms.
  2. That would be a waste of my time and money.
  3. I am not arguing that fact there. My question is this though, was this a league decision, or were all the owners consulted and was a vote taken?
  4. For what it's worth on my two cents, I do feel sympathy for the players who look forward to playing on the international landscape, but I kind of agree with the NHL. Why should they have to take a break from their schedule to accommodate the olympics? You have to think of it from the business side and know that during that time, the NHL is losing millions per day and would have to create a schedule around the olympics. Plus, not to mention that bald little fat kid that was mentioned earlier.
  5. Not exactly just location, but the fact that teams are forced to play in the Annex on the grounds because basically Wake Forest owns the Joel and the not-so wonderful location, I just cannot see hockey ever fully working in Winston unless they built a new arena somewhere in or around the vicinity of Downtown. It's just not really a smart venture to even bother. It's like my hometown of Greensboro. We have one of the 2 largest arenas in the U.S. (tied with the United Center in Chicago with a maximum capacity of 23,500 seats), and with the rink installed, boasts the largest hockey seating capacity in the U.S., and tied for the Bell Centre in Montreal (21,273 seats). We can't even get hockey back in the 'Boro because the management at the Coliseum catering to the UNCG Spartans men's basketball team and trying to keep the schedule filled with concerts and comedy shows. Our market for Greensboro would be sufficient for an NHL team. We have a large market of over 1.6 million; however, with Carolina taking up the entire NC, SC, VA market for Fox Sports, they would probably cry and oppose Greensboro. That and we didn't support that sorry team when they played in Greensboro for those 2 years.
  6. Winston is always a shaky area to play hockey. The Joel (Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum), as us locals call it, is in a bad part of Winston-Salem. It is situated on University Pkwy near the campus of Wake Forest. The problem with the main thoroughfare of U Pkwy, is there is a lot of crime and drugs associated throughout the area. I know because I usually feel uneasy about going through that area. It's from the end of downtown and extends to near the highway. The side streets and that stretch are very bad areas. The last time Winston-Salem hosted hockey was for the Twin City Cyclones (aka Pee Dee Cyclones, Augusta RiverHawks, and current Macon Mayhem). They never averaged very well (1,180 and 1,130). For the 2 little years there, the entire per game attendance for 56 games was a mere 1,154 (64,607 total attendance). Most people will NOT head to the Joel unless it is the Demon Deacs playing.
  7. It would also increase those teams' budgets to go from at or around half a million to about $1.2 million and considering those teams do not play in sufficient facilities comparable to the SPHL, and the attendance surely speaks for itself, the teams would bankrupt in the first month, if not quicker.
  8. It is possible. Macon finished next to last with the final playoff spot in 2015-16 and won the regular season and playoffs last year, and this is their third year in Macon.
  9. I was just going by the statement from the folks involved in "closed door" meetings about the possibility of constructing a new facility. Cuz yer an old feller!
  10. I would be very weary of this. The Pelicans may be able to get the approval, of course maybe contributing a few million towards construction, for the proposed arena. Should it happen, and the Pelicans actually contribute any amount, they would use that as full leverage to keep the Ice Flyers out. They did this to the New Orleans Brass. The Pelicans, at the time the Hornets, actually complained to whomever owns Smoothie King Center and wanted the Brass to pay for the set up and tear down of the rink to accommodate the basketball team. And unfortunately, arena owners, operators and civic leaders always bow to those with the deeper pockets. It would not bother the Pelicans if no one came to support the team because the team would be paid for by the Pelicans and it would only be to send prospects to P'cola to get playing time and develop skills. The Pelicans would be better off hitting Baton Rouge.
  11. I do not want you to think I was saying you were, just it was sounding that way. Maybe I took it too sarcastically, if so, my mistake.
  12. Pensacola is 2 hours from Biloxi. He is closer to his family than in Fayetteville. So his story remains valid. The article from Fayetteville Observer stated Bes wanted to be closer to home, and since he can drive back and forth to Biloxi from P'cola IS in fact closer. 119 miles and 1:54 trip. That same trip is about the time it takes me to get from my hometown to Fayetteville. Not to be rude, but it seems you are full of resentment because a man actually cares about a woman he pledged to love forever and the children they created together.
  13. This will not make it. Hockey NEVER makes it in Winston-Salem. Also downside, they will be competing with the Wake Forest Demon Deacons basketball team in the same complex. Another reason, where the Joel is located, a bad area of Winston. The area around the Parkway is gross and dangerous.
  14. Then where is your proof? You have provided no sources to verify your speculations. You popped in here and started divulging "information" that is set to be revealed to the public at a certain time and claim to have inside knowledge. Until it has been announced by the team, practically everything is considered rumor.
  15. Really Mac? According to whom?