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  1. But see that is different. That is usually a car giveaway that is sponsored by the car dealership who owns the car. Usually car dealerships have certain cars they can give away for free, with added tax benefits, and they use it to raffle the car off to a fan. But his intention is for every game that surpasses 7,000 fans or more, 1 fan will win their choice of a car, RV or motorcycle. So if they sold out all 28 games, that is 28 vehicles given away.
  2. What strikes me odd, is all the giveaways he intends to do. If more than 7,000 fans one fan wins a car, motorcycle or RV (seriously, a small RV is a lot of money). So, I see this strange but not unattainable scenario. The fans see if more than 7,000 attend games, with 28 home games, not only would this Columbus Burn set the all-time attendance record of at least 196,000, but he would be buying 28 cars, motorcycles or RV's; or any combination of such. The other issue I have is that of everyone else, the logo. He put no thought into it or time. The thing about a sports logo is the bond teams and fans have with that logo. It uniquely identifies that team and brand. He never even cared about what the fans thought. It has been a major trend the past 10 years or so for teams to involve fans in the branding of their team. Bowling Green Hot Rods Evansville Thunderbolts New Orleans Baby Cakes The list goes on He even said HE didn't want the Cottonmouths name or identity, possibly saying f you to the people of Columbus; which is off to a bad start there.
  3. I agree with you Speed. All seems too fishy to me.
  4. Um, yeah, that kind of caught me off guard too!!
  5. I mean it really is old. I saw it all the time on a different sports forum, especially when I was involved in the initial launching stage of a professional baseball league in the South some years back. So many people sit around behind computer screens and are armchair GM's and have the least amount of actual knowledge that goes into doing the job. I come here, as I am sure many do, to follow their team(s) and get to know other folks from around the league. We laugh, we pick, we cut up. But when you have those constant boo-hoo this and boo-hoo that, this league sucks, blah blah blah; it gets old and annoying and was time for someone to call someone out for it. Simple summary, if this league sucks, go find a new league to blast and complain about.
  6. First off, 36 years old. I am an adult. Your argument was lacking validity from the get go. The league does NOT control what goes on with its member clubs. Terms and negotiations are strictly of owners and city leaders. If what has been reported in the press is correct and factual, then you cannot cast blame on Jim and the league itself for problems with the Cottonmouths. I know Isaiah Hughley pretty well. I do not like him because of his pompous arrogant attitude. If the city of Columbus wants to milk a team dry, then they will. Look at the city. They have a beautiful 5,000 seat ballpark sitting there with no team. If you know the business side, then you would have never made any comments in this thread to provoke conversation or debate. If you don't like criticism, then maybe you should go back to your mommy and have her rock you to sleep. You have shown true ignorance throughout, including assuming I am not an adult. I simply stated I am tired of seeing people gripe about things especially if you have no firsthand knowledge of anything. I mean for crying out loud, you pop in out of nowhere on a topic that was meant to just vent heartbreak for Columbus fans losing their team and start talking trash about the league. If the SPHL was so crappy, how come they are skating into their 14th season? For crying out loud, go grab you some Xanax or Valium.
  7. And how am I arguing? Honestly, I'm tired of people like you who gripe about every little thing and act as if you are the supreme expert. You do realize that ALL sports leagues are owner ran leagues right? All sports leagues have a board of governors/directors that are usually the individual whom has the invested interest in the franchise, or the person appointed by said person. The board of governors/directors are the ones who approve or deny rule changes or ownership changes or even expansion. In other words, a league is operated as that of a corporation. The commissioner/president of the league is the CEO and the owners/directors are the companies board of directors who call the shots. I wasn't being a jerk about asking can you do better. It was a mere I am tired of people like you who sit behind a computer and criticize every little thing as if you could do better.
  8. Lol
  9. And I suppose you can do better?
  10. Eh, join the club. It sucks at first, but as the years roll past, the pain just only intensifies when city leaders pawn the issue off to coliseum management who don't care about anyone but themselves. If you detect the bitterness in my statement, kudos. We haven't had hockey since 2004. And the sad part is, we have one of the top 3 largest arenas in the United States, if you go by maximum capacity. Tied with Chicago's United Center. Our arena would actually be the biggest US arena according to hockey capacity, which if we had an NHL franchise, would be the largest for an American team in the league. Our capacity for hockey would be tied with the Bell Centre in Montréal. And yet, we have no hockey at all. So we either have to drive an hour and a half (95 miles) for an AHL game, 1 hour and 48 minutes (99 miles) for an SPHL game or the hour and 10 minute drive (71 miles) for an NHL game. In my personal preference the SPHL would be my worthwhile experience because I hate the AHL team and the NHL team.
  11. That's the thing, when the Marksmen posted theirs and I saw that, I went back to the Knoxville Website and on their calendar schedule, not the one posted, it shows Fayetteville @ 7:05 p.m. and not Mississippi as the graphic shows. Actually almost threw my mind for a loop for a moment.
  12. Also note that the December 26th game is NOT against Mississippi but in fact a home game against the Marksmen
  13. Yea I sort of posted the schedule in the forum with a breakdown also.
  14. It is. The season starts on the 20th. If you see Huntsville's schedule, it does not list that as a RS game.
  15. You are correct sir. I do apologize for the oversight. Them boyz are still gunna be tired though.