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  1. No, that logic does not fall apart because of this one main reason: Professional: (of a person) engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime. Semi-Professional: receiving payment for an activity but not relying entirely on it for a living. Definitions are definitions for a reason, and generally not open for different interpretations. SPHL weekly salary is $5,600 per week for the entire team, which roughly equates to just over $311 per week. ECHL is $12,800 (for the 2017-18 season) which actually calculates at exactly $640 per week. AHL (also comprised of actual NHL contracts) is $46,000 (2017-18 season) which equates to $2,300 per week. As a result, the AHL and ECHL are more professional than the SPHL due to players are actually able to make a living off their salaries. The downside; however, is that the ECHL still can be classified as a semi-professional league due to $640 per week during the playing months may or may not be able to sustain one during the off season. That is open to one's interpretation. The AHL is by far a professional league because if I made around $2,300 per week, I'd be great. Keep in mind though, players are still subject to income tax withholding just as with a regular 9-5 job. By the way, $640 is more than twice what the SPHL pays. On a side note, what actually separates the professional from the semi-professional is the fact that some SPHL players may never go any higher than the SPHL. ECHL players have a higher chance of reaching the NHL, or at the highest, the AHL. Again though, I didn't say semi-professional to provoke an off topic discussion. So please, commence with expansion talk.
  2. See, there is the problem. The definition you posted just proved the SPHL is a semi-professional league, by definition. They CANNOT make a living off playing in the SPHL. It is the reason most teams pay for the housing or assist in housing. They are at a lower rate than that of the ECHL, AHL and of course, the NHL. And despite most misconceptions, some SPHL players do actually have to seek employment after the season ends. See, the SPHL is an independent hockey league, much like independent baseball leagues (e.g. Frontier League, Northern League, American Association, Can Am League and Atlantic League). Affiliated ball players are actually considered, for most, as full-time professional players due to being under a contract with the major league club. I can sit here and argue the facts all night, but honestly, who has the time? Also, why waste the energy because trying to make people understand the minute differences under their preconceived notions is rather pointless.
  3. Here's the problem with that comparison; the NAHL is NOT professional, whereas the SPHL is semi-professional. Players in the SPHL are paid and the NAHL, the players are not. So, with that in mind, lower rentals for junior hockey with arenas, with money saved from player payroll with possible lower front office salaries, the team owners are able to invest more. All the talk about installing ice plants, the ice plant system itself is NOT the most expensive part. It's the actual installation of one where basically a permanent full-size working one would require a lot of construction due to having to install the piping systems underneath the flooring, which would have to be torn up and redone.
  4. Harlan, consider this your first and last warning. Please refrain from yelling at other members and calling them names! That is NOT tolerated on this site, and should it continue, I will call in the big guns.
  5. Source 1 Source 2 Source 3 Source 4 Honestly, a simple google search would tell you.
  6. The Prowlers did well in attendance, so I fail to see the point? If you think because the attendance says they do well, can be quite misleading. How many are paid per game? How many paid STH's? How many ST's were comped to the host hotel and other sponsors? How many individual game tix were comped out? The Prowlers had a franchise high of 12,750. Prowlers = 4 seasons before folding Revolution = 2 seasons before folding
  7. Same with Greensboro! We've allowed indoor football back, which failed 2x's, but hockey, no! Look at this: SEASON TEAM LEAGUE ATT GAMES AVG 1989-90 Greensboro Monarchs ECHL 92,952 30 3,098 1990-91 Greensboro Monarchs ECHL 129,929 32 4,060 1991-92 Greensboro Monarchs ECHL 172,423 32 5,388 1992-93 Greensboro Monarchs ECHL 170,464 32 5,327 1993-94 Greensboro Monarchs ECHL 218,048 34 6,413 1995-96 Greensboro Monarchs ECHL 218,865 34 6,437 TOTALS 1,002,681 194 5,168 Our attendance back then, would have set all sorts of SPHL attendance records. Greensboro is a good fit for the SPHL due to 4 regional opponents. Knoxville is just under 4.5 hours away, Roanoke is about 2 hours away, Fayetteville is a mere 1:45 away and then Macon straight down I-85 is just under 6 hours away.
  8. I'm 37 and I remember the Louisville IceHawks vividly! You aren't the only one guy! I remember the IceHawks as if it were yesterday. As the song goes, with a twist to the title, That's the night the lights went out in Carolina! Our lighting system shut down during a Greensboro Monarchs and Louisville IceHawks game which caused a big delay at the Greensboro Coliseum. Just like the old Huntsville Blast, I have a fond memory of the Blast and Monarchs as well.
  9. Well, you obviously seem to be an expert on Winston. And the fact I have spoke to Matt Brown and Scott Johnson myself personally, yes I can say that I do know what I am talking about. And actually, being from Greensboro, for approximately 36 of my 38 years on this earth, makes me pretty knowledgeable about my city. Again, it's not what I think. It's what I know from firsthand experience. You say the Augusta move ALMOST happened? Keyword is almost. The GCC will NOT give up any concession revenue, and if they were to, it would be a pitiful percentage. Unless Matt and Scott have some miraculous change of heart on rental fees, a team owner would NOT be able to sustain a profitable franchise. If they stuck to the rental terms in the guidelines, the base fee is $5,000 per night or 12% of gross receipts, whichever is greater. This does not include the hundreds of people they have to staff for the events which in turn will boost that number per night even higher. We're talking at least $20,000 per night the team has to pay in fees to the Coliseum. So to explain why an Augusta move NEVER happened, Bob Kerzner would have not been able to afford it. His franchise has never shown, until 2017-18, any attendance greatness considering the Cyclones (both in Winston and Florence) had pitiful numbers, the Hawks had pitiful numbers, and even in Macon, the first 2 years were down at the bottom of the league. So, basically, before you assume someone is just spouting off with thoughts, please step back and understand that the person may have insider knowledge of some things. I do not mean any of this with any intention of disrespect.
  10. This has nothing to do with any "disdain" for the FHL. I could care less about that league. When someone mentions Greensboro, I respond. Greensboro will NEVER happen, I should know because I am from Greensboro. Matt Brown and Scott Johnson DO NOT want hockey back. And if hockey were to return, probably nothing less than ECHL. That is a 21,000+ seat arena for hockey. Even draping off the upper sections, the lower bowl would probably be bigger than any SPHL arena. So, again, it is not for any so-called hatred, or dislike, or whatever other synonym you choose to describe my post, it is merely Greensboro won't ever happen.
  11. Are you going through withdrawals yet?
  12. Got you to look! Anyways, I wanted to make this thread because sometimes curiosity gets the best of me (and yes JMC and PO, I do know that curiosity did kill the poor cat), and I tend to want to over analyze things, so I am seeking what others might think of this, so here it is. I have made a potential realignment if Seattle joins the NHL for the upcoming 2018-19 season, and then another one that is considered to be my perfect alignment based on distances between locations. Probable Divisional Realignment (Realignment A) EASTERN CONFERENCE ATLANTIC DIVISION Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabres Montréal Canadiens Ottawa Senators METROPOLITAN DIVISION New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers Philadelphia Flyers NORTHEAST DIVISION Columbus Blue Jackets Detroit Red Wings Pittsburgh Penguins Toronto Maple Leafs SOUTHEAST DIVISION Carolina Hurricanes Florida Panthers Tampa Bay Lightning Washington Capitals WESTERN CONFERENCE CENTRAL DIVISION Chicago Blackhawks Minnesota Wild Nashville Predators Winnipeg Jets NORTHWEST DIVISION Calgary Flames Edmonton Oilers Seattle Vancouver Canucks PACIFIC DIVISION Anaheim Ducks Los Angeles Kings San Jose Sharks Vegas Golden Knights SOUTHWEST DIVISION Arizona Coyotes Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars St. Louis Blues My perfect divisional realignment (Realignment B) EASTERN CONFERENCE ATLANTIC DIVISION Buffalo Sabres Montréal Canadiens Ottawa Senators Toronto Maple Leafs METROPOLITAN DIVISION Boston Bruins New Jersey Devils New York Islanders New York Rangers NORTHEAST DIVISION Columbus Blue Jackets Philadelphia Flyers Pittsburgh Penguins Washington Capitals SOUTHEAST DIVISION Carolina Hurricanes Florida Panthers Nashville Predators Tampa Bay Lightning WESTERN CONFERENCE CENTRAL DIVISION Chicago Blackhawks Detroit Red Wings Minnesota Wild Winnipeg Jets NORTHWEST DIVISION Calgary Flames Edmonton Oilers Seattle Vancouver Canucks PACIFIC DIVISION Anaheim Ducks Los Angeles Kings San Jose Sharks Vegas Golden Knights SOUTHWEST DIVISION Arizona Coyotes Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars St. Louis Blues Give me your thoughts?
  13. This came across my phone a couple of times and had me like wth? We have a serial licker in the league!
  14. They don't play in prime venues that have conflicting dates though!
  15. Greensboro in the FHL? That''s a bigger joke than Greensboro ever hosting hockey of any type ever again. The Coliseum is way too big for the FHL, not to mention no dates due to Spartan basketball and other events. The Fieldhouse is NOT equipped for hockey and is solely used for the Swarm. The only other viable place that fits the FHL is the Ice House.
  16. Winnipeg is too far north for a Southwest alignment. My B alignment is based on distances and Nashville is closer than Washington.
  17. What do you mean South Charleston too small?
  18. The last Winston team were the Cyclones (Twin City Cyclones), aka the Macon Mayhem. Bob Kerzner's explanation was due to lack of attendance. Their existence in Winston were the 2007-08 and 2008-09 seasons. Twin City 30,698 26 1,180 Twin City 33,909 30 1,130 They averaged a mere 1,154 per game in the 2 seasons they were there.
  19. I have to keep saying this. Greensboro WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER, see hockey again. Please trust me on this. I was born at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital in the year 1980. Cone Hospital is the biggest hospital in Greensboro. I lived in Greensboro for the vast majority of my life, up until January 2016, when I moved to the foothills of NC. I am Greensboro born and bred. I loved my Monarchs. But as long as Nancy is mayor, Matt Brown and Scott Johnson are directors of the Coliseum, we WILL NEVER SEE hockey again. Besides, the Coliseum would put any SPHL arena to shame! 21,000+ seats. Even the lower half of the arena is nearly 10,000 seats. Evansville is good. The team is owned by the arena management. They are good.
  20. Did I say a guarantee?
  21. As we already know, especially with my keen sense of mathematical evaluations, 3 teams have officially clinched the playoffs: Peoria Rivermen Pensacola Ice Flyers Huntsville Havoc Friday's games have some serious playoff implications attached. Let's analyze some key match-ups that could either make or break a team's season. Birmingham @ Knoxville: This match-up could essentially could seriously hinder the Bulls' playoff chances, should Roanoke and Mississippi finish on a stronger note. The playoff clinching is based on Birmingham, despite them being in the playoffs, due to the Bulls having a current maximum points possible of 61. Should the Bears win, this will give them 62 points and essentially guarantee their berth into the postseason, for a chance at another title. Macon @ Peoria: This match is mostly about Macon grabbing a playoff spot. All the Mayhem would need to do is lose in either overtime or a shootout to gain 1 point and clinch a berth, despite what Birmingham does. On the Rivermen side, this would put them one game closer to clinching the regular season title, especially if Pensacola loses in Evansville, considering Pensacola's elimination number from the title is at 6. Remember, with every Peoria win and Pensacola loss, the number for Pensacola decreases by 2. So, in as little as three games, Peoria could clinch the RS title. Roanoke @ Huntsville: This is not as serious as the previous two, however, a Huntsville win, combined with a Pensacola loss, puts Huntsville that much closer to being a team to write its own playoff destiny. A Roanoke loss could put the Dawgs in a sticky situation where they can not afford to lose many more games before being eliminated. Stuck in a tie with Mississippi, the final playoff position could come down to the wire. On the other hand, the loss combined with Mississippi winning in Fayetteville could hamper the Dawgs. These are just a few implications that are on tap for the next slate of games scheduled for Friday.
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