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  1. Fascinating stuff here on Freeze Gate

  2. Cruel and unusual punishment

  3. @K8Burk

  4. #SMSports friends - my soon to be former gig handling digital content at AMS is posted.

  5. Dear six pound eight ounce Baby Jesus. Please don't let Fournette get injured on the first day of Jaguars camp

  6. @cswanger @amsupdates @navicenthealth Thanks!

  7. RT @DavidHaleESPN: Mark Richt's sandwich philosophy is just amazing:

  8. Happy birthday to a daughter that always keeps us on our toes and…

  9. Anybody got PETA's number?


  11. MERICA!

  12. Airplane Alert on AMC. #ShirleyYouCantBeSerious

  13. RT @AllWaltrip: I take credit for Richard Petty's index finger being crooked, he poked me in the chest many times, thank you for straighten…

  14. Personally like the start/finish line interview. Very short-track like

  15. If a maple bacon donut is wrong, I don't want to be right