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  1. RT @PeteBlackburn: Sharks fans dumped popcorn on the Oilers bench after the empty-netter sealed it

  2. @hockeytweetbot @kikkerlaika Uh... Yea

  3. RT @PenguinsWorId: Top 100 player Jonathan Toews: 2 points in 4 games Non-top 100 player Evgeni Malkin: 11 points in 5 games

  4. A Perfect Circle - BOK Center Sat, Apr 22, 2017 #Ticketmaster

  5. RT @EvgeniMaIkinEgo: @NHL

  6. RT @domluszczyszyn: The top five teams in the league are a combined 4-11 in the playoffs. Three of the wins are from Pittsburgh. These play…


  8. RT @brooksbratten: Coach Laviolette on Pekka Rinne giving all the credit to his teammates on two straight shutouts: "He's lying, first of a…

  9. RT @OneFanView:

  10. good job. @Suddenlink

  11. RT @EvgeniMaIkinEgo: One of the many "Fleury" chants. This man deserved this win so much. A Pittsburgh legend.

  12. RT @perlmutations: But you just keep attackin the black dude, you lying piece 'o trash!

  13. @Sethrogen hulu is trash

  14. RT @PensJG: #Pens Sidney Crosby will win the Rocket Richard Trophy this yr, leading the NHL with 44 goals. 2nd time he's won it (09-10), fi…

  15. RT @EvgeniMaIkinEgo: great for toronto, but I couldn't give a doodie less about this game