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  1. RT @penguins: Fun Fact: Coach Sullivan and Sidney Crosby were both mic'd for Game Seven.

  2. RT @CrosbyMustache: Assume the Game 7 position

  3. RT @AlexisMincolla: Doing a reddit AMA tomorrow at 1pm PST on r/Music

  4. RT @perlmutations: "whoever leaked this budget that we plan to fornicate America with his un-American!"

  5. @MedinaMarie_PI @NHLPlayerSafety They went home for the summer. they wont be back till next season.

  6. Thanks @GrandmaStreams

  7. @NHLPlayerUnsafe Can't wait

  8. RT @ShaunKing: BREAKING: Officer Betty Shelby, who shot & killed #TerrenceCrutcher - who was unarmed, non-violent, with his hands up, found…

  9. @MedinaMarie_PI I miss him more

  10. RT @soIoucity: preds vs pens

  11. @PensPRLady @penguins Two more cups than Henry too

  12. RT @bobgrove91: Ducks' second period would be good tutorial for Pens. Just throwing pucks at net vs. best goalie in 2017 playoffs. Three go…

  13. quality is low on the upload tonight guys, fyi. @PensJG @penguinslive

  14. @PlayOverwatch @Starbucks you mean 'Phriday"

  15. phil bro... i need that hat.... help a bald guy out @PKessel81