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  1. RT @PensJG: First time the #Preds have lost an opening game of a series in these Stanley Cup Playoffs.

  2. RT @netflix: The story is not the killing, it's the coverup. @The_Keepers, now streaming on Netflix.

  3. RT @perlmutations: Trudeau chimes back "the soon to be ex-President who committed Treason"

  4. RT @penguins: Fun Fact: Coach Sullivan and Sidney Crosby were both mic'd for Game Seven.

  5. RT @CrosbyMustache: Assume the Game 7 position

  6. RT @AlexisMincolla: Doing a reddit AMA tomorrow at 1pm PST on r/Music

  7. RT @perlmutations: "whoever leaked this budget that we plan to fornicate America with his un-American!"

  8. @MedinaMarie_PI @NHLPlayerSafety They went home for the summer. they wont be back till next season.

  9. Thanks @GrandmaStreams

  10. @NHLPlayerUnsafe Can't wait

  11. RT @ShaunKing: BREAKING: Officer Betty Shelby, who shot & killed #TerrenceCrutcher - who was unarmed, non-violent, with his hands up, found…

  12. @MedinaMarie_PI I miss him more

  13. RT @soIoucity: preds vs pens

  14. @PensPRLady @penguins Two more cups than Henry too

  15. RT @bobgrove91: Ducks' second period would be good tutorial for Pens. Just throwing pucks at net vs. best goalie in 2017 playoffs. Three go…