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  1. Roster Moves

    Holy cow, Tatrn is back and Babenko waived.
  2. Roster Moves

    I thought for sure we would see some call ups coming back by now. I'm gonna stop looking for those guys. Good for them. Does Bremner have contact with the ECHL coaches that have Roanoke property? Anyone?
  3. Roster Moves

    I must admit to only looking at Adirondack, Wheeling and Norfolk. All off until Friday. I also noticed Murray has not been playing.
  4. Roster Moves

    ECHL is on all-star break. This could be an interesting week.
  5. Pretty well played defensively, but the talent gap was pretty evident on offense. I'll say this again, there are reasons why guys play tier 3 junior hockey and ACHA club in college.
  6. While I agree, for the most part, with WoLF's post, I still think we have a talent gap with most of the league that must be dealt with. Bremner has a bunch of third line talent to either coach up of replace. There is very little trade value. my 2 cents
  7. Sam is gone so there is no need to pile on, but he did leave a legacy for the new coach. Bremner comes into a second year team with fully one third of it's roster with little to no hockey pedigree. Yes there are exceptions to what I'm about to say, but damned few. There are reasons that young men don't play Tier 1 or 2 junior hockey. There are reasons players end up at ACHA club hockey. Those reasons are laid out after every game by several angry fans.......they can't pass, they can't catch a pass, they can't score, they don't hit, etc.............. Here's the big problem, how does Bremner deal with these guys? They virtually have no value, in my opinion. It will be interesting to see if he can turn this ship around without making big swings in the roster.
  8. Funny, you guys have been bashing on the team for weeks, there was really no need for someone else to bash on them. Much of what has been said is true. I don't recall ever having argued with any of you otherwise. Please inform me if I have. I have simply not fallen in line with you like a cheerleader. Sorry. Wraparounds are bantam goals. They should not happen at this level. There is no Martin St. Louis in the SPHL. Maybe you can actually point out the failed assignment that allowed the player to get to the far side of the net uncontested. You've not stated it yet, maybe ever, but it has plagued this team. Yep, the Moroso's goal on Green was soft as hell. If the goalie can see a shot from the top of the circle, he had better stop it. Do your job. You mentioned Moroso's +-, do you have any idea why it is so bad? It's not because the D won't hit anybody. In fact, you mentioned the D not clearing anyone from the front of the net. When did Mississippi crash the net? When did they even set a screen. Why don't you go back and check all your videos. The one thing that the sharks guy does seem to have correct is that there is usually more than one reason a goal occurs, but Greg, you've got a narrow view of this game and I really don't think you see the reasons.
  9. Nice story, but the internet has allowed a lot of great former athlete stories. I'm not impressed and I'll save you my history. I do know more than you give credit. You said you didn't see the game in question so why are you even commenting? Don't forget that the Sharks keep choking on that little piece of stick they bight off.
  10. You guys crack me up. One guy has 27 years of hockey experience (probably watchin) but admits to not watching this game yet he has all the answers. Another won't address the issue plainly spelled out, two soft goals. Then the group circles the wagons. What a joke. Enjoy your boys club.
  11. Tell me which skater missed an assignment giving easy shots at the goal on the first and 3rd goals tonight. Please, I would love to see those plays through your eyes.
  12. Love the hat! 2 soft goals tonight. Goals 1 and 3. Boys fought hard and overcame, but like I asked earlier, how many is too many? Tonight it was 2.
  13. Didn't you want Papa Smurf back. Well you got him. How's that 2nd team D feel now? He was the one who failed to put a body on anyone on a rebound goal in the first last night. I think it was goal #3. That was not Barone's goal. It's on YouTube already. EDIT It was the first goal last night. There hasn't been much goalie success in Roanoke.......so we bring back one of last year's unsuccessful ones. Just how many games have to be given away by weak goals before it takes a toll on the team? 1, 4, 12? Maybe it's a chicken or egg argument, I think it's somewhere in the middle. Do your job.
  14. Might I remind everyone, the goalie's job is to stop the puck. Do your job. I was disappointed when Sam brought back de Melo. He's a soul killer. Was last year too. I'm no Sam fan (not on a first name basis, but his last name is spelled wrong). Part of being head coach is making the tough decisions. You've got two, to start, that just don't belong and you need a goalie that will do his job. See ya in the morning
  15. Time to get two new goalies. At least get a real number one. Everyone wants to blame the players and yes, sometimes it's deserved. Not always. Imagine what it's like to work your butt off only to have your goalie give up another easy one. It's no different than having a kicker missing field goals in a tight football game. It takes a toll on the team. Someone needs tell Sam that the WSHL and the NA3HL are crap leagues. #18 and #19 are not ready for this level of competition. Babenko was a diamond in the rough, but there a whole load of rough in that league. There, my two cents.
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