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  1. They should make the whole team star in that video and sing the lead vocals after playing like they did. Bad thing is it probably wouldnt be as embarrassing as their playing last night.
  2. Yup, most our guys were hurt with cheap shots and slashes. We basically got manhandled last year with physical teams. It went on until we got Jeremy Beirnes, then he stuck up for his teammates and made the other team answer for the cheapshots. We got him and our whole team started playing more physical. This year we have a lot of the same players and they are less physical then they were on last years team. Nobody will stick up for each other. They run our goalie, dirty hit, dump our players after the whistle, about anything they want because they know nobody is going to do anything about it. Its ridiculous. We try to be a finesse team but we cant pass. We have all kinds of big guys but they act like big teddy bears and just let people skate right by them instead of putting a body on them. Had a power play once in the game couldnt even get it in there zone. But im with you on the physicality. Games are boring without it. Especially when half the games your getting doubled up in shots and the scoreboard. Back in the Express days we always had a physical team with everyone checking. Thats how you make great rivalries. Its not a rivalry if a team comes in and beats you in every aspect of the game and you allow them to make you look like a bunch of wimps. Thats what fans here enjoy. Not a team out on the ice that the guy Harris on the Marksmen taunting our whole team calling them chicken and nobody can step up to him. Not sure if its the coach that hates conflict or the players but whichever it was embarrassing to watch.
  3. I dont even know where to start. That was the most pathetic and embarrassing loss i have ever seen i believe. Showed no heart or emotion while playing. Fayetteville had lost 7 in a row and we make them look like the Pittsburgh Penguins. I thought hockey was a full contact sport? Its like our guys are scared to throw a check. Russell is the smallest guy on the team and about the only one that checks. Pretty pitiful we got "bigger and stronger" this year but it doesnt mean a thing if they arent going to use their bodies. We have plenty over 6 ft guys scared to hit somebody. Let the team skate right past them with no physicality whatsoever. They made us look like a bunch of sissies. I havent mentioned it but we havent been physical all year. All teams have to do is beat and bang us. Probably why we won the last 2 games because both teams didnt play that physical. Then we made ourselves look like a bunch of sissies. Fayetteville guy taunts us with the chicken dance. What do we do? Act like a bunch of chickens. Nobody on the team will step up. It was embarrassing to watch. If Ftorek doesnt like being physical or confrontations i wish he would go coach some figure skaters. Thats what they look like out there. They constantly dump our players. All up on our goalie after whistles. Doesnt matter they let them do anything they want. Only a matter of time we are the laughing stock of the league. Teams will run all over us. I just dont understand. We had people last year that were pretty good checkers. Where has it been? Babenko and Armstrong both arent physical like they were last year. Roanoke has always had physical teams and im sure we are losing fans because of it. The games are boring, especially when most games they get doubled up in shots and show no heart or emotion. Had almost 3,000 fans show up to see a hockey game on Thanksgiving and leave feeling like you been to Disney on Ice, except the Princesses there are probably more physical then we are. We got beat in every part of the game. They beat us, taunted us, and called us chickens. We run away like scared little school girls. Only got 1 word for tonight. Pathetic!!!!!!
  4. Not sure how we all missed these moves. I didnt realize i havent checked the league transactions until now. No sign of any of this on Dawgs social media. But Rowland was transferred from the 21 to 30 day IR. Sova was put on the 21 day IR. Finally, we released defenseman Stephen Hickey. That puts us down to 4 healthy defensemen. So im expecting some more movement tomorrow hopefully.
  5. . Marksmen. I just checked transactions. We switched defenseman Rowland from the 21 to the 30 day IR. Defenseman Sova put on 21 day IR. Then we waived another one of our defenseman Hickey. Not sure why none of this was on the Dawgs social media or Dawgs Talk Blog. They must think we dont need much defense against you guys. We have to have some players coming, those moves leave us with 4 defensemen. Cant believe you let those moves get passed me until 11pm. We shall see tomorrow whats going on.
  6. Dawgs Talk Blog

    https://dawgstalk.wordpress.com/2017/11/22/weekend-preview-familiar-foes/ New Dawgs talk blog
  7. I dont see why they would have cut Skudalski if they didnt already have a replacement for him. Unless he got in trouble or they just decided to part ways. You guys ever sign anybody for Robertson when he was called up? We played a lot of games short last year but it was never because we cut one of our players without having a replacement. It was either somebody getting hurt or a player got called up. But now is not the time to be cutting defensemen. You guys are short 1 or 2. Evansville had a post where they were short. Peoria posted they only had 4 in Dave's latest post. Roanoke is short. We already had defenseman Brian Rowland on the IR. Then another Dman Sova got hurt and it didnt look good. Then the same game Mueller got hurt and he was playing Forward and Defense. Its crazy half the league is short dmen, yet Pensacola is still signing them with the additions of Alex Pompeo from Norfolk and Cody Castro who played with Mississippi last year. Makes their total to 8 defensemen. So either Pensacola grabbing them all up for some tradebait to find some more offense or they just collecting extra ones so nobody else can get to them. But hopefully we will see some signings tomorrow or we both going to be playing short dmen.
  8. Ftorek Interview

    Sure was a lot better interview then last week's. Its weird how things can change over a week's time. Last week felt disgusted how we were playing. This week excited how we have been playing. Definately proud of the team finally showing us they can compete for a full game, two games in a row. Like Sam said, it seems like the veterans are finally showing what they are capable of. Thought Armstrong, Mele, Schneider, Murray, and Gandara all played some of the best hockey we have seen from them. Barone looked great in front of the net. Spraggs was pretty quiet after being on a tear, but that one goal he made was incredible. Lets just hope we can keep the momentum going on Thanksgiving, then begin this 5 game road trip almost back at .500. Either way its still a lot better then I expected after seeing the first 5 games at home. Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!
  9. https://thesinbin.net/sphl-power-rankings-2017-18-week-5/
  10. Jerseys

    Maybe me, my dad, and son are just crazy but was hard for me to tell the number on the back of them. I have never had a problem with anyone elses jerseys that I had with Knoxvilles. They agreed with me. Maybe you Knoxville fans are just use to them by now.
  11. Good question, maybe somebody has the answer. My best guess is if the team sits out a year no matter who they are or were they would need an expansion draft. None of the other players would still be available to them. As for a team folding and immediately becoming another team, im not sure. Has this ever happened in the SPHL? Maybe they still have an expansion draft or just keep the rights of the previous teams players? Where is all the old school SPHL fans to answer?
  12. He is right in a certain sense. I agree you want to be playing your best hockey at the end of the season. But stinking it up at the beginning of the season puts you in a hole. Your goal is to get a good seed and have home ice advantage as far as you can throughout the playoffs. I would much rather play 2 games on your home ice then 2 on the opposing city's. The only x factor this year will be the new playoff system. If your playing great in the end and have a huge streak to get one of the lower seeds, just maybe the better teams will skip over you. I got a feeling the team thats unavailable to have a home game for a certain date is going to get picked on if possible. But in no way would I say the first of the seasons games are meaningless. They all add up the same way in the win and loss column. How often you hear a coach winning at the beginning of the season say how meaningless the games they are playing are?
  13. Nice job. Im tired to, but my quick lookover, i just looked at Peoria Rivermen. The last team to finish above .500. The thing i see from them as they had an advantage because thats when they came into the league, the CHL merged and the upper leagues lost a lot of teams and players dropped down to the SPHL. I looked at the biggest number of players that had the most games played and most of them came from the ECHL or the CHL. By my quick lookover just at the SPHL teams throughout the years. In early years there were 2 expansion teams that went over .500 in 2009/10. But a big reason for that is 3 out of the 7 teams that were in the league were expansion teams. So they obviously have a chance to win more games. They themselves were playing a lot of other expansion teams games. Which brings me to another question. Not sure how long the SPHL has been doing the uneven schedules, but we hardly played Evansville at all last year. So we never got to inflate our wins on each other. So question would be, how many games did the expansion teams play the best teams in the league? But this is racking my brain its so late, i might get into it deeper tomorrow. But thanks for posting. Its interesting stuff to look at. To bad we cant come up with stuff like this in the offseason lol.
  14. Is it just me or your jerseys looked nice until I had to read the numbers on the back of them? Must be a real headache for a play by play broadcaster. Is it that hard for you to see all your jerseys numbers? We had the chance to see the ones with orange numbers but all night long it was like i was blind trying to see the numbers on the back.
  15. You also have plenty more factors that you need to add in. Did they have a rookie coach? How many teams folded that year to have more players to put your team together with. Thats just a couple right off the top of my head.
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