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  1. Only if peoria fans got unlimited voting.
  2. He did say "i think he's the best coach in the league right now'. He might be back down to around the 9th best in the league now, since he slept that comment off. But really, it might add a lot of pressure to your coach with such high expectations. I think we had a pretty good first season. But we had a lot of mistakes on the ice. My biggest is we gave up way too many shots, while not getting enough. Not going to win many games getting doubled and tripled in shots on goal. Cant get over the stat that we didnt win a game all year when outshooting our opponents. Not sure if its the system the coach plays or was our player personnel. The second year should tell us alot more answers to our questions we have about the team. I believe the jury is still out on being a good coach in the league. Long ways away from being considered great.
  3. It could happen. He played for us way back in 1984-86. Got his coaching start in roanoke and won a championship his first year in 86-87. Maybe he wants a sphl championship to add to his collection.
  4. Haha. Did he really just say that? We have to outshoot someone and win the game for him to be considered coach of the year. Like the owners optimism. But far from best coach. I could see if we get bigger, stronger, and better but still cant generate more scoring chances vs the shots we give up. Our special teams. We might be talking about getting rid of the best coach in the league. Our owner isnt scared with his predictions. Contend for championship this year and now rhe best coach. Hope we do a lot better. But Ftorek has a long way to go before getting best coach award.
  5. Your Goaltender is keeping you in there. By looking at shots on goal looks like he is on fire. Giving macon fits trying to score on him. Thats all you need at playoffs. They cant score, cant win. Should be a good 3rd game. Good luck to both teams
  6. You can thank macons place for being able to see them all. Cant understand how you can have no room for your 1st place team to play. At worst, maybe one game but both first round games? How do you expect fans to come and root your team on when if they even win you wont see them play in the playoffs? Then this is getting to be an every year thing in the sphl. As i remember seeing the riverkings did it. Not good for the teams at all. Waste of playing the whole season playing and winning title just to play 3 road games in playoffs. Would be a shame if they lose 3 game series.
  7. I just read the article on all of this but cant find it now. But mentioned owners have 3 and 4 bedroom houses that come with cable, internet, and free lawn service care. Not sure how much players usually get already paid for them.
  8. Sounds like a good idea, even just to get our team name out there. Im excited to see what kind of talent we bring in next year.
  9. My only problem with anderson is the same thing this year. Getting called up and losing him like we did for whole year just about. Plus he already retired once and way they make him sound he wants to be in higher league. And every year he has played he has been in higher leagues. Have a feeling he is going to an echl camp and probably make a team.
  10. If the coach was sure ty was coming back and beirnes isnt retiring. I would take out beirnes for de melo. De melo played ok but going in we should play 1 more goalie more then the other. De melo been in league a couple years now. So i believe ty has the most potential. Switching off too much in our games. Only need 1 goalie on list i believe because only one can be on the ice at a time. Then im not sure maybe take out walsh and put in one of the new guys llorca,stevens,lipari. Cant really say but i believe defense was a huge reason we gave up so many goals. Too many breakaways and odd man rushes. They were way too small. Two guys 5'7. Played out of position too much. So i dont really want to stand pat too much on defense. But a lot of hard decisions. But the coach will have a lot more information on the list then us. But really hoping alex vazquez comes back. Was an enjoyment to watch him for the couple games we had him. If we could i would take someone else off the protected list and add him. But still a lot of what ifs.
  11. Congratulations Columbus!!! Looks like your team is similar to roanoke's. Dont outshoot the opponent but somehow find ways to win games. We never won a game all year outshooting our opponents. Id find that hard to believe if thats ever happened in this league before.
  12. Looks like my rooting is doing a little better then my picks. Massimo with a goal and assist. Congratulations Ice Flyers!!!
  13. Nice story. Very classy owners. Everything ive heard about the team is positive. From the players all the way down to the fans. Only occassional grumble was about the on ice product. But for the first year i believe everything couldn't have went better and am just excited about the future. We can only go up from here. We had a great bunch of guys for the year and only thing id change is getting a few more points and making the playoffs. Well i guess two things, we never should have traded massimo lamacchia. But im proud of the guys and the coach we had for making Roanoke's first season enjoyable. Definately cant wait til October!!!!
  14. Looks like he just keeps making that trade look worse and worse. Unassisted goal and assist in the upset of the fireantz in the first game. Go Massimo!!!!
  15. Way to start another rumor thread jmc