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  1. Just saw it on twitter and was about to post. Just had to let them know we were still waiting i guess. Happy to have him back. Hopefully he gets a lot more help this year. I think he did well as the captain. Was always talking up his teammates no matter how good or bad it went. Im happy with our first player signed. Link to Roanoke Times.
  2. Thats what i was thinking. Somebody in your locker room has spread the word. Europe is the place to be
  3. I am just waiting on that first signing. If i remember right every other team has had multiple players signed. Even some have a half of a team. Just keep waiting patiently. Maybe we just starting all fresh and not resigning anyone.
  4. Thats probably a good thing. Would hate to see those cute mascots go in for a simple ankle sprain and then accidentally come out neutered.
  5. Would definately be weary the two seasons overlap. Nba teams pay for and run the teams, so they will have way deeper pockets then hockey. Hockey takes most of the prime weekend dates. So if it did happen something would have to give. Might be good for pelicans. But believe its bad news for hockey fans.
  6. Craig Skudalski played 5 games with Roanoke last year before being waived.
  8. Sounds better was about to say we have wsls, wdbj, and wset and are way east of the mississippi.
  9. I do travel. Have even been to milwaukee, wisconsin. Seen the Brewers play a few games. Its probably been 18 years ago. When i was around 18. But call letters mean nothing to me. I cant tell you what half the ones around here stand for. Like wsls i got no clue. I was just referencing that their website somewhere could specify where they are reporting from. Someone from not around there is bound to find their site for some reason someday.
  10. I put my vote in for Zorro. That is spanish for fox.
  11. Am i the only one that had no clue where this place was? Couldn't find it anywhere on their website. Then finally had to google it to find out its in Wisconsin? Things shouldn't be this hard!!! Only thing gave me a hint was reporting on the Brewers.
  12. Im rooting for him, but would be glad to have him back if they decide to cut him when they shorten the roster. I believe he can make it in the echl. Only problems i see is he is an older guy and has been injury prone. But with his style of play its easy to get injured. Either way, i would be happy for him to make it with the nailers. I would also be happy to see him play next season in roanoke. Really exciting player to watch and his teammates love having him by their side.
  13. Great for him and bad for us. Hope we can find a guy with some toughness and good hockey skills to replace him. Hate to go through another season getting pushed around by other teams like we did at the first half of last season before he showed up. Congrats to Big Bad Beirnesy. He will definately be missed.
  14. The coach has signed 16 players but they have only confirmed signing 8 so far i can think of. Who are the others? Keeping us in suspense.
  15. Not a very big newspaper around here. Not even sure how often they put one out. But its just nice seeing every media around here seems to be getting behind the team and writing articles giving some exposure to the team. Even if it is over a month late.