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  1. Would save you from having to get up to use the bathroom so much fred
  2. Thats a pretty good list if they actually end up playing for us. A few im surprised is not on there. Hosmer's social media still showing retired hockey player. So not sure why he would not report when traded and then change his mind. I know he was getting married in the offseason. Maybe he had a change of heart. But i cant see why Sam would put his name on there unless there is a chance he comes back since there are quite a few others i would have protected. I cant see Gintoli retiring from hockey. Then left off is mike driscoll, daniel vernace, captain steve mele, phil bronner, mike donnellan, and cody walsh. So we left a few with some good talent unprotected. For our defensemen it looks like we are going to start off new. With question marks with travis jeke not reporting when traded here last season. Then travis armstrong spending the end of last season in the echl. So we could end up with just one defenseman from last years squad. I sure wish i knew what Sam knows. But by the list, if everyone reported and actually plays for us. I believe its a pretty good core to build a team from. Guess we have to wait and see how things play out.
  3. Starting to think we aren't going to protect anybody.
  4. Thats weird. I just read where they fired their coach about a week or so ago. Guess they wanted to give him an early punch in the gut before they gave their fans a huge punch in the gut. Seems Soskin would want to keep the few teams the fhl has. But guess not, guess he trying to guarantee a championship for himself every year. I personally cant believe this league is still kicking.
  5. I heard he is on fire in the league down below
  6. Exactly what i was thinking...been about fifteen years since he was an assistant coach. What has he done since those days? Either way, i wish him the best of luck until he plays my dawgs.
  7. You don't have to rub it in :(
  8. Thats awesome he takes time to answer questions for our fans. If i remember right i have never seen any of our owners from previous teams do anything like this or address the fans and engage with them like Mr. Mcginn does. Just another reason i believe we found the perfect owners for our team. Seems like the Berglund Center is working with them doing a lot to help out the cause too.We never seen any of that back in the day either. Things are only looking up from here. Cant wait til next season!!!!!
  9. Url doesnt work for me. Says not found
  10. By what dave eminian says about the sphl. The whole columbus roster will be available for the draft but just like every other team only 2 players are allowed to be taken. The rest not taken will become free agents.
  11. Looks to me Canes country is pretty confident they can sign him and atleast start out being the starter. By his stats compared to their current two goalies.
  12. Forgot to mention in first post. But they talk about current roster who played in echl. Vern Fiddler played for our Roanoke Express way back in 2001-02.
  13. Norfolk Admirals just had a new affiliate announcement. Out with the Oilers and in with the Predators
  14. I heard chuck norris was going to be giving out free martial arts lessons
  15. Yea its been a good while now since he wrote one. Curious to see what his outlook on continuing pro hockey is. Guess ill stay tuned!!!