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  1. It surprised me too. One of only few people who I knew and one on the team that has any experience in this league. Guess they have their reasons.
  2. Acquired Defenseman Troy Henley from Quad City completing a previous trade for Phil Bronner. Forward Jesse Scwartz has been put on 21 day IR. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/191261/troy-henley
  3. Hello and thanks for joining into the conversation. Feel free to discuss or ask questions about anything you would like to. Always nice to see new hockey fans, especially in Roanoke. You make some good points. But i'm opposite of you. I thought our power play wasn't that bad. We kept in in the offensive zone and got a few shots. What looks bad for us has been our penalty kill. So far we are 62.5% on the penalty kill and last in the league. We've had quite a few people taking some bad penalties in the first two games. I do admit I have no clue where a couple of them called on us came from. But in this league you can expect the phantom penalty nobody ever sees to be called, just like the sometimes bad offsides call. I thought that Steve Mele penalty was awful call. Never seen anything that would constitute a roughing penalty. But my point, so far I think is our penalty kill making the other team's power play look good. But I can't agree Ftorek made our team look better on anything. Our team looked terrible on everything playing under Ftorek. We couldn't pass. He always tried using the same plays, never switching things up to counter attack someone. Especially his breakout plays in our own offensive zone. Back then we always had so many turnovers in own offensive zone. On the power play and attack we just always dumped and chased the puck down into the offensive zone, which teams mostly get to first and shoot it back down the ice. Pretty sad but Bremner is about to be our all time winningnest coach. When Ftorek was coach for almost a year and a half and Bremner has been here for about a half season. Its a little early to be worrying about anything so far in the year. Most of our team is new and trying to gel together this year. You really start to see what your team has around in the month of December. Every team will have some growing pains.
  4. I figure most teams don't do very cheap night like that because they are basically losing money because either they get nothing from the sale of concessions or its so minimal that it really doesn't make sense for them. Every lease i'm sure is different for each team, so I don't really know the individual teams circumstances.
  5. Well thats still better then every other team that had one i'm sure. The one in Roanoke was $8 unless you have season tickets. Most teams would usually have to pay rent anyways no matter if its a game or scrimmage, I imagine. Still doesn't change the fact they charged $5 for opening night when a lot of teams biggest crowds are expected that game.
  6. Always said that $5 game will bring a whole lot more of people. Even new ones who think its too expensive for their whole family to attend. Good way to find some more fans that wouldn't have shown up unless it was that cheap. Good way to try to hook new fans onto the game. Pensacola's management does a good job letting their fans know its not all about the money. Especially making their preseason game for free and opening night for $5. We use to have a night like that in Roanoke every season and have sell outs of around 9,000 fans. Make it cheap and they will usually come!
  7. Nope, it was later in the night. Guess lots of people were wondering what it was. I missed about all the warmups waiting in line for yappy hour. . I was wearing a camouflaged RYD's hat and a UVA pullover.
  8. What was the black box looking thing with the plastic backing that they installed on the walkway right above the players when they walk out? Only thing i can think of is maybe a box with camera in it to see the players come out. But not sure. Asked a few people around it and a couple who worked there but nobody knew.
  9. I did too. I just didn't like how penalties didn't move half the night or why the penalties part was so small and was only big enough for one penalty. Hopefully they figure out a fix before next game.
  10. You guys already having a championship parade for beating Peoria? It sure didn't take you long!
  11. Congratulations on your first win. Looked like a wild one. Two teams didn't even wait til OT was over to start the shootout!
  12. Something was malfunctioning with the zamboni and it was dropping big chunks of ice everywhere. So he was going back over the spots that dropped it trying to pick up the chunks again. Not sure what was going on but in the 2nd intermission it wasn't holding the ice. Same reason there was so many guys out there with shovels scooping the ice up the zamboni dropped. About the clock, i'm not sure if it was who was running the clock or the clock itself. All I can say is it was a different set up with how they use to show the clock and the penalties.
  13. Agreed, everyone played a good game and saw no give up when they went down. Guyon is amazing to watch. He could have easily had a hat trick to go with his 3 assists. Him and Dillan Fox together is going to be a great duo. That ot goal was impressive with the pass from Guyon and the moves and goal by Fox. Very fun game. Thought the defense got a lot better as the game went on. Being young and seeing them play toward the end of the game gives me hope they can get it together pretty quickly at the beginning of the season. I was happy by the full effort of the team. Should be an exciting season!
  14. It was a good game by both teams. I have to say i'm loving the new Knoxville jerseys. Very easy to see the numbers on them too, this year.