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  1. Now that I think about it, Elmira has been a part of every major black eye for the league this year. With the players fight and ICU. Owner getting involved with a ref and shoving him. Then Elmira goalie beating up a fan after a controversial goal in the FHL Finals. They did all that while breaking the FHL attendance record.
  2. A few Elmira players roughed up someone and put him in the ICU earlier in the season. After the story came out it somehow was slid under the rug. Here is a link to one of many articles by the media. Article Link
  3. I don't understand why they can't just use the cameras they use with the feeds. Yes, like the commisioner said, its not the greatest quality and the cameraman working them may not be the greatest, but you can still be able to look at the play. If you can't tell by the replay, the worst thing that could happen is its inconclusive and the call on the ice stands. It would be hard to tell if it was a goal most the time, but could easily get rid of some questionable calls, like an offsides play turning into a goal could be challenged and looked at. Way I see it is bad quality replay with a chance of showing the correct call is better than nothing at all.
  4. Nope, not until you can create refs, GMs, players fighting fans after leaving the ice, and players putting fans in the ICU after having a bar fight. Thats all the excitement I get from the FHL.
  5. Around 3 more days left to bid on end of season jerseys!
  6. If Sova comes back, we will be able to keep 1 other veteran between Mele, Dion, and Murray. I would have thought if he was coming back it would have been toward the end of last year when we had room for a third veteran. Never know though, maybe Mele and Dion is retiring and Sova does comeback. Dion's interview at the end of the season was inconclusive when Gardner asked him, saying he is to get a summer job and see what happens. Which could mean numerous things. Really hope Jordan Carvalho comes back to after not being listed on the protected list.
  7. No one can know for certain. Jeff Jones announced he was on his farewell tour before last season. See he is on protected list, so really hoping to see him again. The others is a lot harder to tell. Not surprised Mele isn't on it, but can't really tell if its because he is retiring, or because he probably wouldn't play anywhere else. I'd definately like to see them all come back for one more year before the veterans of the team will have to start splitting up. Hopefully, we can pick up one of the veteran goalies, like Ian Sylves who was released by Macon at the end of the season, or Storm Phaneuf who was left off the protected list and also have Caffrey return as well. Already excited to see some signings.
  8. I feel coach might have an agreement with Caffrey. His family lives in Maryland and mom was at a lot of the games. No team closer to Maryland. Thats what i'm hoping atleast, I don't have any inside information or anything. I'm also hoping he has agreements with Mele, Dion , and Carvalho. Mele, Dion, and Murray can all play one more season together as our three veterans. After next season if they all come back, we will most likely have to get rid of 1 or 2. Haven't checked on much, but Armstrong is at 218 games so after next year he will be a veteran.
  9. From what I was hearing it was Witzel's last season before his injury. Maybe Bremner has verbal agreements with a lot of them. Only 1 person he played with (Jones) is on the protected list. Hoping with his connections to Carvalho, Dion, and Witzel will be back. If he knows they really want to comeback there is no way a team can sign your players that aren't on the protected list, unless they want to sign with another team. Since there is no expansion draft. I'm not reading too much into these lists.
  10. You have around 10 days to bid on the end of the season jersey auctions, to own a Dawgs' jersey. Link in the article. Jersey Auction
  11. I have a feeling they did the expansion draft with all 3 teams and trying to keep it on the down low, until the other teams were announced. But Port Huron media blew the secrecy out of the water on facebook.
  12. Yea, 3 teams in the FHL. None for the SPHL. A little late now for SPHL expansion to happen. If anything it will be for 20-21 season. Danbury, Delaware, and Columbus to FHL.
  13. I wasn't responding to you, I quoted and responded to PlannedObsolescence when she asked about Parks and gave MY opinion.
  14. Could be who they go with. He would be one of my top choices out of assistants in the league. Only one I might put before him would be Stuart Stefan, who has been a player and assistant coach in back to back championships in the league. So, he should know what you need to win in this league.
  15. No way they give up Parks. 2.28 gaa average for a team that gave up way more shots than they got. .933 save percentage. Plus, I think he lives in Birmingham now and doesn't take call ups. I wouldn't be surprised not to see him on the protected list, because he probably will tell coach he isn't going anywhere else. With no expansion draft they can do good faith deals this year without having to worry about them getting picked by another team.
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