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  1. But I am starting to think we might have just got rid of Bronner to open up spaces for the new guys. This way Bremner had a way to trade him to the expansion team we barely play, instead of waiving him and him going to a team like Fayetteville or Knoxville. Either way its getting to the point we have such good players in camp its almost heartbreaking to see anyone of them cut. We are pretty well stacked, especially on the forward side. Put that with goaltender of the year Barone if we can keep him, plus felt pretty good with both his back ups. Have to say I might have never been more excited for a year of hockey to start in Roanoke ever.
  2. I have faith Guyon will show up. If you look at his stats he goes and plays with that LNAH team before he heads off every year. Its like he would rather play in games then just be in training camp. If I had to guess he will be here tonight or tomorrow when they have to have rosters in by. Even Mike Campos said today he was expected in camp soon and i think he has been talking to the team on the phone.
  3. Phil Bronner was traded to QC for future considerations and Ryan Mulder released from training camp. Trading Bronner opens up a veteran spot. Maybe it means we can expect to sign another veteran. http://pointstreaksites.com/view/roanokerailyarddawgs/news-1147/news_510443
  4. The leagues are staggered about a week apart. AHL opening rosters needed to be in Oct. 5, which is the same day they started playing regular season. ECHL opening rosters needed to be in by Oct. 11th and they started regular season right after that. So all the rosters should be pretty set in who they are keeping. You'll see more movement after 30 days into season when each ECHL team will have to cut their rosters by 1 more player.
  5. If thats true Dillan Fox is one hell of a pickup. I agree we will have good players that can score on every line. Way more dynamic then we've been. We usually had one good line who scored often and the second was occasionally producing. It seems like we are going to be stacked on offense. 1st Mele, Dion, Murray. 2nd Economos, Carvalho, Guyon. 3rd Witzel, Jones, Fox 4th Tatrn, whoever, whoever makes team. That is going to be pretty good four offensive lines however Dan matches them up. Our problem will be defense. We got some young ones that can do the job but going to be tough replacing Sova, Schneider, and Bakker.
  6. Mele, no competition. Would have picked Dion and Bronner as A's because they were all veterans. Now Bronner is gone the last A is up in the air.
  7. I would just like to see a regular boxscore showing players names playing in the lineup. Showing all the regular stats like goals, assists, sog, penalty minutes, plus shots, and saves from goaltender. I can't find anything even like that on the website. All i can seem to find are player statistics that show you the whole season statistics. I've also heard a lot of mad fans saying their teams website is going to the exact format of the new ECHL website. Alot of unhappy campers.
  8. Yes, its stupid. If anyone can figure out how to see stats from a certain game let me know. When you look at schedule and recent results it only lets you click on one out of the 2 teams that played. Seems to me it would let you click on the Final and see the single game statistics and boxscore for the game but doesn't.
  9. You were right he is showing 0 games played. I could have swore i was looking under the game statistics. Even more confused about the website now!
  10. He was on the lists on both games I saw under players statistics. But both games he didn't have any statistics what so ever. I figured he played but no stats. I could be wrong though, like I said the website is a nightmare to try to navigate.
  11. Try navigating the new ECHL website. Its horrible and still can't find the box scores on it that lists goals, penalties, etc. Not sure why they changed it. I liked it a lot better before.
  12. Thank goodness thats not a possibility. He has over 1000 games played by himself.
  13. Still think one is probably a veteran unless they just wanted to leave a spot open. Notice if they were defensemen or forwards? Kyle McNeil or Kyle Haines are my best guesses. But McNeil wouldn't have been hard to pick out. Haines is the only other veteran I can find that isn't signed.
  14. They might just go there to get a few games under their belt. If you look at Guyon he started out every season playing less then a hand full of games for that same team. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/128270/maxime-guyon
  15. Where is this list from? Just curious, Yan Dumontier was suppose to come to training camp but wasn't on preseason game roster and signed with a team in the LNAH.
  16. Only one that showed up to our camp that was cut so far was Mulder. Don't think the other 2 ever showed.
  17. Looks like he could be the one we could pick up. We would be right under the 900 mark if we signed him. Bronner and McNeil are close to the same player. Camp out in front of the net.
  18. Just checking end of season rosters. Only one more defensive player I found that is a possibility is Kyle Haines of Pensacola. By my calculation he is right under the mark to be under 900 game mark.
  19. I have to say I agree. Have 2 veteran forwards. Now just need someone that is a veteran on the defense. I can't even think any except Sova, Schneider, Tesoriero, or Price the guy for Knoxville who was suspended for shooting the puck in Huntsville's bench. But he was rejected for coming back to the league last year. Sova and Schneider have too many games played. Tesoriero was signed to Knoxville. So i'm drawing blanks.
  20. I think someone said he would be in town Tuesday. I'm not going to start worrying about it unless you tell me he still isn't there tomorrow.
  21. Yea lol my adding way off. Even did it on calculator on my phone and added one twice
  22. Steve Mele 233 Cody Dion 273 Joe Sova 397 Total games 1,167
  23. Don't think its possible they did it to sign Sova. Just Sova's and Dion's game add up to 770. So including Steve Mele thats way over the limit.