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  1. Soft and boring

    The decision is left up to the coach on how to play but losing isn't. After this weekend some conversations need to be had about our plans to get out of this mess. No issues with losing games and I have no problems with coach sticking with a philosophy (not sure I see it exactly anyway) but at this point you just need to win. We don't get points for losing playing fast flowing hockey, but you do for winning ugly (I'll take that please). Fans won't really care if they see the players giving everything they have and losing but nobody can tolerate giving up so many shots per game and not fighting back that's disrespectful. Nothing about this can't be fixed and I have no doubt it will get resolved but it needs to be sooner rather than later.
  2. Forget championship for now, I'll take a home regulation win at this point. Birmingham is up 4-2 currently leaving us 1 point above them. Bad news is they have 2 games in hand as well. Our players that we released are playing well, what are we doing again?
  3. Full schedule for next season.
  4. Pensacola just announced their list, I imagine the rest won't be far behind.
  5. Break out the Brooms

    Congratulations guys what a great run, best of the best this season.
  6. Ok so let's have a little fun since we have a few weeks without playoffs and news will probably be slim until mid May or so. Here is our roster, how do you see it playing out and who are the 13 protected players that we will submit to start with next season. 4 Donnellan, Mike D 5 Walsh, Cody (R) D 7 Schneider, Nick D 8 Bronner, Phil RW 10 Stevens, Justin (R) D 11 Mele, Steve C 14 Schultz, Evan (R) LW 15 Lipari, Michael D 15 Llorca, Vincent D 16 Orlando, Sean (R) RW 17 Driscoll, Mike LW 19 Vernace, Daniel C 20 Tatrn, Zach C 21 Brewer, Jackson LW 23 Bauer, Ben D 26 Gintoli, Peter (R) 28 Babenko, Dmytro (R) LW 30 Reichenbach, Ty (R) G 33 Ballmer, Joey (R) Gandara, David (R) LW Spraggs, Riley (R) RW de Melo, Ryan G X Anderson, Brandon G X Armstrong, Travis D X Baker, Mike (R) D X Beirnes, Jeremy LW X Bourne, Taylor RW X Boyle, Tim D X Chegrintsev, Maxim (R) X Chiarantano, Matt (R) D X Dallaire, Bryan D X Gjurich, Tyler RW X Harris, Ian LW X Hosmer, Todd LW X Jeke, Travis (R) D X Kaludis, Matt (R) G X Kruger, James G X Lamacchia, Massimo C X Meads, Mark (R) RW X Melkert, Cory (R) D X Mitchell, Matt G X Moroso, Mike (R) RW X Mueller, Mitchell D X Murray, Colin LW X Peters, Michael G X Popek, Jason C X Skudalski, Craig (R) LW X Stibysh, Igor (R) D X Tesoriero, Phil D X Turner, Michael (R) LW X Vandergunst, Mitchell RW X Vazquez, Alex (R) RW
  7. Nice find vicvegas, I can't see any reason why Sam doesn't bring him back then if he wants to continue. Unless he can find another player that is similar but with better stats beyond PM's. Updated roster, moved BUG to camp.
  8. Congratulations on a turn around season, I recall you guys being in the bottom part of the table. Nice job.
  9. That's a solid line up, I remember the names Bonar, Drobot and Shapiro when you came to Roanoke. Those guys gave us a tough time early in the season when we just couldn't get one over on you. Wish you guys well because I think we will have a good rivalry brewing next season. This year not so much but there was no team we wanted to beat more than Fayetteville. What happened in the playoffs?
  10. Assumed Armstrong was staying in the ECHL but I'd take him back for sure. Good to see Brewer still playing I'll have to follow them and see how he does.
  11. Hard to get a good read after first season especially being expansion. It was an abnormal amount of injuries and we had a few good players getting called up. You can only get what is available, Sam wasn't passing up good players on purpose, he knows what he needs and we started seeing that as the season went on. I suspect a lot of the smaller guys he brought in were meant to be temporary , instead became permanent. I think they will get this right, I'm optimistic and think we will be a much better team next year. Hard to tell about best coach but he has a chance to prove us wrong next year.
  12. Definately a good deal for our future team. Hopefully it will pay off.
  13. Sam definitely has some big decisions to make. Almost another rebuild job like last summer but with a handful of keepers. Also not going to be much time to gel similar to this year, on the job training.
  14. Good points about Melo, I could live with that. I think any of those three D guys would be worth a chance. Yeah Vasquez was fun to watch wasn't he.
  15. You are incorrect in your assumptions but you have a right to state your opinion. Moving on...
  16. Cody was signed on a three game contract to start the season, due to injuries he was kept. Was very shaky and even bad at times, took him a while to get confident enough to become more physical as the season went on. As with every player on our defense most of whom weren't here for all 55 games, their stats are terrible. Chris Letang in our D setup this season would have looked bad. Stats are one thing but it won't show his progress through the season. The last two home games he was reading the game better than anybody on our team and was very physical, didn't take stupid penalties is a good thing. Not sure why you would want to get rid of a potentially good player who can only get better. Are there better players out there sure but he is one of our best defensemen. If we put a good team around him next season I have no doubt he will be better.
  17. The newest inside the SPHL podcast went over the upcoming playoffs. Sam was one of the guests and had a few interesting things to say. -One of them was that it sounds like Anderson was coming back to Roanoke a few weeks ago but had a season ending injury and never made it. He also said Boyle went to Wheeling and had season ending injury, assuming he meant he might have come back? -He had 27 of a normal 21 players to finish out the season. 6 injured players stayed around to the final game. 21 was about right for an ECHL club to have at a time, much less 27 for an SPHL team. -Exit interviews he found out they have 2 more surgeries that need to happen. -When asked about next year he said he hoped the phone would keep ringing. Roanoke is within 5 hours of 10 teams, making it a good place for ECHL to send players down and for us to send up.
  18. If so I'd trade Gandara for Ty and maybe Anderson for Melo if I was confident he would come back but I'm not so sure.
  19. Just a hunch since he came back from a tough injury, played for a bit and got injured again. Just have the feeling after he gets married he might choose to end this chapter of his life since he's likely in the last few seasons of his career anyway. I hope he comes back because he's so entertaining regardless of his numbers.
  20. Protected 13 5 Walsh, Cody (R) D - Best defensmen hope he stays, iron man. 4 Donnellan, Mike D - Wasn't sold at first but he's gotten better, a steady hand at the back. x de Melo, Ryan G - looked bad at the end of the season with injury but he is good and enjoy his attitude. 8 Bronner, Phil RW - hardest working guy on our team by far, fights for everything. 21 Brewer, Jackson LW - On form this guy is amazing, I think he will get better. X Beirnes, Jeremy LW - Entertainment value alone is worth admission. 11 Mele, Steve C - Can skate with speed with good players around him. 19 Vernace, Daniel C - another hard worker on the ice, need his energy. 17 Driscoll, Mike LW - Can skate and has experience. 28 Babenko, Dmytro (R) LW - puts in a shift every time. x Spraggs, Riley (R) RW - This guy healthy with Brewer has great potential and a lot of goals. 20 Tatrn, Zach C - Shows up with goals when you need them. 26 Gintoli, Peter (R) - Great player for his size, love his energy. Retired 7 Schneider, Nick D - retire X Murray, Colin LW - retire Training Camp 30 Reichenbach, Ty (R) G - This guy was solid if Anderson isn't back I'd take him over Ballmer.X Anderson, Brandon G - not sure about this but possible he comes back to work with Melo 33 Ballmer, Joey (R) - Ballmer was pretty good but I rated Ty better, if Anderson/Reichenbach don't come back I'll take him. X Boyle, Tim D - If he was injured in ECHL he might come back to work his way up again. X Vazquez, Alex (R) RW - would like to see this guy come back x Gandara, David (R) LW - has a lot of potential, good stats for someone who played so little.
  21. They had to release him, he's in college.
  22. Sam said on the radio yesterday that Melo was in full practice for the first time and he was waiting to see how he was after. Said he was able to practice light lately but tightened up afterward. Was pretty sure Melo will be in this weekend but if not Kruger or Ballmer would go.
  23. I don't believe Anderson will be coming back to Roanoke. If I recall he left two years ago to recharge and decide if he wanted to continue playing at this level. One of the reasons he ended up on our roster at the start of the season was he was starting that journey coming back in the draft. Can't imagine going back to Roanoke is his future or at least his long term future, he's at least ECHL level talent. With that said I hope we keep Melo and Kruger unless they get called up. Great weekend by Ballmer and Kruger, with a hopefully soon to be returning Melo our net is in good shape.
  24. I think as a new team we are learning those lessons, we needed players to start and took the best of what was available. I keep hearing players want to come to Roanoke, hopefully it bears more fruit this summer. We need a few more team leaders out on the ice that won't allow this stuff to happen. One of the worst things you can do as a professional athlete is to let the fans see you give up. Roanoke fans can take a 6-2 loss if we went down swinging, but it's tough to swallow when it's so obvious some players went missing. Hard to defend that behavior, hopefully Sam had a nice chat with the players on the way back to Roanoke.
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