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  1. I understand that, but if he chooses to not come back we still get nothing and possibly lose another player we could have otherwise protected. If coach thinks he will play I completely agree with the decision to protect him, I just don't agree with protecting him just in case he chooses to come back. That all goes for Jeke as well. ETA: I know Coach Ftorek spent a lot of time talking to players trying to ascertain their intentions for next season, so I don't think this is a just in case situation. My original post was simply saying that I believe Hosmer and Jeke being on the list points to them expressing intentions to play next year.
  2. I have to assume that Sam has some assurances from Hosmer and Jeke that they intend to play for him to have used two of his positions on them.
  3. The article says he has performed 185 times in 17 seasons, so obviously this post season isn't the first time the Predators have opted to have someone else sing the anthems. Why all of a sudden is it an issue now, I could maybe understand him being upset if he had performed at all 600+ games abd they decided to brush him aside now, but he is only the go to guy for less than a third of the games during his tenure. Dude needs to get over himself, it seems like his roll has always been that of the guy who sings when they can't find anyone else and of course they're going to find someone else with the spotlight on these games.
  4. I would assume that the tan and olive drab in the background of the logo are the new colors
  5. Jackson Brewer (Roanoke) and Tyler Noseworthy (Huntsville) are both also playing for the Sydney Bears.
  6. That's awesome, I couldn't find anywhere that streamed their games. I guess talking to the wife will have to wait a few more months.
  7. The sin bin now has a page for off season transactions and right now Peoria is the only team with a protested list posted
  8. To MacGuy's point, the first hockey team I ever watched back in the mid 80's and in fact the first team I was a fan of was the Virginia Lancers. This team underwent 2 name changes in the same location ( Roanoke Valley Rebels and Roanoke Valley Rampage), then moved to Huntsville and became the Blast, then to Tallahassee as the Tiger Sharks, then the Macon Whoopee, Lexington Men O' War, and finally are now the Utah Grizzlies. I doubt you will find as many people who would say the Grizzlies are the same team as the Lancers as there are that say Lancers= Rebels= Rampage= Express= Vipers= Rail Yard Dawgs (most would like to remove the Vipers from the list), even though technically those equating the Grizzlies to the Lancers are correct.
  9. For some people town is all that matters, we have a significant group of fans here that you can argue with till you are blue in the face and still never convince them that the Rail Yard Dawgs are not the Express reborn. Of course the fact that we have a retired Express jersey hanging from the rafters doesn't help. Not saying I don't appreciate the history, and I truly love that every game I get to see Terrence Tootoo's 22 watching over our boys on the ice, but that is all the evidence some people need to say "it's the same team".
  10. I think a lot of it depends on how the move took place, and being a Roanoke fan this has been my first season following the league so I don't know, but for me if the team starts with a clean slate like we did (new staff and blank roster) then it is a first year team, if it carried its staff and roster then it is the same team relocated. I don't know which of these scenarios fits the Macon situation but that would determining factor for me as far as I am concerned, I don't believe that simply being the same ownership group or even being under the same franchise as far as the league is concerned makes it the same team.
  11. Maybe a last ditch effort to raise money to buy the team himself? They did call it a "get away" in the description so maybe its a second home.
  12. No one's blindly speculating on anything. We are merely saying that season tickets being sold are not a sure sign that the season will happen, see my Roanoke Vipers example. The puck dropping to start the season does not guarantee a full season, see JMCs examples. Anything can happen, we here in Roanoke had a team fold (the Roanoke Valley Rampage) because the arena roof collapsed under the weight of 16 inches of snow, although that team was well on its way to folding anyway. I'm pretty sure the Rampage still hold several negative ECHL records. I for one was not speculating on anything, I had no idea there was any concern for the future of the RiverKings.
  13. Definitely not a "sure sign" by any stretch of the imagination. I know several people who were left holding season tickets for the sophomore season for the Roanoke Vipers and that second season never happened.
  14. Just read an interview with Beirnes and he definitely is not planning on hanging up his skates yet. He said he would love to be back in Roanoke next year but hopes to make the move up to the ECHL.
  15. Yeah, I don't see Armstrong returning, he spent more time this season in the ECHL than he did with us, 29 games between 5 teams versus 22 with us but if he comes back he would definitely be a welcomed addition to the roster. I also read that Tyler Noseworthy would be joining Brewer and Rivait in Sydney as soon as the Havocs run in the playoffs comes to an end.