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  1. Just read an interview with Beirnes and he definitely is not planning on hanging up his skates yet. He said he would love to be back in Roanoke next year but hopes to make the move up to the ECHL.
  2. Yeah, I don't see Armstrong returning, he spent more time this season in the ECHL than he did with us, 29 games between 5 teams versus 22 with us but if he comes back he would definitely be a welcomed addition to the roster. I also read that Tyler Noseworthy would be joining Brewer and Rivait in Sydney as soon as the Havocs run in the playoffs comes to an end.
  3. I am really only posting this to see sportsdads reaction since we all know how he feels about "papa smurf"
  4. I listened to that podcast as well, I missed the part about Boyle, but he has been on Wheelings inactive list since like early February. Sam made it sound like it was a done deal with Anderson but he got injured in what was supposed to be his last practice with Norfolk.
  5. It is still communal living, several guys sharing each house, and as far as cost my understanding is that one of the local minority owners team investment was in the form of rental properties to be used by the players, or at least part of his investment came in that form.
  6. I am coming down next weekend for the games Friday and Saturday night and am looking for recommendations for places to eat and things to do Saturday with the family(wife and grown daughters) other than vegging out in the hotel room waiting for game time. Thanks for the help and I am looking forward to meeting some Mayhem fans and seeing your barn.
  7. I am a bit confused, in a previous post you made your feelings about Schneider quite clear so I am assuming you are trying to make a negative statement about his performance. I just don't see how pointing out that he had 3 assists and the second best +/- on the team (Bronner and Biernes were +1) proves your point. In case you weren't aware he is second in total points among active players (3rd if you include spraggs but most of his points were with Pensacola) and he leads the Dawgs in assists. Yes he has a low +/-, but considering we have spent most of the season short Dmen and he probably has the highest minutes played on the team and we have been significantly out scored, that is to be expected.
  8. Posted at 1:03 this morning, I for one am leary to believe any internet story originating on April 1, especially assuming someone in Birmingham posted it that would make it 3 minutes after midnight for the original poster.
  9. I think Jeremy is a lot more of an overall offensive threat that you are giving him credit for, I have seen his skill with his gloves on improve dramatically in just the short time he has been in Roanoke. He has seen his playing time increase almost every game, and most importantly he is consistently one of the last 2-3 players to leave the ice during pregame warm-ups. I think that the main reason he has not become a bigger offensive force in the league before now is that none of his previous teams wanted him to do anything but fight, that is not the case here in Roanoke. Coach Ftoreck has made it abundantly clear that he has no interest in a player whose only skill is dropping the gloves.
  10. I think the team is focusing on next season, had this past weekends games went differently and our playoff chances not all but disappeared I believe we would be seeing Ballmer released. I think they see Ballmer as the better long term option.
  11. wow

    It looked like he was carrying skate laces when he came back, so maybe Kruger had a lace snap? Either that or they used the laces to do a "field expedient repair" on something else.
  12. I heard that yesterday, I just can't help but wonder though, they have been playing their roster moves pretty close to the chest, how many times over the last few weeks have we been hit with roster moves 3 hours before puck drop on Friday only to find out later that the move actually took place on Tuesday. Don't get me wrong I understand the reasoning behind it and don't have a problem with it, just wondering if maybe this is another situation when thats going to happen.
  13. Anderson was just listed as released, so much for the injury keeping him from being released theory, so I guess the next question is will he report to Roanoke and what will Sam do as far as our goalies.
  14. We were discussing ECHL rules relating to ir and waivers. I am by no means an expert on the issue, everything I stated I read somewhere else and for all I know the original source I read may have nothad a clue either.
  15. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that a team can put a player on the waiver list while they are injured but they cannot actually release them from their contract until they are cleared to play but I have not been able to find it to share since this thread started. This could explain why he showed up on the daily transactions list as waived but still has not been listed as released even though the waiver period has passed. I read the article where Killar was signed that said he was injured in practice, but he was never officially put on the Injured reserve, they just moved him to the reserve roster. I do know that ECHL teams will occasionally do that with an injured player if they think they will only be off the ice for a short period because they only have a 21 day ir so putting them on ir means they must be out 3 weeks. That being said we have been waiting till late game day to disclose transactions that occurred earlier in the week here lately so Pops may also be waiting till Friday to release him to help son hide the transaction until right before the game so Columbus can't prepare for him being in net.