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  1. Everything I've read seems to hint that it was an owners decision but nothing has outright said as much.
  2. I think the NHL probably does see a bump during this portion of the season due to the lull in other major sports. The problem is that bump comes from sports fans tuning in because there isn't much else on, this year I would bet most of those viewers will be watching the Olympics and probably even a few die hard hockey fans will forego watching the Caps play the Canes for the fourth time of the season to watch some kid from Minnesota slide a rock down the ice while a couple more kids from Minnesota sweep in front of it, I know I will.
  3. If someone doesn't get that fat kid with the bad hair cut under control, there may not be anyone participating in the Olympics this year.
  4. Is that date correct, 2 weeks before opening night seems a bit late for a free agent camp?
  5. You can watch the live stream of the show here. The McGinns are in the second hour I believe.
  6. It really is great to see these three young men doing so much within our community. These camps are such a great experience for the youth here in the valley and the McGinn boys are setting a great example for them and the young men who play for the Dawgs.
  7. I absolutely understand that, luckily he has over a year to prove to the fans he is serious about making things work. I think something that would go a long way would be to scrap the Burn branding and let the fans have a say and then spend a little money and hire an actual graphic designer to design a logo. That whole branding is horrible. There are three directions to go with successful sports branding 1) alliteration 2) local significance or 3) big scary animals, with bonus points for meeting more than one of those ie. Columbus Cottonmouths. Burn doesn't cut the mustard on any level, (unless of course there is a hidden std epidemic ravaging Columbus that I am not aware of).
  8. I am going to preface my post by saying that I truly hope this works out for Columbus, that being said I share most everybody else's feelings of something being sketchy about this whole situation. The logo thing may be a shrewd business move, but I can tell you that shrewed business is not going to make up for the fact that your team logo is shared by possibly hundreds of small businesses that paid the same 29.99 for the rights. While it is true that the McGinns have no connection to Roanoke, they have a huge connection to hockey. They were looking for a team and we here in Roanoke had a group of local owners looking for a majority owner to bring hockey back and someone made the introduction. I understand that it has been widely known that Columbus was looking for an owner, but nothing I have seen points to any connection to hockey by Mr. Jenkins. So with no interest in tje community and with no interest in hockey, that leaves money as his primary motivation and I just don't see where ownership of an SPHL franchise is a lucrative investment. I could definitely be wrong, Mr. Jenkins may be a huge fan of Hockey, or he could have some connection to the community that we aren't aware of. But the initial impression I am getting is he is investing the minimum possible and making huge promises. I have seen that business model before and it didn't work out well for the fans. Just ask anyone in Roanoke how they feel about the Vipers, most of them will respond with a profanity laced tirade about that out of town ownership group. My advice to the fans in Columbus if this happens is go to the games, buy the merchandise if you want, but I wouldn't buy season tickets until you see him fulfilling some of his big promises and reinvesting in tthe organization.
  9. The meme that started the conversation
  10. So I was talking to a coworker who is a new fan of the game (Roanoke's home opener was his first game ever), he asked me who the guys in a meme about bad hockey hair styles. One of them was Al Iafrate so the conversation turned to his rocket slapshot and that led to whether I thought he would be faster than Chara's 108.8mph if he had todays composite sticks. I really don't have enough playing experience with different equipment to say, but from listening to guys who do I tend to believe he would be. So what do you guys think, how would superstars from the past rank today if they had todays equipment?
  11. If they keep the same times as last season, Friday and Saturday games start at 7:05 pm and Sunday games are 3:05 pm.
  12. From looking at the schedules that have been released, it appears the league is definitely trying to keep down travel costs, and possibly encourage more fans traveling to away games. Every schedule that has been released appears to be heavy on the closest opponents and light on the long trips.
  13. Yeah, they got back in town around 7am and had to be back on the ice about 2:30ish for pregame warm-up for 3:05 game. I believe the dates you listed are Thursday-Saturday so they will have about 4 extra hours to rest.
  14. We had a similar weekend this past January home on Friday, away at Huntsville on Saturday then back home for a MATINEE game on Sunday.
  15. My initial thought was announcing full schedule for next season, but I think you may be on the right track with promotion schedule.