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Everything posted by vicvegas

  1. Does anyone think that maybe with the challenge round playoff format we may see (not that we would ever hear about it) teams trading players in exchange for a team not taking (or maybe even taking) them in the challenge round?
  2. Would it be a conspiracy if it were allowed? I guess that is part of my question, with some of the things that I have heard have been used to fulfill FC trades, are there limits as to what those FCs can be and do they have to be reported to the league?
  3. I understand all of that, and I understand that final seeding is still far from being determined. But a team has a general idea by the trade deadline whether they will be top 3 or 5-8. I mean we are still quite a ways from the trade deadline and I can pretty much tell you Roanoke has little chance of cracking the top 3 but is, barring a complete breakdown, going to make the playoffs. So if we had a top 3 team that has pretty much owned us all season could we make a trade for F.C.s to that team in exchange for them promising not to pick us in the challenge round?
  4. FHL page is showing Miska is coming back to Roanoke from Elmira.
  5. So apparently they hit Armstrong and Ortiz with game misconducts ( continuing altercation) for the incident at the final horn so we will be without him Friday in Birmingham.
  6. I would say this is probably the final nail in their coffin, at least for this season
  7. So Matt Quilty's second 30 ir stint ends either today or tomorrow depending on how the league counts days ( does the day he is put on count as day one or does it start the next day), will he be re upped again on ir, will he be released, or kept and someone else released. I guess another possibility is to give Liulchuk another 3 gamer and give Quilty 3 games to prove himself before making a decision.
  8. So the only ECHL transaction showing up for Armstrong was he was placed on team suspension by Reading, so he must have got tired of not playing and told them screw this I'm going back to Roanoke where I will actually play.
  9. vicvegas

    SPHL Live

    Has anyone heard anything about SPHL live game streaming for this season? The website is still showing last season's info, I know I had purchased my package for last season by this point last year.
  10. That is one of biggest differences between this team the last few weeks, you never feel like they are out of it, as opposed to earlier in the season when if they were down more than 1 goal it felt like they gave up.
  11. Norfolk waived Barone today, looks like Coach Bremner may have a very difficult decision to make over the next day or two.
  12. Did anyone else notice that Danny Cesarz never served his penalty for his boarding that led up to the Tolles abuse of official penalty. We were on the PK and after Knoxville took two penalties it ended up being 4 on 4 instead of Roanoke being a man up 4 on 3.
  13. An even bigger question is what the heck was the whistle for that led to that faceoff in the first place? Macon commits a delayed offsides and checks up like they are supposed to and when Bauer skates behind the net to organize our breakout the stop play for some unknown reason and then call Mele for a questionable penalty on the resulting faceoff. Bottom line is we have got to clean up our pk ( I know it wasn't officially a pp goal but we still only had 4 on the ice). Overall the guys played a great game last night, but when you give up 2 goals on only 3 penalties you are going to have a hard time winning games.
  14. That rule doesn't exist in the SPHL rulebook. It is an NHL rule that the SPHL never adopted but Mele still got called for it. I posted screenshots from the applicable rulebook sections of both the NHL rulebook and SPHL rulebook in the discussion on The Dawg Parks fb page if you would like to see the applicable rules.
  15. Alex Adams loaned to ECHL Maine. Also noticed Matt Quilty's 30 days is over so I wonder how long before Coach puts him on the ice?
  16. I'm pretty sure Andy McElman, Director of Officiating was in the off ice officials box the entire game tonight.
  17. Looks like they released Harrison.
  18. We could use a 3 game and then we wouldn't have to release anyone until next weekend.
  19. Travis Armstrong signed, Lane King placed on waivers.
  20. As long as the press box isn't so high in the rafters that you can't see the puck or read jersey numbers, possibly an issue in larger NHL arenas but not even close to an issue in SPHL arenas, then the elevated height gives you a more complete view of the ice and a more accurate perception of the angle of travel of the puck. I am sure we have all seen those shots where we thought they were dead on goals only to see a replay from a different angle and realized it wasn't even close, the higher above the ice the viewer is, the less of an issue that becomes. There is a reason announcers sit up there and not right on the ice.
  21. I've never understood why, in todays age of wireless communication, the off ice officials (or at least the ones responsible for shot counts) still sit where they do and are not in the press box where they would have a clearer veiw to get SOG counts. It's gotta be difficult to tell fom the angle they are watching from whether or not some shots should be counted.
  22. Yeah, I couldn't find anything either. I must have just mentally ascribed the instigator in the last 5 minutes to all game misconduct penalties. That's a pretty hefty fine for this league.
  23. It was obvious from where I was sitting he did it on purpose so the call was good, I just don't see what the point was, it's not like it would have made any difference one way or the other if they scored there. I hope you are right on the automatic suspension because if he is suspended that makes it extra stupid and definitely not what we need with the schedule we have this weekend.
  24. Can someone please explain to me what Adams was thinking taking a delay of game penalty with us 2 down and 18 seconds left? Correct me if I am wrong but since they tagged it a game misconduct that late in the game doesn't that equal an automatic 1 game suspension putting us a skater down again tomorrow.
  25. I'd hold off on the spelling kudos JMC, the reason it's edited is I spelled it incorrectly myself the first time.