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Everything posted by vicvegas

  1. Interesting, I had no idea the team was planning on moving their offices to Lancerlot. The story made it sound like they will be using it as their primary practice facility as opposed to a backup when the Berglund Center ice isn't available, I wonder if that is true?
  2. Opposing fans understand, we just tend to think that with the roster limitations of this league that a team cannot afford to use a roster spot on a skater whose only contribution takes place with his gloves off.
  3. Kinda thinking the same thing. Teams have 28 players with 22 being active each game, the league is saying players will make between 6k and 20k so if the average is 10k you are looking at payroll alone of just shy of 300k. Factoring in travel cost, arena lease, staff salaries, equipment and marketing and considering there will only 8 home games to bring in revenue, I can't imagine a scenario that makes the team successful. If they make ticket costs high enough to cover expenses they will be to expensive for the average fan to attend.
  4. Not sure on the prices but I'm sure only averaging 1200 fans a game didn't help.
  5. I'm not sure this will hurt scheduling wise, may even help out a bit. They will only be playing one game a week and the playing surface can be put over ice, so it could possibly cut down on playoff availability issues, only having to schedule around a two hour football game and the time it takes to put down and remove the astroturf and underlayment. As opposed to a rodeo which requires the ice be removed and tons of dirt trucked in.
  6. It's not just about Roanoke though, from the few schedules I have looked at, Fayettville never travels to QC and Evansville never makes the trip to Pensacola. That's lazy scheduling on the leagues part. Granted as a Roanoke fan this is only the third season I have followed the league, but this is the first time I've seen any teams not have to play in every arena atleast once.
  7. I see we once again have our home-Huntsville-home weekend.
  8. I posted asking about this on Macons Facebook page and this is the response I recieved "Since Larry Smith was released from his contract at the end of the regular season and not on our playoff roster, he was not eligible to be protected. Therefore, he was eligible to sign with the Mayhem before August 1st"
  9. I thought a team couldn't resign an unprotected player until after August 1. Is the fact that Smith wasn't on the playoff roster the loophole that allows them to resign him now or did someone screw up?
  10. I've got an even scarier Facebook story for you. A coworker and myself were discussing a town in South Carolina were my coworkers dad lived, I had never heard of this town, I did not google this town or anything else. The only connection I had to said town was a private verbal conversation ( not through text or over the phone) with a coworker, but the next time I logged into Facebook I recieved real estate ads for homes in said town, so apparently my phone or more specifically the FB app on my phone, was listening to our conversation.
  11. Can't say that I noticed any of those issues ( as a Roanoke fan I couldn't spell, or pick half of your team out of a line up and definitely wouldn't know where they came from prior to coming to Fayetteville). So maybe I should rephrase my statement to say I think Ben's in game twitter feed was the most entertaining in the league. I can honestly say that I almost always checked in on game nights to read his tweets, and Fayetteville is the only team (asside from Roanoke of course) that I did that for.
  12. He's got some pretty big shoes to fill, Ben wasn't the best play by play guy in the league, but I think he definitely held the title of best social media guy.
  13. SPHL is most definitely not semi-pro. While a large portion of the players do work other jobs during the season to make a little extra money, Hockey is their primary profession during the season. When you are talking about semi-pro sports, you are talking about teams made up of guys (or girls) who work 40 hour a week jobs and then go to practice 1 or 2 evenings a week and play games on the weekends and if they are lucky they will get payed enough to cover the expenses related to playing (equipment amd travel expenses to and from games). Some semi-pro leagues don't even get that, I played two seasons of semi-pro football right after high school and my only compensation was the team covered my registration fees for the league and provided a game day meal every week and that was more than some of the teams provided. Almost always semi-pro teams are made up of local players, and are little more than adult travel rec leagues.
  14. I guess thats what I get for only reading the list and not the rest of the article lol.
  15. What kind of hockey movie list doesn't include Slapshot or Miracle? And if you are going to include movies that are only kind of hockey related like this list does you gotta have Happy Gilmore.
  16. While I have no doubt the casual fans who don't follow the sport that closely feel that way, I personally prefer the second game of a two day set against the same team. That second game is almost always more physical and competative. Also, we don't have opponents yet so we don't know how many of those Friday-Saturday sets are two against the same team, we had several times the last two seasons when we would play two different teams at home on the same weekend, usually we would play one team on Friday and that team swings to Fayetteville or Knoxville on Saturday and whoever played Fay or Knox on Friday comes to play us on Saturday.
  17. If I could change anything about our schedule it would be to cut down on, or completely get rid of Friday night games during High School football season. I know several fans who attend most games but have kids who play high school football and miss all those Friday night games.
  18. Not just "the save", from the last two games of the ECF through the SCF, with the possible exception of game one, Holtby's play was insane and probably more responsible for the Caps win than any one skater.
  19. The only way there would any economic advantage would be if you could schedule all home games as single game weekend, which given the venue availability and length of season constraints isn't feasible. With 56 games in 28 weeks, even with no availability issues, the only way to do that would be to have every weekend be a home-away split and with the travel distances involved that isn't really an option. So that leaves either multi-game weekends or more mid-week games and I think that everyone agrees that multi-game weekends are preferable to more mid-week games (which tend to be little more than just STHs in attendance and probably not even all of them) .
  20. I agree, I definitely think back to back weekends will increase visiting fans (everyone except Fay and Knox are 8+ hours away and that is a long drive for one game) but by what, maybe 100 fans (and that is a very generous estimate) vs losing 500 to 1000 by splitting local fans.
  21. Hoping maybe that the extra week away on this stretch is because they have relocated one of the April events to open up availability of the Berglund Center for playoffs
  22. Really not liking how long the late February early March break is this season, definatly going to have to try and squeeze a away game road trip or two in during that span.
  23. It's not a matter of math, it was explained to me that all teams were allowed 2 Vets with no game limit but they could add a 3rd if the total games between all 3 fell below 900 (1100 at the time I recieved the explanation). If that is incorrect, as I stated, I am full willing to admit my understanding of the rule is incorrect. The vailed (barely) insult is not needed.
  24. If I understand the rule correctly, and that is a big if, you are allowed 2 vets with no total game limit the 900 game limit only applies if you want a 3rd vet. So you could have 2 guys with 1000 games each but if you want to field 3 vets they must have less than 900 games combined.
  25. Mele and Sova have 630 pro games combined so if my stats, math and understanding of how the veteran rule works are correct, even if we brought in another vet with only the minimum games to be a vet someone would have to go before the 16th game of the season.
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