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  1. They made a social media post expressing sympathy for his passing.
  2. I believe with this signing and the demise of Danbury, the Ice Bears will dominate the FHL.
  3. Professional MMA fighter in Canada. Rumor is that he's been skating with nieces and nephews regularly over the Christmas holidays most of those inactive hockey years. My sources say his legs are fresh, unless they've been chopped on by MMA front leg sweep specialists. I hope he's not lost his scoring touch with the layoff. Anyone still living that's seen this guy play? If so, tell us about him. Will his play be hampered now that the players and goalies wear helmets?
  4. This brings the roster excitement to a crescendo!
  5. He'd better get a move on if his roster is going to show that at all. I just hope he has a boat load of promises from ECHL cuts. A handful of college grinders and Berkley Scott aren't going to get it done.
  6. They are both about 5'9" and 165 and 190 respectively, so no. It appears their fights are accidents or poor life choices.
  7. Wow, second signing announcement upcoming. Ice bears now have 2 players with 34 total goals in 8 combined years of college (forwards). Research on Youtube shows both to be most skilled at being punching bags. Going great so far!
  8. Parks was a victim of circumstance. Knoxville brought him in, never activated him for a game, let him rot in practice for awhile. Once they had to cut him to make roster space, he went to a Columbus team desperate for a goalie that was terrible all over the ice. I would take Mavric Parks' potential as my goaltender without reservation. He's not a guarantee, but he should be very close to a guaranteed successful goalie in this league. As for Jon Rey, I don't know what to tell you. He should be good based on his pedigree and skating ability. He got worse by the week in Knoxville, and I don't know if that was him or just a symptom of Knoxville collapsing last year. By the end of the season, Knoxville had bad defensemen trying to cover for him on the ice. I hope he succeeds there, showing his regression in Knoxville was a fluke, because he seemed like a good guy.
  9. I have a rough idea, and I believe it is a fairly decent middle class income. From what I've been told, I was actually surprised at the IB recent pay for a coach. I assumed it was minimal, and it was nearly double what I suspected.
  10. Maybe he was actually referencing the dance team.
  11. Any word on where Craigen's picture is being placed?
  12. You were thinking the Grape guy from Fruit of the Loom?
  13. Don't like. White is better than dark jersey.
  14. I'm sorry, but this guy's resume is light compared to most anyone ever in this league. I think he most resembles the former Louisiana coach, and he was not successful at much of anything but icing a good squad. I'd take the crapshoot of a former SPHL/ECHL player (especially Captain) turned coach over this any day. I think the fact he appears to have had a failed shot in extremely low level junior hockey speaks volumes.
  15. I'll take Craigen back with a promise to read Defense and Power Play instructional manual.