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  1. Many of these players become entrenched in the local community with their personal and professional lives. Many also realize they are not going to progress much further up the ladder. Others have taken call-ups and become disenfranchised with the system (i.e. Bryan Hince and likely Brian Billett after his Swamp Rabbit experience). So, no, call ups are not always accepted. The Joe Manno call up was fairly routine, as he is younger and has not tried his hand at ECHL for any extent of time. The injury he suffered there was highly unfortunate. The Luke Sandler call up was interesting. He's not an ECHL player, he's had ample opportunity to realize that, and he went to a team that was an absolute train wreck that kept him because no one else would play there while they were in the process of folding. What an opportunity! The defenseman that came in early wasn't here long enough to even count, and he was not even in the season plan as he was grabbed after ECHL training camp cuts and I assume because of being a former acquaintance of Billett in college (seemed fairly surprising and random to even get him). So, in conclusion, not all of these guys are seeking the call up. Many of them are in a city they enjoy squeezing out the final few bits of joy from the sport they love while realizing they aren't going anywhere else. You absolutely have "call up" kinds of guys and "non-call up" kinds of guys. More guys are willing to run to the call up when they sense the team is going nowhere. That money you mentioned is more enticing when you realize you have no championship aspirations, and many of these guys love that championship as much or more than the money. Longer term SPHL players that form your core do not often take call ups. The younger guys wanting a shot do so, as well as some of the ECHL fringe guys that get shuffled from rosters but have spent time in the higher league, as well as time in the SPHL formerly. One guy has made the NHL from this league, and that was a highly unusual circumstance. The chance of winning a championship in a professional league is greater in the SPHL than most any other. The GM has very little to do with forming the team in the SPHL. A general manager in the SPHL runs the business of the team. I'm not sure why the players would even care about the GM of the team, unless he is taking away hot water and towels after selling the team bus to save money. The coach of an SPHL team fulfills the traditional role of "general manager" that you associate from major sports leagues. I tend to think Murray has changed the "tone" of the organization over the past couple of years, but I don't think that permeates the actual team and play on the ice to the degree that a coach does. Craigen was a mediocre X's and O's coach that appeared to be slipping at roster building the further he got from his playing day contacts. He's a great guy, though. I think someone else should take a chance to see if he's learned a lesson and adjusted. If they do not hire an experienced and obvious upgrade from him, I would have preferred they let him try to implement the changes he promised in a letter to season ticket holders.
  2. You may want to read in the parentheses while you are going. If you can't get them in while going left to right and top to bottom, you can go back and review them at the end. There are elite players in this league (meaning they are elite within this league, i.e. Kevin Swider), and Berkley Scott is not one of those. Craigen outsmarted himself on the veteran situation last year. Anyone that thinks Kyle McNeil should be a veteran part of a successful team is crazy. All you have to do is look at his history on the teams where he's played (primarily big losing seasons). Rookie players go to Knoxville and can't do much of anything, and they wind up at other places doing well. Jon Marshall was playing because of Craigen's mismanagement of the roster. Call-ups are not always automatic. They are often more readily accepted by a player when they realize they are in a losing situation or being poorly coached. Craigen mishandled Adam Stuart, Jon Clewlow, multiple goalies, and multiple defensemen. Murray does seem quite different. He appears to believe he's some fabric of Knoxville/elite citizen lately, primarily because of "Leadership Knoxville" and "Dancing with the Knoxville Stars", I guess. There's some good people working for him, so I hate to see them having to put up with whatever is happening. I don't think Murray's situation helped Craigen, but Craigen had his own set of issues; and it's hard to argue against his fate. If the assertion that they had lots of quality applicants turns out to not be true and they make an inexperienced or cheap hire, then that will be a clear signal of whether the needle of blame points to coaching or the front office. If they hire cheap, it will tell you quickly that losing Cole and other personnel matters are being influenced solely by finances. That will also be a clear signal that Craigen was scapegoated to some degree, but that still doesn't clear up why his power play is consistently atrocious while the defense leaves the backside post open 100% of the time.
  3. I tend to agree that Murray is the problem. I'm not certain that he truly manages the organization to its fullest potential, and I think the last year or two he has gotten worse. In all fairness, though, Craigen was not finding elite (for this league) talent, he was not managing his roster well, he was not developing the younger players that well, he had a failed defensive and power play philosophy; so I'm not sure this is an either/or argument. Craigen is a nice guy, and I hope he lands somewhere and adjusts his philosophy and prospers, or hangs around the Knoxville community and finds something lucrative if he leaves hockey. If your coach is very good, you should not need a Director of Hockey Development, or whatever Cole was. With some of the happenings of last year, it does seem plausible that Craigen's support structure in the organization eroded. I hope it gets back on track soon. It is obvious that Murray is going nowhere. I thought he would lay low after his incident, but the Ice Bears paraded him all over town shortly afterwards. I thought it was the wrong move, but it appears they were testing the waters, and I haven't heard a huge backlash. It'll be interesting how he's treated by the season ticket holders and fans once hockey resumes. The new coach announcement next week should go a long way towards telling which direction this organization is headed.
  4. Should have gone with Flares. Then the whole crowd could wear blonde wigs and yell "Wooooooo!!!!!!!". I think I had a buddy that went into the army and picked up the Columbus burn.
  5. For the role he played, it was perfect. Your comment is rather ignorant, assuming the comment is as sarcastic as it seems.
  6. Very neat, and absolutely deserved! His skills were fabulous, but his calm demeanor on the ice is what made him so watchable. It's nice to see him get the recognition he earned.
  7. Olauson is the only man he consistently out-coached, so maybe! So it depends on who the point of reference is for Fayetteville in the coaching search, I guess.
  8. Nello Ferrara for Ice Bears Head Coach!
  9. Tony Danza as Head Coach. Danny DeVito as an assistant. Both have experience driving taxis. It was an economical decision.
  10. Did the Ice Bears introduce the new coach?
  11. I think there could be more details underlying his departure that wouldn't facilitate that happening. And that is not a knock on character at all, I'm just assuming waivers of popular players have lots of layers.
  12. I don't think he's an option based on his departure.
  13. It is beginning to appear like the Ice Bears are going to forego the use of a Head Coach for the upcoming season. Even Cotton thinks this is a bold move.
  14. If you take Knoxville's current attendance and factor a modest bump for a new arena and improved level of hockey, it looks feasible that the Knoxville market could be Top Third of the ECHL in attendance, which is Top 10 or better. It would seem that could be a recipe to avoid losing money in that league. I just wonder about the SPHL in a brand new, modern building with that seating capacity. Is that a recipe for success, and is it one that intrigues the arena management enough to hold space for a hockey team instead of booking other events? I just worry the SPHL is not prominent enough to avoid the temptation of dumping hockey in such a building for more lucrative possibilities. I would assume the E would hold a bit more prominence.
  15. Thanks, Mac. I appreciate that. To answer your skepticism regarding my claims, though, I think I should offer that I would not say I have "inside information". I would tell you I pay close attention to things I see, hear, and experience as nothing more than a frequent guest at Knoxville hockey events mingling around and understanding who I am around that is talking, saying, and doing things. I just know who the people around the building are, and I see and hear things they are doing. That's the limit of my specialness. I get what you are saying about my offers of information from some of these events and being vague about some of them. In all honesty, I could be specific about some things I know for certain or have seen, but I think the Ice Bears people (team, management, employees, etc) have earned respect for treating low level minor league hockey in the area with respect. They are decent people trying to provide something decent for the fans in the area. I like to mention things that would make it better. I like to do that without making it seem like never-ending complaints. I stop myself from saying some things because I wouldn't want an Ice Bears management person or employee to read it and feel bad about it. When you asked earlier about information and I gave you that silly vague answer, my detailing what I'd been told and heard directly would have made the source of the information fairly obvious, and I don't think that's good to do. I also enjoy participating on a message board, so that is contradictory and tortures my soul some days. All in all, I have about three or four complaints. Those are poor recruiting of a team by Craigen of multiple years, poor backside defense, poor power play, and SMG seemingly spoiling the efforts at fan friendliness that the Ice Bears have worked so hard over the years to achieve. Oh, and I think ticket prices in Knoxville are too high; but that is a fact of life since they receive no concessions and parking money in their deal. Many of my troubles have been seemingly eradicated. Sorry to type your ear off, Mac; but I appreciated the quoted statement and apology above. Thanks again, Mac.