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  1. If you take Knoxville's current attendance and factor a modest bump for a new arena and improved level of hockey, it looks feasible that the Knoxville market could be Top Third of the ECHL in attendance, which is Top 10 or better. It would seem that could be a recipe to avoid losing money in that league. I just wonder about the SPHL in a brand new, modern building with that seating capacity. Is that a recipe for success, and is it one that intrigues the arena management enough to hold space for a hockey team instead of booking other events? I just worry the SPHL is not prominent enough to avoid the temptation of dumping hockey in such a building for more lucrative possibilities. I would assume the E would hold a bit more prominence.
  2. Thanks, Mac. I appreciate that. To answer your skepticism regarding my claims, though, I think I should offer that I would not say I have "inside information". I would tell you I pay close attention to things I see, hear, and experience as nothing more than a frequent guest at Knoxville hockey events mingling around and understanding who I am around that is talking, saying, and doing things. I just know who the people around the building are, and I see and hear things they are doing. That's the limit of my specialness. I get what you are saying about my offers of information from some of these events and being vague about some of them. In all honesty, I could be specific about some things I know for certain or have seen, but I think the Ice Bears people (team, management, employees, etc) have earned respect for treating low level minor league hockey in the area with respect. They are decent people trying to provide something decent for the fans in the area. I like to mention things that would make it better. I like to do that without making it seem like never-ending complaints. I stop myself from saying some things because I wouldn't want an Ice Bears management person or employee to read it and feel bad about it. When you asked earlier about information and I gave you that silly vague answer, my detailing what I'd been told and heard directly would have made the source of the information fairly obvious, and I don't think that's good to do. I also enjoy participating on a message board, so that is contradictory and tortures my soul some days. All in all, I have about three or four complaints. Those are poor recruiting of a team by Craigen of multiple years, poor backside defense, poor power play, and SMG seemingly spoiling the efforts at fan friendliness that the Ice Bears have worked so hard over the years to achieve. Oh, and I think ticket prices in Knoxville are too high; but that is a fact of life since they receive no concessions and parking money in their deal. Many of my troubles have been seemingly eradicated. Sorry to type your ear off, Mac; but I appreciated the quoted statement and apology above. Thanks again, Mac.
  3. That's some slight progress from where they stood at the time of the last public announcement. I think the price tag went up, though, didn't it? Wasn't it previously in the $80 million range? Maybe this new figure includes some of the additional plans for the site, like retail and living space on the periphery. Curious if anyone else thinks a project like this would possibly create an opportunity for the ECHL here? The Knoxville hockey market seems strong enough, but the building held that back and I assume created the league's departure previously.
  4. Why are you always so condescending? The fact is that the Coliseum replacement/renovation process started about April 2014. February of 2016 was the announcement date of the preferred proposal, but this process has been going on for over 3 years in totality, and it has been completely stagnated for somewhere around 1.35 years, as of THIS YEAR. I would say the statement of 2 years is conservative considering the entire process and the time exceeding one year since the last news. In addition, any likely forward movement from here would involve budgets and required notice for hearings and proposals. There were no items in the city budget related to the process, so that makes it unlikely to have any activity costing money in the next few months. In fact, I believe the Coliseum turned back or declined $70,000 from the recent budget. Any other activity would probably require bids or postings. Those would typically be minimum 60-90 day periods for those type of activities. That puts you into the Fall at least if something were to develop at this moment. Pretty safe to say, the process has been or will be silent for two years or more at minimum.
  5. Nope. I could name a few more incidents of this type that I never witnessed prior to the city handing over control of the building. Oh, well, that's enough on that. They aren't going to go back to city control. I just wish it was operated in a way that didn't make you wonder if they even cared if the building stays open. That coupled with no movement in nearly two years regarding a new coliseum is getting suspicious.
  6. I watched an acquaintance going to a meeting point for some on-ice promotion. While standing in the concourse, two ushers moved curtains back and forth in front of the people waiting so they could not see out to the ice. And when I say moved the curtain back and forth, I mean if the person standing near them moved their head to the side, they moved the curtain to that side in front of their face. If they moved it back, they readjusted the curtain. It was like a 3 Stooges skit.
  7. Security procedures changing nightly was the primary issue. I know of an incident with a security guard on the head end of the cattle chute cursing out a fan for no reason. They also had bizarre procedures going on with the ushers making it difficult to take part in a number of game day activities for the fans, as well as general movement in the arena. I think one of the most telling failings of SMG was the embarrassing operation of the zamboni. They had no one that could resurface the ice even to an amateur level until they got a trained zamboni driver sometime around about Christmas. They appear to have lost the entire city maintenance staff from the Coliseum with the changeover, and those guys operated the zamboni previously with no issues. I'm not 100% sure it is purely SMG. They run some other arenas I've frequented in a very professional manner. It seems to be more of an issue in Knoxville. I'm not sure if that's intentional or just incompetence. Are the Knoxville Coliseum operators from the Knoxville Convention Center? I suspect operating a convention center and arena are quite different.
  8. It was intended to sound as stupid as it did. Some use emojis, I use literary crayons.
  9. Yeah, that's minced words because I don't really want to share the conversations I've heard directly or indirectly. The Ice Bears people are good people, but they need to understand they had two serious issues. Those were coaching/team performance and arena experience. I'm afraid if they don't fix both, they won't continue to be strong. That would be a shame. One seems to have been noted already. It'll be interesting if they can or will do anything about the other. I"m not sure they have the power to influence the other completely. I know they were approaching the arena management issue with somewhat of an arrogance from what I heard, and that was tied to ticket sales/renewals. Evidence suggests ticket sales are not as strong as prior, so that arrogance that was clearly heard may not be in place any longer and I've been told of conversations that strongly suggest that.
  10. I have extrapolation of conclusions drawn from first and second hand comments of ownership and management relative to a perceived and possible panic with season ticket renewal and a previous disregard for the effect SMG management was imparting on long time season ticket holders and their perception and reaction to the current arena experience coupled with a frustration of on-ice performance. So, pretty much, yes.
  11. I think the IceBears have typically been fan friendly through the years. The current problem is compounded. I believe the Ice Bears got a bit arrogant about their success at the box office, and SMG was put into place with their absolutely tone deaf approach to arena management. That made the experience decline rapidly over the past year and a half. I don't think the KIB management saw it coming until season ticket renewal time. It appears they were surprised. You can manage an arena like SMG does if it is a modern facility. You cannot ask people to come to a dump like the Coliseum and watch low level hockey without allowing some type of "different" atmosphere to the repeat customers.
  12. Surprising! Heard they have soft ice and the puck rolls on edge a lot.
  13. Aaron Hernandez?
  14. Had to keep some defensemen, and they are the hardest position to find good players in this league. I suspect Metcalfe was kept for toughness, and Hale used to be good. He regressed terribly later in the year. It's a good thing John Rey was on the team so it made Hale look competent. With a new coach, I suspect Hale improves. If not, he's trade bait. I hope Witmyer makes it somewhere. He had no business on one of our top lines, but he hustles. He needs a place somewhere on some team. I suspect with a new coach, this list won't mean much. I bet 90% of the roster is shaken up, and these guys may or may not be used to pick up pieces.