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  1. Where are all the references to Chuck Norris characters?
  2. I give them a lot of credit. Everyone does the holiday jerseys and camo/military appreciation jerseys, we've seen Star Wars, Video Games, retro 70/tie dye..... this is new.
  3. Quickly is putting it lightly. 50 Season tickets last year, and the fanbase only got more frustrated as the season went on. http://www.standard-freeholder.com/2017/03/26/cornwall-nationals-housing-players-next-big-step-for-team I can easily see Cornwall being the next to fold.
  4. There is a 6 team requirement within the league itself, the reasoning is just a little foggy. 2 seasons ago the Brewster team played the roll of #6 to make the league happen. Both links below mention the need for the 6th team. http://wlad.com/local-headlines/151711 http://www.theexaminernews.com/new-ownership-assumes-pro-hockey-team-in-brewster/ The first article in states "A team in Michigan put it in their contract that the League has to have six teams." It's unclear as to who that came from . IT gives the impression that Soskin required it before sinking his money into another franchise. However, I recall reading that McMoran arena in Port Huron put that clause in the Prowlers/Soskins lease. (PH newspaper only gives you 6 free articles so it's tough to dig that up). The Knights/Saints have "home" games in 4 towns across Ontario and Quebec while taking the name of the town where they will play the majority of the games. But they DO have 6 teams... did I mention smoke & mirrors?
  5. So the league is down to 5&1/2 teams. It'll be interesting to see how long the league can afford to play the smoke & mirrors game with the Kingsville/South River/Gravenhurst/Temiscaming Knights formerly known as the Saints.
  6. I'm happy to see them mention the benefit having hockey. Chance are the Dawgs are as much a partner as they are an anchor tenant.
  7. Getting an owner is one thing. Getting 16-20 kids/team to pay upward so of $7,500 for the chance to get called up is another. Especially since getting called up and receiving $0.01 would make them ineligible for the NCAA and ACHA. I would think no one in their right mind would fall for this, but the Death Pool has been reporting on "Donkey Shows" like this for years, so you never know. I still think they shell game is that this whole tuition funded league is nothing more than a fund raiser for the FHL.
  8. 1. A few seasons ago there were articles about players driving themselves to games. Sorry, I have no links to back this up, but if players are driving their own cars, it's no big deal when the repo man comes for the bus (and he will). 2. The bus is probably the latest idea they're hoping to fund using the pay-to-play IDHL I can't see that league getting off the ground, but it's clear that it's noting but an ATM to keep the F(ly by night)HL and their new bus afloat. ...my my I just sound skeptical this morning.
  9. I'm tired of the league using the East/West balance as a cop out. Put Detroit or Columbus in the West and it's done. They're both a cup of coffee away from Chicago. The extra 25 minutes on a plane isn't going mess up the schedule. Minus the anomaly of Green Bay, Quebec would be the smallest "market" in North American sports (currently held by Winnipeg). City-wise, it's bigger than many at over 400,000, but the metro/market falls short at 800,000. ex; Sunrise is sub 100,000, but falls into the Miami market of over 6 million. Those potential 6 million TV sets are what the league wants to drive ratings. The Quebec market will absolutely support a team. But this article sheds some light on the "Quebec Monopoly" held by Montreal. Notice the uproar over the last time Quebec tried to get into Montreal's turf. http://montrealgazette.com/opinion/columnists/don-macpherson-why-the-nhl-and-the-montreal-canadiens-said-no-to-quebec-city The other thing QC has going against it, is the employment (IMO- the difference between Quebec and Winnipeg). For sponsorship &luxury boxes, it has some big players; Quebecor, Bombardier, Cirque de Soliel, but not much depth. Quebec's big employers include government and tourism- two things that tank quickly as soon as the economy starts to turn South. I really wanted to see them back in the league, but I'm not holding my breath. In the mean time, I'll wear my Remparts jersey as part of the rotation.
  10. As much as i would love to see Quebec back in the game, I don't think it's going to happen. First- As we know, the league (as with all pro sports leagues) is driven by TV money. Ratings are all that matters. Putting a team in Quebec isn't going to increase ratings- they're already tuned in. Weather it's Montreal, or someone else that old rival fans look too instead, Quebec is already watching the NHL on TV, so the league gets no ratings boost. Second- With the revenue sharing part of the CBA, big money markets help support smaller markets. Montreal is a huge provider. Adding a team that cuts into their revenue only hurts the league. Regardless of how well Quebec does, it's a small market that can't be a provider, and pulls from the cash that Montreal could spread around. Last thought- I'm not going to say never. The Quebecor/Nordiques group was way to cordial in congratulating Vegas and the League on something they got left out of. I have to think that somewhere the league promised them something to get them to play along. Time will tell.
  11. The only example I know of was the old Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies with their 4th (final season) anniversary logo & merchandise. It brought speculation from the start that it was a money grab before the team when under.
  12. Nothing concrete in this but just a possible tidbit at the end. https://thejuniorhockeynews.com/nahl-meeting-on-brown-bears-reactivation-and-other-team-relocations/ Wouldn't really think this would be considered "North Eastern" but you never know... "Rumors began to heat up this past week as two viable locations in the North Eastern United States have been identified."
  13. The book's (11 Seconds) not that bad, but every few years, ESPN will update and re-air the story. When you see the interviews with the family- especially his father- you'll need the Kleenex
  14. We started out with the ECHL & Elmira, but have settled in with Johnstown (NAHL) over the last 4 seasons. However any league using more than 3 initials is in play.
  15. Now THAT would be a travel budget.