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  1. I check up with the progress once a week and they have 1/3rd of the arena demolished, cannot wait until I see some stands start going up.
  2. For year 1, after this season we will expand to over 5000.
  3. Cannot wait, The arena should be done quick. This will help the other club teams in the arena greatly.
  4. Yep, That is a best case scenario. But I think the most likely will be that the Pelham Civic Center will be unrecognizable and look like an actual arena. But with a likely USL team moving to Bham, renovations to Legacy Arena, and a new stadium going next to the BJCC anything is possible.
  5. Yes they do, every hockey event I have seen there has a full bar. And lots of people locally remember the days of old when the ECHL team would pack out the BJCC and are hoping that this team can do it again, which is highly unlikely. But this is one of the largest markets in the league so I do not think that 5300 will be enough hopefully. I fully expect to average 4,128 year one which would be a sell out every game and 5000 year two which would be a near sell out. I expect 5-7 years down the line to see the team in either an unrecognizable Pelham Civic Center or on the verge of moving to the BJCC once again to join the rest of Birmingham Sports in revitalizing the Downtown area.
  6. Good, Thats what I was hoping to hear.
  7. I miss the old jerseys from the mid 90's with the stripes and not the angles but Im still pleased. Also I didnt like the logo at first but it did grow on me. Although I do like the old WHA logo best.
  8. Funny, But seriously I cannot wait!
  9. This season is going to be lit, lol.
  10. Did some research on all of them and they look good! Cant wait on the season. My only thoughts is on Parks giving up over 3 goals a game last season but I hope he will improve.
  11. Welcome to SPHL Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.