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  1. Tough Game To Swallow

    That 3rd was disgusting. Take bad penalties and take bad chances on defense and lose a game. Simple equation that plays out over and over. Guyon is a bright spot; how did it take a team folding to get him out of the FHL? if I’m an ECHL team I’m giving him a training camp invite. Back to the pessimism: I’ve had a nagging feeling for a while that the Bulls were going to sneak past for the #8 spot, and those fears are very real now. Even an 8-game win streak couldn’t shake those guys, and now strength of schedule could be a deciding factor. Dawgs have 4 with Peoria BUT Bulls have 3 with Pensacola still.
  2. Those last 4 against the Rivs will give them a good gauge of whether they want to pick the Dawgs in round 1. Although right now, nobody would.
  3. Roster Moves

    Great showing by Barone against the best team in the ECHL. If he continues to perform like this he might not be down in the SPHL at all next year.
  4. SPHL players available in NHL18

    To resurrect this one more time, I have finished the rosters and my ‘mod’ is now complete. Here’s some screenshots from my current season mode. https://postimg.org/gallery/38d6rvgn0/
  5. Absolutely in agreement with that. Under Ftorek, we weren’t even beating Fayetteville in regulation.
  6. I still have one huge reason for skepticism about this team’s playoff chances: it’s now February and they have still yet to win in regulation vs. any team other than Fayetteville. 11 games vs. Fayetteville = 4 regulation wins 24 games vs. the rest of the league = 0 regulation wins Having only 1 of the final 20 against the Marksmen worries me. This team is good against the Marksmen, but I don’t know about anybody else.
  7. Playoff games

    Slightly off-topic, but if I was the #1 seed I’d pick the Dawgs even if all 3 were in Roanoke. Dawgs, Marks, and Bulls are all significantly worse than the other 7 teams. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not thrilled with the idea of no playoff game, but I don’t think it matters in the grand scheme of Dawgs success in the market. I accepted years ago that minor league hockey is not primarily aimed at us, the hardcore fans who post on team message boards. I’d guess 90% of the crowd at any game for any team is just there to have a good time on a weekend night. That’s why we have superhero jerseys, a fluffy dog mascot, and T-shirt tosses: because you need those casual folks to survive, and I doubt if any of them will even notice or remember next year if the Dawgs go on the road for Round 1.
  8. Playoff games

    Disappointing if true, but I’m not going to the extent of saying this is Franchise-altering. Among the other instances listed, Macon played the entire 1st round on the road last year, still won the title, and that hasn’t seemed to hurt their support. It happens in this league. I lived in an AHL city for 25 years before moving here, and countless early round weekend playoff games were empty anyway. Minor league playoffs are a tough sell anyway before the final because there’s little notice and no promotion to get fans in the door.
  9. SPHL players available in NHL18

    Ah ok, was wondering what that was about, saw he had zero games for them on his stats. Thanks for reposting the image, too; Dropbox can be screwy to share stuff from. I’ve found a mistake in there already: Alex Pompeo is listed 2x and should be removed from Columbus’ alumni. Also, added a note about season mode to the first post.
  10. This has been brought up recently in another threads, so I thought I’d share my research for other SPHL fans who play NHL18. As I posted in a previous thread, I have the entire SPHL created in my game. For anyone else who wants to use real players in their game, there a number of call-ups and alumni already created by EA. I’ve done the research to find what I believe is every one-time SPHL’er available in the game and compiled them into one spreadsheet. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kknnjg4tibm8bln/SPHL_roster_011818.png Keep in mind: - A few call-ups are still missing, likely due to EA not having their rights via the PHPA yet. - This spreadsheet requires the 1-18-18 roster update to find all these players, as guys are constantly appearing and disappearing with each roster update. - If you want to use these guys in Francise, put them on a custom team, free agency, or an NHL/AHL roster, as ECHL and Euro players aren’t carried into the mode. - If you want to play a season mode, I recommend creating these 12 teams and using the EBEL league. You’ll play a 54-game schedule and the game does let you choose your playoff opponents like the real SPHL. Change the playoff format to best-of-3 before starting.
  11. Fun Fact

    From the main menu, go to Rosters > Active Roster and there’ll you’ll see a list of every roster they’ve released this year. Sova is on the late October one, from what I remember. PS: If you want RYD guys together on a custom team, you can also use the Merge Rosters button to transfer your created teams over to an older roster, although sometimes this causes a freeze when editing.
  12. Fun Fact

    Adding on to this, EA actually does a fantastic job of updating the ECHL rosters to include SPHL callups. It’s too bad there’s no PC roster editor for the XB1/PS4 games yet, though. I know from past generations EA keeps a ton of recent players on a hidden list. Likely most SPHL’ers who’ve spent time in the E in the past 2 seasons are there, we just can’t get to them. Travis Armstrong was on the Fuel when the game shipped, Vernace was on Tulsa, and Sova (with player picture and accurate beard on his in-game likeness!) was available on one update during his brief Norfolk stint. They haven’t done an update since Dec. 21, but I’d expect they’ll have Murray, Mueller, and Vandergunst included as long as they’re still up.
  13. First, I have to admit that I don’t see many games. I live 80 minutes away in Staunton so this was just my 3rd game of the year. But I do follow the team game in and game out. I liked what I saw in their style of play compared to the Ftorek era. They were battling hard in the corners, winning races to loose pucks, and finishing checks. And maybe my memory is bad, but did they ever block shots under Ftorek? Saw a number of nice blocks. That said, they are still clearly among the bottom 3 teams in the league and the talent disparity with #7 Knoxville was evident. I doubt Bremner will be able to make over the roster mid-season, so I don’t expect a miracle turnaround. I’m just hopeful he can evaluate talent well and sign nice pieces to fit in for the rest of this year. Knoxville’s puck control, passing, zone entry, and net presence was a step above the Dawgs, and their goalie was a deserved #1 star. I don’t fault the Dawgs or Bremner, I think they simply ran into a better team. But at least I believe Bremner can coach a style of play that gives us the best shot of overcoming the talent gap and stealing some games from better teams.
  14. Uniform Designs

    That’s pretty much it. I really think Roanoke went from the best unis in the SPHL last season to the worst this year. The red equipment does not fit with the uniform one bit and it’s a rainbow of a mess.
  15. Who has created sphl teams in NHL 18

    That is the IceGators, and that is the ECHL Everblades logo with the text blacked out. And yeah, those were added in 18.
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