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  1. February’s homestand encouraged me. The OT loss to Evansville was tough to swallow, but, taking 9 of 12 points on the whole, including 6 of 8 against the #2 and #3 teams, makes me believe anything can happen in the playoffs. I’ll echo your statement on the new guys: Bremner has done a much better job with mid-season signings than Ftorek did. For once we aren’t all counting down the days until we get the E guys back: additions like Miska and Jansen have proven they can play well at this level.
  2. Definitely a proponent of that, and it’s not much difference in travel from what we already have. I’d add that I think they should adopt the AHL and NAHL method of having home/away splits always equal. So you’d have 36 fixed games on the schedule (9x4), and 20 (basically 10 home-and-homes) to flex schedule against rivals. If the Dawgs had something like 14 (7 at each) vs. Fayetteville, 10 vs. Knoxville, 8 vs. Macon, and 4 vs. everybody else, I could very much live with that. Now, as far as playing Fayetteville so much early on, I’ll defend the league here. Many weekends you play the same team Friday and Saturday to reduce travel, and games vs. Fayetteville are almost always home-and-home series because of the proximity. Thus, it’s tough to place those games from mid-February on when the Dawgs have their long home ice blackout.
  3. For me, it’s not about complaining, I get the business of minor league hockey and frequently defend scheduling all over the internet. But, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Peoria isn’t 100% the runaway best team when their strength of schedule is factored. They did pass a some good tests against a hot Huntsville squad, a better Pensacola, and a righted Macon lately. But, you still haven’t seen B-Ham, and 3 more home vs the Mayhem to go.
  4. Well, it’s been changed to Sun Mar 31 at 2:15 PM. Did they just forget to check building availability before drafting a schedule? Side note, I checked the Berg’s ice availability calendar for the playoffs and the ice is only out from late Wed Apr 10 to early Sun Apr 14. I wonder if the Dawgs could stay home for game 1 of the playoffs Tue or Wed of that week.
  5. I don’t have inside knowledge, but I can provide some educated guesses from following the league closely. For one, the Pacific division teams have never played anyone from the Eastern conference. The Eastern teams only ever cross over against the Central division teams. Second, the Central teams have to fly regularly anyway within their own division, so a flight or two out to California is not too much different than their annual Texas and Manitoba flight(s). And third, each opponent is played an equal number of times home and away. While the league requires that you play all division opponents, I believe all out-of-division play is by mutual agreement of the teams, since each one has to agree to travel to the other’s barn.
  6. Tough loss, but, through 5 games vs. B-Ham, each side has collected 6 points. I like the way they play the best teams in the league. Gives me hope for a competitive playoff series and maybe an upset. Of course, the Peoria test is still to come, we’ll see how that goes.
  7. It wouldn’t be a thread about the business of minor pro hockey without an “___ team should go to ___ league” scenario based on nothing except attendance numbers. Waiting now for the inevitable “Carolina Thunderbirds to the SPHL” discussion...
  8. Greg, I thought of you and your similar comment from January after this loss. 1-4 now in those games. Looks like there’s one more jersey to go, on Feb 16 (website says 17th but that must be a typo). If Friday was “everybody wins” night, I suppose the 16th will be “guaranteed loss” night.
  9. I guess I’m suspicious about whether they are even trying to play with a full roster. No other team seems to have a problem replacing a body when the inevitable happens. Evansville, meanwhile, spend more games than not down multiple skaters. Despite their record, there’s gotta be a hockey player somewhere who would take a couple hundred bucks to spend a week on the roster. Heck, I haven’t played since high school, but I’ll burn a week of vacation if they need a body!
  10. Maybe not only that. On a recent SinBin episode, Harding and Campos tossed around the idea that ownership is purposely tanking the team for a tax write off and folding them after the season.
  11. While I’m always glad to see the Times cover the team, they’ve got a history of errors. Corrections are needed in back-to-back paragraphs this time. “Following the homestand, the Dawgs will play their next 15 games on the road.” Should be 11 in a row on the road. “The recent bad news is that Roanoke had just two wins in its previous six games. But not all seemed lost. None of the five games the Dawgs lost were by more than one goal.” If you’ve won 2 out of 6, you’re 2-4 and can’t have lost 5 games by one goal.
  12. Finally, a semblance of variety in the schedule. After playing the last 17 in a row and 26 of the first 31 against Fayetteville, Knoxville, and Macon, the remaining 25 are a lot more balanced. BIR = 2 home / 4 away EVN = 2 / 2 HSV = 2 home KNX = 1 / 1 PEO = 3 away QC = 3 away PEN = 2 / 2 FAY = 1 home
  13. If this conspiracy is true, hopefully Roanoke sending Creel to Macon was actually a bribe for the Mayhem TO pick Dawgs in the challenge round. I’ll take our chances against them.
  14. Has the SPHL changed the policy regarding home jerseys changing from light to dark? In the past I remember darks at home from January 1 to the end of the regular season, but every home team I’ve seen so far has stayed in white this weekend.
  15. Oddly enough, Fayetteville wore white at home tonight vs Roanoke, even though the Dawgs wore blue at home yesterday, both teams stayed in the same uniforms for the rematch. In their 4 straight games against the Dawgs, it’s been white every game for the Marksmen.
  16. Oh, my bad. I thought he went to IceBears training camp and was cut. Wheeling does love their SPHL enforcers, though. Had Jeremy Biernes last season.
  17. Yes, said this at the start of the year. I’m not sure what league Evansville thinks they are competing in, but using roster spots on TWO enforcers is not going to make a good team. You look at teams like Fayetteville and Knoxville wising up and leaving Brad Drobot off their rosters, yet in Indiana they are putting that circus on the ice. Wait, Bus League Hockey reported this, too. That means we are supposed to take issue with the story, right? Seriously, though, I hope the Bolts makes a clean break from him. That has to be the best move for both sides.
  18. Bring fair to Evansville, they did finish 6th last season. Year 1 and current, yes, they’re a joke. I think the big issue with that right now is there’s no obvious way to split the geography in half. If the league gets to 12 teams, maybe it’s a bigger issue. Wouldn’t hold your breath for a balanced schedule, however. The AHL, ECHL, and every significant junior league all play an unbalanced slate despite having divisions.
  19. I’m so glad we are almost done playing Fayetteville. And that’s the end of my take from last night.
  20. Going to have to seriously disagree with your entire post... 1. “IceBears”, wrong team, it has since been corrected. 2. “Allegedly...on purpose”, that IS alleged by plenty of people. Ask some Havoc fans what they think. 3. “ANY team”, they were quoting a source. That’s what the source said, correct or not. 4. “deleted negative comments”, that may be their right to do so, but that is silencing the fans. Should teams delete comments about instant replay or other hot button issues too because it’s inconvenient for their image? Pro sports olny exist because of the fans.
  21. We finished “Gary Bettman .500”. In this points system 3/4 of the teams can claim to be .500 and falsely market that to fans. In reality we were 26-30 in 2017-18.
  22. Every time I think this team is poised to make a run towards a top-3 position they have one of these slides. I think it’s time to accept that we have a middling team this year and will be lucky to even snag home ice in the #4 spot. The rest of the regular season feels like nothing more than an opportunity to convince B-Ham and Peoria not to pick us so we end up with Macon or the #4 finisher.
  23. If we forechecked like the women’s national team we’d be winning a lot more games than we are.
  24. 1-3 this year. Only won in the Christmas sweaters. I came down tonight because the storm cancelled my road trip for tomorrow’s game, but I should stop cursing the Dawgs by showing up: I’ve only ever witnessed ONE regulation win, and it was back in the inaugural season.
  25. Yep. ECHL does it at the AS break right around MLK weekend, AHL is at Christmas, and (I believe) all 3 major junior leagues are Jan 1 as well. Just a curiousity - I’m not complaining, I’d prefer white at home all year long.