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  1. I mean overall, we're still way better than we were last year. The talent is there, and more importantly the EFFORT is there. We just literally have no defense. Creel is a blessing though, he played incredibly well despite having to take 52 shots. Offensively we're fine though, which was a huge problem last year. We have to get some guys who know how to do a better job at back checking. Allowing 52 shots is damn near unacceptable.
  2. I'd say Murray and Rowland. Go with the 2 Forward/1Dman combo. That way someone with a letter is always on the ice to talk to the refs and whatnot.
  3. I just noticed the fact that we've essentially been cherry-picking Peoria's roster. Honestly I think we're going to be pretty damn good this year.
  4. Honestly as much as I loved the mono red look last year, our blue and white are some of the best in the league. The red will look good with royal blue helmets, pants, and gloves, you know Blue, Blanc, Rouge style.
  5. Honestly I think it was a combination of a lot of different things. The ECHL was changing rapidly, and was kind of going the direction that the NHL and AHL were, you either had to be in a bigger market or an non-conventional one; the team wasn't able to go deep in the playoffs, bad ownership, tons of debt and unpaid bills, poor management at the Civic Center as well. Almost all of that has been corrected. Honestly it was only a matter of time after the ECHL absorbed all of the West Coast teams, that we were going to lose our team anyway. Roanoke more than definitely couldn't support an ECHL team nowadays. Not with 3000 fans per game. The one thing the Dawgs ownership team is doing that I think will create a lot of longevity for them is that they are changing the culture of the area to make us a hockey town again. They are doing SO much for youth hockey in the area to essentially keep a pipeline of fans for years to come. It also helps that 2 of our owners are active NHL players that come to the area to do hockey camps and whatnot. I was nervous at first, especially with how horrendous we were doing under Sam Ftorek, but they really couldn't be doing a better job running this thing honestly. I'm impressed. Maybe offer a few more promo nights during the year, but otherwise it's excellent.
  6. Yours was easily the best of the bunch. Voted for it. I liked the Yellow one too, but it looked way too Nashville for me. This is perfect. Great striping, great font, great logo on the front.
  7. Late to the party, but I agree with HockeyRoanoke. I don't think there's any way this team plays a game in Roanoke, much less survives past year one. I think Arena Football was a fad about 10-15 years ago and it's just progressively lost "Steam" since then. Why do we need this when we can go to Tech games during actual football season and see actual prospects? Not to say that it couldn't work here honestly, it'd be a cool novelty to have, but this business model seems to remind me of a certain team with a stupid purple snake that graced this area about 12 years ago.
  8. Brad Drobot would be a waste of a roster spot.
  9. I honestly hope he makes the big show. That would be cool to see more players breaking in from this league. I think Scott Darling is the only one, and I think he's the only NHL player from VA right now too come to think of it.
  10. I'll be there! Hoping to pick up a stick or something. If the prices aren't outrageous that is.
  11. It's not really the record, it's just whenever you start seeing ownership change hands and rebrands and whatnot, you always have to be wary. I really thought WE were in trouble earlier this year, and when Bremner stepped in as a first year coach, you know, you're just kind of hoping that the change of pace "takes". Our attendance was down quite a bit during that Ftorek crap, so I was hoping that the city hadn't lost faith in the team since we totally sucked. I really hope they don't go anywhere any time soon, they're a fun team to play and it's always nice having their fans up here.
  12. Oh I'm well aware he's not on the market. It's a pipe dream. But I think that goes to show how much respect we have for him. Dude's a beast.
  13. Ftorek did get us Brad Barone as De Melo's backup, which ended up being a huge lynchpin in our success this year. So I'll give him credit for that even if it was just dumb luck. I'll submit two lists, one with the condition that Mele, Gustafsson, and Schneider are back, and one without. I'm not sure if it's like the NHL where you can do the 9 or 11 format type thing but here goes: G Barone D Sova Bakker Schneider or Rowland F Mele or Gandara Gustafsson or Gandara or Bronner* Witzel Beer Tatrn Guyon Vernace Murray Garvin If I'm Bremner, as far as who I'd be looking to add next season would be a true top Defenseman and potentially a replacement for Mele. Go after Hauswirth if we could (though I hear he's in Fayetteville for family reasons). Our defense isn't really the greatest and we've been hanging Barone out to dry quite a bit with odd man rushes and whatnot. I love Joe Sova, but he's a lot more conservative than say Schneider is. As much as I love the more physical aspects of Bronner and Porter, I think we keep skill over size. Vernace is a gem if he learns how to be better in his own end, so I'd keep him too. I saw Harrison last night, but I don't think I saw enough of him to really make a fair assessment.
  14. Last night literally looked like the Mighty Ducks. Big bad Iceland coached by "The Dentist" vs The Mighty Dawgs, a rough-around-the-edges team with mismatched Goodwill uniforms. There for a while I actually thought we were going to pull it off. They played about the best they've played all year long, considering Peoria might as well be an ECHL team. Against anybody else, that performance would have been a win. I saw hard shifts from everyone on the ice, nobody took one off, and they just made a few mistakes defensively that cost them the game. Peoria of course is a much better team, and they certainly played like it. I'll congratulate their fans on a win, but the team themselves are a bunch of classless thugs. Win this series or not, these a**holes just got themselves a rivalry that I guarantee we will be on the winning end of next season. All hard feelings aside though, I'm actually really proud of how much they've improved this year. We went from being a point out of last place with the worst record in the league, not even being able to beat Fayetteville, to being in my opinion one of the better teams in the second half, certainly the hardest working team out there, no doubt. What's this I hear about Steve Mele not wanting to come back?