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  1. Yeah at first I was like "wtf is he doing?", but they have comparable numbers, and Macon is arguably a lesser talented team than we are. Wolter has an amazing compete level, but sometimes he'd just get pushed off the puck too easily. We also needed a shooter. I'm ok with it.
  2. Well, we just traded Colton Wolter to Macon for Marcus Ortiz. Who wins this one?
  3. This game was a clunker for sure. The linesman falling on the puck after we cleared on the PK pretty much led to Macon’s first goal. But it ended up not mattering because they tried to get fancy in a one goal game. Cut the s*** and finish games out. I noticed Jamie McGinn was back on the bench last night. I’d love it if he stayed. Maybe they would play physical the right way and not take dumb penalties all night. I’ll say this much, Lincoln Griffin is looking fantastic, so he’s worth protecting, we always have great goaltending so any one of them, I’d keep Armstrong and Wolter as well. There’s some talent here, it’s just it seems like they can’t put it together consistently.
  4. Rivalries exists when you establish stakes. We never play Fayetteville in the playoffs, we always play them a ton early in the season. It was bad a few years ago, especially that Thanksgiving game with the chicken wing incident. But we’ve played Peoria in two playoff rounds, and some bloody regular season games. Our franchise is tethered to theirs in a lot of ways too. I think it’s safe to say they’re our main rival.
  5. Fayetteville is a rival. Knoxville is a rival. I don’t like either of them, but I’ll show them some respect. I ****ing hate Peoria. That is the dirtiest team I have ever seen. They’re essentially a Mighty Ducks antagonist.
  6. Man I can’t wait until JGT retires. Peoria is easily the dirtiest team in the league and nothing ever seems to happen to them.
  7. The Dawgs won last night, the Red Wings ended their 12 game skid, and Filip Zadina had a 3 point night. Such a great night for hockey. When we beat Knoxville, I was thinking maybe it was a fluke and didn't want to get too excited, but after beating 2 top teams, I'm thinking that these guys could potentially be for real. Maybe we can kidnap convince Jamie McGinn to stay longer? Or at least get a formal assistant coach.
  8. Looks like Jamie McGinn might be our new Assistant Coach?
  9. I’m a Red Wings fan so hockey has just been tough to watch this year as they’re in the middle of a rebuild, but I was hoping that the Dawgs would actually be respectable this year. Mele and Murray were on the Dawg Park a week or so ago and told everyone to calm down and stop directing everything at the coach, and then expressed how hard rebuilding a minor league team was. I get it, it’s difficult because you don’t have any scouting or anything, but still teams can only protect so many players, and you don’t have to worry about “bad contracts” because you can essentially just get a brand new team over the summer if you wanted. We knew we were losing Mele, Murray, likely Dion, et all, but the fact that we couldn’t keep some of the more not-necessarily-core players like Fregeau, Carbonara, or Guyon has been a massive setback. I’m not sure what was going on with them specifically, but they’d be a huge boost to a team struggling to find offense.
  10. I guess it's fair to bring up as someone else mentioned that he did find some gems in the FHL in Witzel, Guyon, Beer, and brought Jansen in after being cut from Knoxville. So he has had some success recruiting, but it seems like those guys were mostly a flash in the pan. Witzel never looked great last year after being one of our best players the year before, Guyon was great but he was injury prone, Beer is awful this year, and I guess Jansen seems to be playing fairly well this year. It's tough to tell since he just got back though, and aside from Wolter, Armstrong, Theut, Morrissey, and Jeff Jones the rest of our players are pretty much garbage.
  11. Yeah I'm not really sure what the issue with the McGinn's is either. Bob's a great guy. I know some of the off-ice officials and they always hear reps from other teams compliment how well run this team is. Maybe with Sova gone we can actually get a difference maker or two in.
  12. The game Friday was not as close as it looked. Sure we put up a better effort, but Jake Theut had to make some magic happen to keep us in that game. I’ve been giving Bremner the benefit of the doubt because I like the guy and he genuinely can coach given good talent to pick from, but it doesn’t seem like he can recruit to save his life. If and when we lose these 3 games coming up this week, I think it’s time to change it up. Perhaps someone with more experience is needed.
  13. That game really should have been 4-1 in the second. Theut was basically standing on his head and stole us a point here. Those 3-1 chances and close to 2-0 on a powerplay are pretty much unacceptable and it’s a miracle he stopped those shots. I can’t believe we waived him a few weeks ago. Our players can’t get any separation out there, I’m not sure who had the partial breakaway, but with just a little more explosiveness that probably would have ended up in the net. I will say the effort looked a lot better tonight than it had been.
  14. Of course, she got promoted and is likely not doing any of the marketing anymore. It's just hilarious given the state of the team right now.
  15. All I know is this team has been objectively worse since Parrish left. This wouldn't have happened under his or Alexandra's watch. My coworker who also works in the 611 club just showed me the email and I've spent the last 10 minutes laughing profusely. The 2019-2020 Rail Yard Dawgs are now last year's Ottawa Senators of the SPHL. The dumpster fire just keeps getting higher.
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