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  1. I also made the SPHL teams in NHL19. Thought about doing one this year in NHL20, but I've been doing my Red Wings rebuild hardcore this year or screwing around in Ones.
  2. Kudos Faye! Thanks so much for literally taking one for the team. We all love having hockey in Roanoke, let's make sure we keep it here.
  3. Welp. Gonna be a skeleton crew against Quad City. No Armstrong, Schultz, or Sherwood. And we released the two rookies Blad and Lindquist to take their finals.
  4. The guys in question absolutely deserved some punishment. I don't agree with suspending Brems or Armstrong, they just retaliated to an absolute chicken s*** move by Max Cook. Bremner should have just gotten a fine along with Fayetteville's coach. I'm surprised Schultz is allowed to play again this season. He got off easy, in my opinion.
  5. Honestly this was just pretty classless by all parties involved. You don't shoot on a net after a play. Absolute tactless move. Not that NHL20 has any bearing on reality, but they even have it automatically start a fight after you shoot on a net after the whistle. That set off the powder keg here. You also don't snow the opposing coach or go after guys after the game. Or throw a helmet in the stands. Just leave it out there and go in the tunnel. Roanoke is a highly penalized team and everyone knows it, so they play the agitator role to bait us into penalties. And it works, more often than not. This team needs some composure and some discipline, badly. You look at those Wings teams in the 2000's for example. Teams tried to get under their skin and it would just never phase them. It's one thing to play the game with some emotion and stick up for one another, but let's just be honest, we've all seen this team take bad penalty after bad penalty, and only really showing some work ethic and good emotion sparsely in a few games here and there. Fayetteville's players aren't innocent here either, but I think this incident really showed how undisciplined our guys really are, and I'm sick of seeing our guys get outskilled, outworked, and outplayed on a nightly basis while they're playing sloppy goon hockey and get lucky with a win every now and again.
  6. That's good. There should be some existing chemistry between Lindquist and Blad, and not a long adjustment period to get O'Dea back in that fold.
  7. Yeah ordinarily I'd keep the goon stuff out of it, but you can't really win with pure skill in the SPHL, you'll never keep your team together that way. You gotta have sandpaper.
  8. There's obviously 0 chemistry out there. We have some decent players in Jones, Sherwood, Stubbs, etc. And on the back end Nate O'Brien is easily the best skater we have, and has good tools. It just seems like there's too much individualism out there most nights, and some of our more skilled players just make terrible decisions with the puck. Armstrong's blind passes last weekend led right to a Knoxville goal, Sherwood will try to cut through the whole defense by himself sometimes, and O'Brien sometimes pinches too much or at the wrong times. Jeff Jones is probably one of the few players I see out there consistently not making bad decisions. I'll frequently see passes to the middle of nowhere, because a guy wasn't where his man thought he was going to be. The lack of dirty rebound goals is also pretty clear we have no chemistry. That's where at least 40% of your scoring chances should come from. It might just be that we have players that don't fit the system Bremner wants, or maybe the systems just aren't any good to begin with. I'm not really sure what the root of the problem is and what has to change, but next season we need to see some progress. I pretty much gave good marks on everything else in my survey aside from the on ice product. We're entering our 5th season next year and we have yet to even show glimpses that this team can crack the top of the league. Every year it's the same slow start where we fall to the bottom of the league and rely on rallying in the 2nd half to barely scrape into a playoff spot. We were only 5th last year because of a perfect storm of luck, and we most certainly did not control our own destiny. I'll support the team no matter what because I love the game and don't want to drive 3 hours to Raleigh just to see a game live, but it would be really nice if the on ice product improved.
  9. It's amazing some of the things that happen out there that the average person/fan doesn't notice. I didn't mean to appear defensive, to clarify. Just a shoutout to some often underappreciated people that make the game happen. All I know is we're not in a playoff spot and have the roughest stretch in the season coming up. I know McGinn wanted to be top 4 this year, and I know he can't be happy with the way things are going currently. I certainly don't think Bremner is the problem, when you lose the assets we did this offseason, it's completely understandable to experience regression. I'm just curious as to how much of this is on the current systems, or whether it was completely inevitable that we'd end up here. It seemed like everyone was buying in for a while.
  10. Yeah there were a few mistakes last night. I know a lot of the off ice officials, and they were severely short handed last night, I think by about 7 or 8 guys. I volunteer to help them out sometimes and got roped into that as a runner between periods. Some of them were pulling double and triple duty on some things, and the penalty box was one of them, and that was about the worst set of circumstances that could have possibly happened to a short handed crew. I’m surprised more didn’t go wrong considering the circumstances. Those guys work their butts off, for free nonetheless.
  11. Everyone after tonight’s game: Overall much better effort, but if they keep playing like this, those three Peoria games are going to be downright embarrassing.
  12. Do we have any fans named Duane? That effort was embarrassing
  13. Yeah at first I was like "wtf is he doing?", but they have comparable numbers, and Macon is arguably a lesser talented team than we are. Wolter has an amazing compete level, but sometimes he'd just get pushed off the puck too easily. We also needed a shooter. I'm ok with it.
  14. Well, we just traded Colton Wolter to Macon for Marcus Ortiz. Who wins this one?
  15. This game was a clunker for sure. The linesman falling on the puck after we cleared on the PK pretty much led to Macon’s first goal. But it ended up not mattering because they tried to get fancy in a one goal game. Cut the s*** and finish games out. I noticed Jamie McGinn was back on the bench last night. I’d love it if he stayed. Maybe they would play physical the right way and not take dumb penalties all night. I’ll say this much, Lincoln Griffin is looking fantastic, so he’s worth protecting, we always have great goaltending so any one of them, I’d keep Armstrong and Wolter as well. There’s some talent here, it’s just it seems like they can’t put it together consistently.
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