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  1. And once again I have proved I know what I am talking about. Have a good summer and hope to see everyone at the Rail Yard Dawg games in October.
  2. The Dawgs have fallen out of the playoffs and the Championship round starts tonight. I am predicting the #3 seed Huntsville Havoc overcomes the road disadvantage and defeats the #2 seed Birmingham Bulls for the SPHL title.
  3. I want to take time to congratulate the Rail Yard Dawgs for their success this year and their advance deep into the playoffs. I really thought that Roanoke was going to advance to the finals once they got the 4-2 lead. They played hard but it was not to be. So I am wishing everyone a great summer and looking forward to the 2019-2020 season. Take care everyone.
  4. Attacks on Guyon are a little unwarranted. He was viciously hit in front of the net and then taunted before he retaliated. That is sometimes going to happen. Obviously in hindsight you certainly desire to avoid the penalty box. But the game is played hard and with emotion and with little time for deliberation for afterthought. Guyon is a huge weapon on the ice with his speed, puck handling and shot, so I do not see that him being out is any kind of good thing. It just is what it is. Game one was more about some emotional overplay, and on several occasions the Dawgs left some players unabated in the slot and as well Caffery did not have his best night while Mavric Parks was tougher. Game two was a different story as Caffery was the best goaltender on the ice and the Dawgs covered much better defensively and were efficient on offense. And most important was the Dawgs came into Game Two very prepared and VERY, VERY DETERMINED. So Game One becomes a learning moment and Game Two becomes the blueprint. So now we can tune into Game Three with it all on the line.
  5. The Peoria Rivermen have picked Roanoke in the Challenge Round. Roanoke should take this as a real slap in the face this year. Its now time for Roanoke to play playoff hockey. Its time to target Walker, Gurtler and Hagaman right off the bat. Bring them on. Its a man to man game in the playoffs. If Roanoke needed extra incentive, they just got it.
  6. Well I have not seen any just going through the motions. I have at times seen mistakes, poor decisions, and some indecision. And I have seen systems that don't work well versus certain teams and I have seen the systems not be carried out to perfection. And I have seen things happen to where it disagrees with the odds of it happening. I have seen it on the visitors as well. That's what happens when you play the game, because it is not played against a fixed entity. The game is played on the ice against other real teams. So I really can't say I have seen any lack of wanting to play, or loafing or lack of trying. In fact I can honestly say, Pensacola was obviously the stronger and better playing team even in the two games Roanoke won last weekend. But Roanoke found a way to win those games. The line combinations worked very well together. Mele is leading well, his desire is awesome right now. And the four leaf clovers, horseshoes, buckeyes and the fate of destiny may have played a part too. I can certainly understand what you mean, but surely you don't want to fall in a pattern of thinking losing is just always a result of lack of trying or a choke. This really is a hard cruel league. Most of the players are playing to keep their pro hockey careers alive, and actually the refs and linesmen are doing the same as well. Mistakes or even just the lack of production or lack of producing wins are accentuated as it sends players to the waiver wire or even sent back home. As much as you don't like losing, you can be assured the players hate losing much much more. But do know I am more in agreement with you than not. You are correct that it takes a special type of fire and determination on top of talent to consistently win and especially to win a championship. But that fire, or edge, or cockiness usually comes together when all aspects of the team play come together. Its not as simple as waking up one day and saying "let's all hustle" and the wins start coming from that alone. As to whether the Dawg's can get by the first round? We know they will be playing a very good team. It will be difficult. But should they advance it will make it that much more thrilling.
  7. This makes next weekend very very interesting. Pensacola still looked very good even in losing two to Roanoke. They go to Knoxville next weekend for two games, and Knoxville has lost its last two games. If, or maybe I should make it a big "IF" Pensacola sweeps the two games in Knoxville, and IF Macon only wins only one of the two in Peoria, and IF the Dawgs sweep the two games in Birmingham, then Roanoke could end up fourth in the standings and get the home advantage with two home games in the first round. Wouldn't that be awesome. And even though a big IF, it is very conceivable.
  8. Well I am glad to see everyone has gotten over their mild case of the Gripeass they caught several weeks back. There was some pretty dire predictions over that time that thankfully have not came exactly true (and yeah bring on the comments, but you must admit even you like what you are writing now as compared to then, and so does everyone else.) But fact is, its better to feel good than bad, so enjoy yourselves and maybe the Dawgs can get this game tonight and keep everyone including themselves here very happy. It will again be a playoff atmosphere. if Roanoke can limit the opposition odd man rushes and if they can pressure the Ice Flyers cycling a little more then the ole momentum may get the Dawgs another win. The Ice Pilots have been red hot, and they are a big tough talented team. I am really proud of the Dawg's stepping up the physical play and giving a tremendous top notch effort. The game could have went either way, but Roanoke showed lot's of desire and that is playoff style hockey. Next week on the road I don't think that Birmingham will lie down at all, but the Dawgs will have a good chance to win down there too. Playoffs? I don't think Peoria will choose Roanoke in the first round unless Roanoke does finish in the eighth spot. In a playoff series there is a mental aspect of it with player to player match ups. If Roanoke finishes above 8th and Peoria still chooses them, then they are certainly doing it because they think they are the easiest team to beat, and that is a flat out slap in the face. And most teams never want to give their opponents added incentives.
  9. Last night the Dawgs did play the first period in complete disarray being out shot 10 -2 . But they played very well in the second and third periods where they out shot Knoxville 25-8. Knoxville is one of the deeper and more talented teams in the league and do remember they recently beat Peoria 4 straight games a few weeks back before losing down in Pensacola who themselves have been on a real streak. The Knoxville goaltender Cody Porter should have been the first star of last night's game. He was the difference. The standings are super tight with the bottom four teams only separated by 4 points. It would have been a feather in Roanoke's hat had they won last night, but it did not happen. The story above posted about Justin Levac having minor surgery and that he will play next week sounds very logical. The reasoning is I would not think they would have traded for him this late in the season with out some confirmation that he would report. And secondly if he was just refusing to report I think the team would have suspended him by now to keep the total roster in correct working order. I too liked the play of Carbonara, Owens and Wolter. If this team plays the way they played in the last two periods of last nights loss and as well gets some cohesiveness and togetherness as line mates as we proceed, then they have a great chance to win in every game they play. The more aggressive shorthanded penalty kill of playing out a little higher to cut off the point play was very noticeable and successful. So I would love to see more of the same when playing full strength 5-5 and on defense in their own end. By pressuring the points better it can do several things. One is it cuts down on the lengthy time of which they allow the opponent to cycle around too easily in their end which normally always has bad results. Next and foremost it will keep the opponents defensemen more on their heels and can open the door for more Dawg breakouts and odd man rushes. In the past the opponents usually always get many more odd man rushes than the Dawgs, and in many games it ends up being the difference in the final score. I fully expect the Dawgs to win this game tonight over Fayetteville. Trust me and take it to the bank.
  10. Well it surely is starts from the bottom up, but it also is based where a successful claim moves that team to the bottom of the order until the waivers work them back to the top or to the next waiver time period reset, which I don't know how long before each reset is and I cannot figure it out since I only see successful claims and not denied claims. But Roanoke just picked up Colton Wolter off waivers while waiving Dimmitt and Nieminen. Macon really moved up in the power rankings with the addition of Danny Cesarz and Marcus Ortiz. But of course the game must be played on ice and not on paper.
  11. Well, I see we did not get Marcus Ortiz off waivers (don't even know if we tried or where we are in the waiver order) because Macon claimed him today. But Macon put Alexander Taulien on waivers today and so there is a pretty good player right there worth claiming with his size and ability. Of course we hear no news and have no clue what's going on.
  12. Maybe we can upload a photo of Justin Levac and have an amber alert put out with his picture on a milk jug so we can find where he is at. It looks like it may take that.
  13. We do all seem to agree that there needs to be a better system of keeping us fans in the loop. Like I said before some things that happen need not be criticized too harshly too quickly as there usually are reasons things are done, but it seems we usually have to figure it all out after the fact by answering our own questions deductively with "What must have happened was..........." , then that may not be right either. As I saw the other day Evan Schultz went on waivers from Evansville, then today I see Knoxville put Marcus Ortiz on waivers. That would be 2/3 of a good forward line right there if they could be claimed.
  14. No not exactly. But what I am telling you is that you (nor me) really have any idea of Levac's situation ( or you would have typed it in). And yet you must have assumed Levac was sitting here primed, healthy, well practiced and ready to rock, and ready to step into the lineup, then when that did not happen, with no questions asked or facts to share, then to come up with a reasoning of anything less than Levac playing in Pensacola must have been a coaching gaff. And I am telling you that even though Owens and Carbonara were shown acquired on March 7, the workings by agreement to them to get to their deal most likely was in the plan a week or so earlier because that is how it works. And so to put my words back in my mouth rather than having you dictate what I am saying when I did not say it, is I am telling you that I feel pretty sure there is some understanding and some reasoning behind what has taken place and that is why it was done that way. And I yearn to be enlightened with knowledge to the facts and then we can agree or disagree. But I don't think it fair to criticize that of what we do not actually know. Maybe a little better media coverage would be something to help us fans be more aware of these inner workings so we would not have to guess. But a greater point would be to let this play out and stay behind the team, see if Bremner and our Roanoke players can finish out strong and have as much success as they can in the playoffs. I myself see no alternative. I am not going to give up and just pull for another team because they have more skill or have been playing better. I can handicap with the best of 'em and that is a whole another issue. I do know its a really great feeling to rise up and beat teams that most think you cannot beat. That is my desire. I understand the fans wanting to win and I understand the impatience. But sitting around griping and finger pointing after losses or decisions does nothing to help anything.
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