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  1. Maybe we can upload a photo of Justin Levac and have an amber alert put out with his picture on a milk jug so we can find where he is at. It looks like it may take that.
  2. We do all seem to agree that there needs to be a better system of keeping us fans in the loop. Like I said before some things that happen need not be criticized too harshly too quickly as there usually are reasons things are done, but it seems we usually have to figure it all out after the fact by answering our own questions deductively with "What must have happened was..........." , then that may not be right either. As I saw the other day Evan Schultz went on waivers from Evansville, then today I see Knoxville put Marcus Ortiz on waivers. That would be 2/3 of a good forward line right there if they could be claimed.
  3. No not exactly. But what I am telling you is that you (nor me) really have any idea of Levac's situation ( or you would have typed it in). And yet you must have assumed Levac was sitting here primed, healthy, well practiced and ready to rock, and ready to step into the lineup, then when that did not happen, with no questions asked or facts to share, then to come up with a reasoning of anything less than Levac playing in Pensacola must have been a coaching gaff. And I am telling you that even though Owens and Carbonara were shown acquired on March 7, the workings by agreement to them to get to their deal most likely was in the plan a week or so earlier because that is how it works. And so to put my words back in my mouth rather than having you dictate what I am saying when I did not say it, is I am telling you that I feel pretty sure there is some understanding and some reasoning behind what has taken place and that is why it was done that way. And I yearn to be enlightened with knowledge to the facts and then we can agree or disagree. But I don't think it fair to criticize that of what we do not actually know. Maybe a little better media coverage would be something to help us fans be more aware of these inner workings so we would not have to guess. But a greater point would be to let this play out and stay behind the team, see if Bremner and our Roanoke players can finish out strong and have as much success as they can in the playoffs. I myself see no alternative. I am not going to give up and just pull for another team because they have more skill or have been playing better. I can handicap with the best of 'em and that is a whole another issue. I do know its a really great feeling to rise up and beat teams that most think you cannot beat. That is my desire. I understand the fans wanting to win and I understand the impatience. But sitting around griping and finger pointing after losses or decisions does nothing to help anything.
  4. It was my understanding that the SPHL ruled Roanoke play in Pensacola 1 man short both games, and that even though the team suspended Schwartz to open up a roster spot, it did not erase the mandated team penalty phase completely. Thus they used 15-2 both games. So the on ice game playing roster required to be indeed 1 short. Roanoke played 15-2. Pensacola played 16-2.
  5. A few notes. First don't give up so fast. If you want a team with a drive, then as a fan you need to have a little faith yourself. Remember Pensacola has been the hottest team in the league. I did not like the look of the 5-0 loss Saturday night for sure. But I would have surely laid my money on Pensacola for Saturday night considering it was the home rebound game coming off of a heartbreaking home loss to the same team from the night before. About the absence of Justin Levac, I really don't know but again would I guess he was held back off the roster temporarily as there was no space on the roster. I am guessing (and only guessing) that Justin Levac will eventually replace Cam Owens as Owens has one game to go on his 3 game tryout amateur tryout. I did notice Evan Schultz was waived from Evansville today. If I had anything to do with it and Roanoke was high enough on the waiver order to get him, then I would claim him. He had skill, speed, grit and good promise last year. He could be a very good addition to a playoff roster. Moving Calvin Miska and Roberts Locans sure made our transaction action look like we took the short end of the stick. Both are producing for their new teams and Pensacola and Knoxville are streaking. But then again, there are only so many spots on the roster and somebody had to go. And who could have predicted the Schwartz debacle. The whole league has been rather unpredictable at times. And it will morph a little more before the playoffs begin. We are definitely not high in the power rankings right now, but its not going to be power rankings that decide the games. It will be done with the right combination and winning the matchups on the ice. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.
  6. I would guess that once the Dawgs suspend Schwartz as well then they should be allowed to replace him. Now don't take that as the gospel, but I believe that will be the case. I would also like to add that I don't think a player like Schwartz or any other player could say something to me or gesture something to me so bad that I would want to see him suspended for the length of suspension he has drawn. I have seen players do much more violent and dangerous acts to others where someone could have been seriously hurt and sometimes not even draw a penalty. To me this is ridiculous and overkill that tends to tell me its more about the league and some others acting like drama queens rather than addressing the issue with some actual logic.
  7. I give a "Welcome Back to the League" to Dennis "Wishbone" Sicard. The problem is I am in Roanoke and we won't see Sicard this year unless it is no the playoffs. He is a real character on the ice.
  8. I am concerned about keeping this league strong and the longevity of the teams as are you. But I think to do that the league does need to expand which will help the scheduling and rivalries which are necessary to have a strong league. Without going into cities by name, there are numerous cities that geographically could come into play for future expansion and I hope in the next few years that comes true. But one thing I do want to point out is it takes a concerted effort by ownership and the cities involved to be willing to invest in the teams, meaning having a good hockey facility to play from and owners who vie to make it work and create a fan base. The Rail Yard Dawgs have that now with the McGinn family coming in realizing its not going to be automatic and they work hard to make their investment work. When we talk talk about the Roanoke Express we must be completely honest. For quite a few years it was run in a very professional manner. But during the last several years with ownership turning over things changed. The ownership became scared of their money because of their own delinquent actions and got a terrible name when they refused to own up to local debt. Then there was the Shenanigans from the media and other local entities. In a way it could be understood that many media representatives took a dim view of the owners and their style of not repaying debt and gave them bad publicity because of that. No one wants their friends shafted on business deals. Then too there was Roanoke Times Sports Reporter Jack Bogaczyk trashing the Express daily and yet at the same time he was sugar mouth touting the competing basketball Roanoke Dazzle and come to find out Bogaczyk was apparently in the NBDL's pocket and thus left The Roanoke Times in August 2001 to work for the now-defunct Roanoke Dazzle of the NBA Development League. Then we come to find out Roanoke Civic Center manager Jim Evans had been doing much double dealing as well, with nothing favorable to the Express nor even to many of those who worked at the civic center under him. And with his $2 surcharge on Express tickets it did nothing but ream the fans. But the bottom line is the Express owners could have sold the team but it was their decision to deny the offers. And it seems their reasoning was the price they would get for the team would just be going to debtors (as it should) with nothing left to cover their own loses. So they tried to play a game of chicken with the ECHL who got tired of fooling with the owners and just expunged their franchise. But now we are in a new day. With good honest hard working owners and thousands who want hockey here and elsewhere.
  9. Well I don't guess "everybody" knitpicks something they get for free as you seem pleased. But I just told you above what happened and what has happened on my visits there. And as for "its in their advertising budget and not coming out of the owners pocket" backs up my reasoning more than not,, as then why deny the offer to me or my wife or anyone else. I too have talked to others and at certain stores they seem to be able to redeem their tickets and even several tickets with no problem. I have just not been that fortunate and as I said Saturday I was denied getting even one free one, (but yet they said I could purchase one since they were low on stock). So maybe worse than the frustration of knowing what they were doing is that it was a waste of my time going there. I guess maybe they think I am some bum who is just looking for something free. But since I am a yearly season ticket holder of multi tickets and since it is offered as a Free Bo-Time Cajun Biscuit for 4 goals scored, I kind of felt I could take advantage of the offer when it occurs just as you apparently do. So it actually comes across to me even more worse that in hearing from others that this only maybe happens to me and my wife. Not sure there. And then the bad thing on top of that is my wife usually stops in at least once every two weeks to get the $21 tail gate feast to go to bring home for dinner. But now we will just not go there at all and feel much happier about it. So in hockey terms they get my game misconduct, and I won't have to worry with them anymore. So this way I won't "as you say feel the need to knitpick something for free" and I won't even have to knitpick what I don't get for free either.
  10. The Peters Creek Road Bojangles has been the one visited in my previous post.
  11. Saturday, Evansville Thunderbolts 2 - Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs 1 (overtime) The Dawgs played strong and dominated with 50 shots but Evansville answered with a miraculous performance by Goaltender Braeden Ostephuk who made 49 saves, many of them spectacular.
  12. Just to let everyone know you can forget about dropping by Bojangles today to get your Free Cajun Biscuit as was supposed to be generated from from the Dawgs scoring 4 last night. They claim the truck did not come in and they are "low" on the cajun biscuits so they will not give any free ones until the truck comes in, but they offered to sell me one if i would pay for it. This is all getting old. They originally years back honored the Free Cajun Biscuit promotion as was advertised. Then last year they started this deal of not one per ticket but one per order. So if two people come together as in the same car or even walk in together with separate orders and each a ticket, they say its one order. Then a few weeks back I went to the drive thru and am alone in the drive thru and they say that I must come inside to get it. So I did that. Now this week its as I said, they claim they are low on the item, no free ones, but you can buy them. LOL Sadly last year when they started these jumping thru hoops to dishonor the promotion, I barbed one of the employees about it, and the management said they did not think they would be giving out so many. Well they sure found a remedy for that, just do every trick they can to not honor the the giveaway but still reap the advertisement on the message board. So I guess if you want your free biscuit in the future you may want to call first.
  13. LOL Good One Greg !!!! But I more than likely will be reminding players to skate back hard to back check and to make sure to hustle hard to the bench when changing on the fly. Hopefully we won't have to worry with the referee. Beating Knoxville tomorrow would be great. Knoxville is coming off a couple of losses and having to travel from Saturday's loss at Huntsville. The Dawgs definitely need to take advantage by coming out with a lot of energy and determination.
  14. Richard I hope so too. Maxime Guyon has apparently not been 100% since his injury but I sure hope he can work his way thru it. He is a tremendous puck handler and play maker, and he is a true marksmen shooting the puck.
  15. Now on the goal in the Macon game, I thought that was a wrong call. I thought that the night as it happened and said so, even before the replay. My big gripe was why the ref never conferred with the goal judge. Apparently they just use goal judges as a light bulb ornament But I had to eventually be consigned to assume the ref thought he had whistled it dead from the initial shot before Jones whacked at it. But had I thought hollering "Ref you suck" for five minutes might overturn the call, then I maybe I could have taken a different approach. But all in all this year I think the refereeing has been adequate and fair and the games themselves have been exceptionally exciting even if the Dawgs have not won them all. Of coarse there will be some missed calls. I have not seen a league in which there were not. On Friday when Armstrong checked Osaka from behind, and he went head first into the boards and his head snapped back, that's boarding. I hated the penalty but it is what it is. Now whether Osaka faked the degree to which he was shaken up, I don't know. But I did not expect him to jump and say "Oh, I am okay, don't penalize him". I was just so proud the Dawgs killed off the major. And in hockey when the ref loses sight of the puck and blows the whistle, the play ends. No matter how much that goal is needed, using your stick to shove the goalie and the puck into the net will not count after the whistle plays. But there will be certain fun of yelling "Ref You suck" which will make it all better for a multitude of fans. But I myself will just bide my time for a good ice hockey play from either team, but hopefully by the Dawgs.
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