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Posts posted by MarksmenManiac

  1. 2 hours ago, Harlan said:

    Wrong. Dude has zero playing experience. He's not respected by professional players. Don't you think he'd have coached with a team that wasn't a mess if he was qualified?

    I think the more you write, the more evident it is that you have no idea what you’re talking about.  

    Bierchen played collegiate hockey and was a back up goalie in sphl as well. 

    But, you don’t have to be a player to be a good coach.  You know how I know That???

    google the name Scotty Bowman... he’s a pretty decent coach that never played high level hockey.  I think his name is on a trophy somewhere. Oh yeah, it’s called the STANLEY CUP!!!!  Like 10 times!!!!!!!    

    The forum has so many smart people on it. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, Harlan said:

    I never said Esposito was qualified either. I just said Bierchen isn't. His only head coaching experience is at the club hockey level, which, for the most part, is barely competitive.

    You seriously have zero clue what you’re talking about.  

    Bremner was an ACHA Asst when he got the job in Roanoke and he’s doing quite well.  Bierchen was an Asst in SPHL for 3 seasons, a Head Coach at ACHA Alabama (Not Asst) and then an Asst at ECHL Indy.  

    That’s actually VERY qualified to be SPHL Head Coach.   Smh

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  3. 4 hours ago, Marksmen3519 said:

    Ok, I have been very busy today and have glanced at some threads. After having a few mins to relax and gather my thoughts, this is what I have to say.....

    Yes I haven't been as sturn as other mods and have let a lot go. This team thread has the most negative comments in the whole forum, rather it be on topics, such as, a single player\fans\coaches. That will change. Every thread about those have mostly been negative, negative comments turn into personal attacks. I understand this is where we voice our opinions, good or bad, but y'all take it to a whole different level. 

    Fans for other teams who come in this forum and starts it with our fans (reffering to the Drobot\McDonald's comment) will be warned as well and comment deleted.

    There is NO need for any comments that can be taken as personal attacks. If anyone has something to say and you think it can be taken as a personal attack I recommend you keep it to yourself. The minute any thread starts to turn negative enough for personal attacks to start then it will be shutdown and user will be warned.

    Have a good day and enjoy your week.  

    Well said!  With that being said, let’s see if certain individuals can refrain from their negativity that’s caused the majority of this uproar.  

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  4. 6 hours ago, Greg81102 said:

    lmao. The question isnt who was in net.  It should be how many times were they both in net.  But Barone started then Zenzola replaced him then Barone came back in and replaced Zenzola again.  Both gave up 5 goals a piece.

    Me too when i have to suffer through watching it.  But after its over its just like any loss.  Take your lumps, learn from it, and forget about it.  I was in no way notching a place in the playoffs for us.  I was just joking with marksmenartist.  We have in no way proven we can play with the top teams in the league.  I think we have improved drastically, but then have a game like this and its a wake up call that your not as good as you thought you were. :dizzy:

    Yeah, the Dawgs are more pretenders than contenders.  We all know that already.  

  5. 2 hours ago, AfghanPiehole said:

    It was one goal worse than the 9-0 a** kicking we were handed by Macon back on December 16th which was the night after the 10-2 debacle against the same Macon team.  That was a very bad weekend.

    We?  Who’s we?  What’s your role with the Marksmen?

  6. 4 hours ago, Greg81102 said:

    Get your facts right we finished 9th and not last.  We were also an expansion team just like Evansville who did finish last and just like Birmingham this year who is in last.  Plus we had a lot more problems then Beirnes.  We only had Beirnes for 16 games at the end of the season because he was injured until then.  In the 6 players we got in the expansion draft Armstrong and Boyle were lost to call ups and finished their seasons in the ECHL.  Another was Steve Mele who got injured a few games into the season and only played 29 games in the beginning and end of our season. Another one was Lamacchia who we traded for Riley Spraggs who ended up playing only 8 games for us because of injuries.  That left us with Jackson Brewer and Ryan de Melo and de Melo was even injured for a good part of the season.  Which leads me to the Dawgs had the most call ups to the ECHL in the league and the most lost games due to injuries to the team.  Those are all facts, unlike you spouting out things that are only real in your head with no facts to back anything up.

    Yeah yeah yeah.... excuses excuses excuses.   What’s your excuse for being near bottom of the standings AGAIN this season?

    and since you like facts so much, look at the fact that y’all lost 10-0 tonight.  

  7. 9 hours ago, Greg81102 said:

    Your allowed 17 skaters but one has to be a healthy scratch and play with only 16 in the game.  Your mention of  Jake Schultz, he is also a defenseman who isnt really expected to put up a lot of points.  He also plays on a regular shift every game.  Another thing about Drobot, I dont really look at plus/minus as a valuable stat.  But when your -17 and second worst on your team and doesnt play anymore then he does has to tell you something.  I do agree with you that everyone needs a player willing to drop the gloves for your team.  Id just like to have one that skates on a regular shift and not just thrown in when he needs to take care of something.  But like you said, its hard to find a Dennis Sicard these days.  He is by far the best enforcer skilled player in the league.  Probably the biggest reason he is still doing it at his age.  


    If I was jealous of a teams enforcer it would be Dennis Sicard.  Not Drobot, sorry to burst your bubble.

    As Greg keeps talking about biernes ... the guy that lead his team to LAST in the sphl last year.  Yes, it’s pathetic

  8. 5 hours ago, AfghanPiehole said:

    Most teams in hockey, at all levels, have gotten away from signing a player who's main purpose is to drop the gloves or sent a message to the other team.  Teams do have players who can rough it up, drop the gloves when necessary or send a message but that player can also contribute offensively and get a regular shift on the ice.  Unfortunately, we don't have that in the case of Drobot.  Rarely in his time with Fayettevile, has he gotten more than a few shifts per game.  Opposing teams aren't stupid and realize that he's more valuable on the ice than he is in the penalty box.  I guess as long as fans are willing to shell out top $$$ for his jerseys at each auction, all is good in Fayetteville.  I don't know of any other reason he keeps getting brought back.  We need players who can mix it up but also tally a point every now and then instead of once every 8-10 games plus skate a regular shift.....

    Sounds like someone is a little jealous of Drobot.  

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  9. 8 hours ago, AfghanPiehole said:

    How do you know he'll be visiting a surgeon?

    Because coach Esposito said that he talked to bremner after the game and that the dudes face was really screwed up and he probably had a fractured eye socket or something similar.  If you were at jersey auction you would’ve been able to hear it from coach as well

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  10. 7 hours ago, 72Vette said:

    I agree with M3519:beer: But, for those who are complaining about the complainers, I have a question. Have you ever been to a restaurant and recived your order either missing something or the food was cold and complained about it? I have and expect my order to be complete and warm/hot for what I'm paying for. It's the same for hockey. We spend a lot $$$$to watch a good hockey game. I'm ok with the team losing as long as progress is being made to improve the team. :2thumbsup: I'm a STH and I feel at times I'm not getting what I paid for. I am a true hockey fan and go to the games to watch a good game. A score of 10-2 is not a good hockey game. Go Marksmen!

    Strange... I must Have missed that 10-2 game.  All the games I’ve gone to see were close besides a 7-3 loss to Roanoke a few weeks ago.  Other than that, we’ve been in every game I’ve watched.  

  11. 4 hours ago, MacGuy said:

    To that point, MarksmenManiac, in the 8 days you've been a member here and of the 38 posts you've made, here is the sum total of anything positive you've had to say - about the team or otherwise:

    The last one shows you are quite capable of being the kind of supportive contributing forum member you are so quick to judge others about. Let's see what you've got.

    Thanks Mac, but I dont Need you to validate my posts.  Worry about yourself bud

  12. What kinda guy says “ If all you want is a good experience go to Chucky Cheese with the kids.”? 

    Why would anyone pay money and go spend 3-4 hours of their life, at a hockey game or anywhere else for that matter, if they DIDN’T want to have a GOOD EXPERIENCE?

    I ‘m seriously starting to question some of the things people say on this forum. Frankly, some people are making fools of themselves. 

    The only reason they say the things they say on here, is because it’s anonymous. 

    Its embarrassing 

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  13. 1 hour ago, MarksmenArtist said:

    I always have a good experience because I chose to. Laughing with my family. Cheering with my friends. Dancing like an idiot. Loud music that I don't know the words to. Heckling the goalie. Waving my rally towel. Ringing my cow bell. 

    If we score the most goals...AWESOME! I leave joyous and happy with a raspy voice. If we don't score the most goals, I am disappointed and hoping we do better next time. Most importantly, I am more concerned for the players that I call "family" because I know none of them wanted to lose. They start skating as toddlers and have spent thousands upon thousands of hours learning the sport they love. They don't get paid much in the lower pro leagues, so a lot of this is for experience or the sheer love of the game. 

    So with ALL THAT taken into account, I will never talk bad about my team. First, it doesn't change one single thing. Second, it only creates bad energy I don't want in my life. Finally, win, lose, or draw...I love and support this team! What a blessing hockey has been to my life....and it's a blessing there's a team right here in Fayetteville. So...very...thankful.

    Wow!  Well said Artist. 

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  14. 3 hours ago, jbgentry said:


    I wouldn't call anything you have ever done on these forums discussion......a more accurate description would be repeated rumors and nonsense.

    Shots fired!   

  15. 7 hours ago, MacGuy said:

    Any discussion limited to that rule of thumb becomes nothing more than a bunch of "Yes-men" - much like the current White House staff.

    This is an open Forum, where we welcome all discussion - good and bad - about the teams we support. As long as it doesn't devolve into personal attacks.

    If you take the time to look further back in the comments made by the most passionate fans, you'll find both good things said when the team does well and not so good things said when they don't.

    Why are you attacking the White House staff?   Keep your political opinions on Facebook.  They have no business on a Hockey forum.  


  16. 8 hours ago, Make Marky GM said:

    AMEN, Brother! Well said.  To add to that I'd say the fans who are willing to speak out and say losing or more accurately a lack luster effort is not acceptable ARE the true fans.  The so-called whining that has been expressed on this site is the only forum we have to say we want a team that puts in a solid effort every night not just once in awhile.  If you are the RAH-RAH everything is ok despite our team's horrible play type of person then good for you. But don't try to put me in that same boat.  And I thought personal attacks on this site were against the rules, correct?

    It’s not a personal attack unless you think it’s referring to you.  If that’s the case, grow up.  Stop whining about wins/losses.  This is minor pro hockey.  You want a team you can whine about? Go to the hurricanes game and pay $200 for ticket, beer, parking.  Then you can get all salty and cry your head off. In Fayetteville, you pay like $10!   Stop crying.  

  17. 8 hours ago, Greg81102 said:

    I dont care either way, but just because another fan wants to criticize their favorite team doesnt make them any less a fan then you.  It sounds more like you go to games to socialize and have fun with your peers because as a true fan I know when my team is getting crushed im not having a very good time no matter what is going on.  Real fans should be able to criticize their team, accept criticism about their team, and refute inaccurate criticism about their team.  If everyone that criticized Fayetteville and did what you said and found a new team to spend money on, it definately wouldnt be fun for you all alone in the Crown Coliseum.  Fayetteville would fold at the end of the season.  In my opinion fans who cant take criticism of their team and get their feelings hurt when someone expresses their opinions are the cry babies.

    People that hang around on forums posting negative stuff constantly, are not the people the team needs in order to succeed financially.  There’s about 4-6 guys/girls on here whining all the time.  They probably don’t even go to the games.  I’ve heard about 1 guy in here that’s always posting negative stuff and he gets in because he knows a security guard.  Pathetic imo.  Either way Greg, we don’t need these people going to the games.  And minor pro hockey is about ENTERTAINMENT, not complaining about wins/losses.  This league is built to develop players.  That’s why the guys are so transient.  Seems to me like you spend too much time in Fayetteville forum anyway.  Go back to Roanoke forum.  Go check on Parisi.  Maybe he needs a visit in the ER.  

  18. 6 hours ago, AfghanPiehole said:

    Thanks for all those things but I already knew about the greatest soldiers in the world and that it's a nice building and good fans.  But let's look at the facts here.  We finally have a great ownership and front office staff which was lacking until this season.  The fans are great too, always have been.  As for saying we are whiners, thanks for the kind words.  We really appreciate it.  As for MacNaught folding the team, where did you see this?  Do you have proof of this?  It sounds like a rumor or baseless statement with no facts to back it up.

    Ask MacNaught if the team was folding.  He told me himself. He works at the auto mall.  Just call him.  

  19. 7 hours ago, scline74 said:

    The game experience in Fayetteville is awesome win or lose. Every game has something different to offer and even though our stats or standings aren't good the attendance keeps going up. People are there to have a good time and guess what they are doing just that. 

    This pretty much sums it up.  

  20. 5 hours ago, Greg81102 said:

    You were the one saying the Fayetteville team don't care about winning and the best words for the Marksmen were "the gong show".  What makes you better then the "whiners"?

    I never Said they don’t care about winning.  After that last game, it was obv they didn’t care about winning that game and it was a gong show.  There’s gonna be good and bad games where people are happy/sad, but some people literally come here only after a loss to berate the team all under the guise of being a fan.  They’re not a fan. They’re a whiner, Greg 

  21. Some of these so called Fayetteville fans, should really be ashamed of themselves.  All they do is come in here to bash the team. If you don’t like the team, then find a new team.   Go to Raleigh and pay $80 for a seat and $50 for snacks/food and while youre at it, add another $20 to park.  


    Good riddance I say!!!

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  22. 10 hours ago, AfghanPiehole said:

    He does keep making roster changes but yet there's one player who is a -17 with a mere 2 points in 26 games and still maintains a spot on the team.  I just can't figure that one out but some will say there's more to it than just stats.  I get confused over that because this isn't rec league..  if you don't produce, you need to go.  It's just that simple.  Don't waste a roster spot because someone is a fan favorite.  The days of taking up a roster spot for one dimensional players are over.  Averaging .08 points per game just doesn't justify keeping someone on the roster.  There are too many players available that can provide points and leadership but who really wants to come to this shi* show in Fayetteville.  We really haven't given very many reasons for players wanting to come here.

    Plenty of reasons for players to want to come here. Fayetteville is actually a great little Hockey town. Players like the down home feeling they get from our fans.  How about being around the greatest soldiers in the world?  How about playing in a building that’s very nice, for good fans, Owners, boosters, front office staff?  Guess what, all that counts.  Players like Fayetteville.  We just aren’t good right now.  But who cares?  I have Fun at the games and so does my wife and kids.  You guys are just whiners.  Make me sick reading your garbage.  Go cry at some other teams games.  You should be happy we even have a team.  Do you remember MacNaught was gonna fold it?   Smh.  

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  23. 12 hours ago, AfghanPiehole said:

    Whoa!  She knows her hockey!!!   That last sentence almost seems less of an opinion and more of a fact although hard to prove.  I agree 100% with you.

    Stop whining you two.  Smh.  Go to the games and have fun.  If they don’t win you can’t have fun?   Pathetic

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